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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

newbie in the house

i have decided to switch to blogspot from spaces..
i can say it's definitely better..hehe..
but i guess i need more time to adapt here..
i'll try my best to change the blogskin and maybe layout real soon!

as what you all can see.. i really admire wuchun a lot!
i know the collage of him is not that neat but still..
i made an effort to produce it..=)

n omg..something amazing happened to me today!!
i finally spoke to my long lost primary buddies..alicia and oi keat..
ok, not spoke, i meant chatted
it has been 6years since i last met alicia..
oi keat..i have been her classmate during my last year at chs..
it's just so cool!!
hopefully i can contact more of them soon..*cross fingers*

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