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Friday, December 27, 2013

Malaysians for the better: Malaysian Hospitality

I have spent months away from home, and this is my first two weeks back home.

As much as I missed the food, my family and friends and tons of malls to hang out in,
nothing beyond all these that I actually enjoy in this place I called home.
I can say I am quite well traveled, and I know the good and bad side of things.
The grass can be greener on the other side, but that's not always the case.
I say this based on my own personal experience.

There's one thing I hope can change for the better - the Malaysian mindset.
I know some would say I always only pin-point the negatives.
I have to agree to some extent, but I try to look at the bright side too.
The thing is, majority of Malaysians think and act the same.
And that really really irks me!

I've not experienced any so called "Malaysian Hospitality" since I got home.
Ok, maybe I did on my flights back home and outbound for my holidays.
The chief steward and older cabin crew in my MAS flight from AUK-KL were nice,
they treated me well throughout the 11-hour journey home, no complains there.
I received better treatment when the chief steward found out I was a dentist.
Even a newly graduated one is entitled to better hospitality.
He gave me a cup of Maggi mee filled with chicken, fish ball, prawns and vegetable
after our conversation about life stories, without me requesting for it.
And a slice of chocolate cake from Business Class right after I finished my dinner.
"Cos it's not everyday that I get to serve a dentist." he said. Awww.
You might say it's double standard, I agree, but he gets nothing out it.
He doesn't know my name, probably forgotten my face by now.
I will always remember is his farewell greetings "Thank you and good luck, dentist!"

I can't say the same for the younger cabin crew in the same flight.
I've pressed the flight attendant button and requested just plain water.
I think I pressed the button thrice before someone came to my service.
That's fine, but after that I had to ask 3 different flight attendants for water,
before the last flight attendant finally brought me some, a good 30 minutes later.
The flight attendant didn't even smile when serving or when I said thank you!

When I did my shopping in Forever 21 Pavillion just yesterday,
the service by the shop attendants at the changing room was horrible.
I went in twice and both were similar experience - from queuing to my turn. 
Those girls treated customers as if we were transparent.
It was bad enough that they sulk when removing the clothes from the hanger,
worse when they slam the hanger on the table after,
worst when they raised their voice (like shouting) right in front of your face,
while talking about their shifts and with the b*tch faces.
And they actually think it's alright to say "thank you" in a softer but forceful manner,
without smiling or looking into your eyes. If you don't mean it, just don't say it!

In H&M Pavillion however,  I had a slightly better shopping experience.
Malaysians are not known for their friendly customer services but the cashier was polite.
She smile as she greeted me, when collecting money and when saying thank you.
That is the very least a customer service personnel should be.
It would have been better if they attempt to strike a conversation with you.

In NZ, the standard no matter where you is "Hi, how are you?", 
but they don't expect you to answer. I know it's weird, didn't get used to it at all.
When I do, they would be pleasantly surprised and reply "I am good, thanks".
Sometimes the conversation can flow to "How can I help you today?", "I love this too!"
"This is such a bargain isn't it?", "The weather's excellent / horrible today"
and a few times "Your jacket is a beautiful, where did you get it from?"
This is solely the friendly Kiwis, you don't get the same treatment in Australia either.
It may be difficult to start an awkward conversation here, 
we were taught not to talk to strangers from young but the very least SMILE!

My first nasi lemak in months was at Village Park in Uptown Damansara.
They were busy, serve 5-star meals with efficiency but friendliness was 3 stars.
Cos they seem to want to get us out of their way constantly.
Similar busy restaurant Nirwana in Bangsar where I had banana leaf rice,
had 4-star meals with efficiency with 5-star service.
They were quick to serve, smiled and laughed with us when serving.
When the queue was getting longer, they started clearing our banana leaves,
and politely asked if we wanted to order more drinks.
That was a sign for us to pay and leave but in a more socially acceptable manner.

So please Malaysians, be pleasant to everybody although you can't please everybody.
My philosophy has always been "treat people the way you want to be treated",
cos whatever you do, karma can go both ways. 
Be positive, show fellow Malaysians and visitors our Malaysian Hospitality! =)

Enough for now, more rantings next blogpost before New Years. =P

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just curious, why?

I have just came across random posts and I can't help to think about this.
It's about homosexuality. (Don't give me that look!)
I am writing it here cos no one actually reads my blog which is good. haha.

Homosexuality is not legally acceptable back home,
although same-sex marriage has been legalised here earlier this year.
But the thing is, each time I head home, I see more and more same-sex couples.
More lesbians than gays. You can actually tell that they are from uni-sex school.
And they are usually of high school age who usually show public display of affection.
They can't help but to fall in love with each other, I get it.

I have friends who are gays and lesbians, we know of it but we don't speak about it.
It can be quite a sensitive issue for some people.
I have no problems with homosexual people unless of cos they fall for me.
That I will freak out! But I don't think I have that kind of charm. haha.

Jokes aside. I am going to be a bit sexist labeling people as gay or lesbian ok?

You know how gay guys would date other gay guys?
Both of them are usually pretty similar.

They are exceptionally good looking (most of the times), 
they dress very well (whether like a gentleman or what we call very "metro"),
they are near perfect in presenting themselves - speaking or eating habits,
they are usually very well-groomed and neat,
they appear to be the best person you can b*tch with and confide to,
they are like the perfect guy for every girl, just that they are not meant for us.

There is one thing I don't understand and / or don't make sense.
How come lesbians aren't like that?
Both of them are usually the opposite.

One half would be more masculine and the other half is feminine.
So the feminine one would be a typical girly girl usually.
The more masculine one would dress, walk, talk, act exactly like a guy,
trying to fit in with the bros and usually hang out with a bunch of guys.
I have not personally seen a pair masculine looking lesbians together.
And maybe only a handful pairs of feminine looking lesbians in my lifetime.

Masculine looking lesbians couples would be a bit weird I reckon.
Cos it technically means you are attracted to a guy, and that you want to be a guy too.
I think for me, a most ideal lesbian couple would be two very feminine ladies.
You know how some girls make a remark upon seeing another really hot female?
"I would totally turn lesbian for her" - physical attraction comes first here.

My question is: why would a girl turn lesbian for a girl who looks exactly like a guy?
I am really curious. Why why why, tell me why!
That has been in my mind and got a little annoying, hence the post.
Some day I hope to be enlightened, really.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Drill-Fill-Bill Class of 2013

Undergraduate exams are finally OVER!!

This calls for celebrations before results are officially released.
and I mean literally one event after another for consecutive days!

I breathed a sigh of relief and huge smile plastered on my face,
the very moment I walked out the door of the exam venue.
Countless late nights and early mornings especially the past month or so.
OSCE, research presentation and case presentations.
It's been a pleasure but you will not be missed. hahaha

Going through 5 years with my DT1/09 gang from IMU to Otago.
The ups and downs we experienced with each other were beautiful.

IMU-Otago, 5 years of friendship and counting =)

Left home for the first time to pursue further education in a foreign land.
Meeting and knowing new people and gain experience of survival.

My undergraduate pathway has been challenging yet unforgettable.
Everyone that I met throughout my journey, thank you very much!
Some just come and go, others made an effort to stay.
But everyone has definitely one way or another made an impact on me.

No longer a dental student but not yet a dentist.
I shall enjoy this transition period while it lasts. =)

Thanks for the memories, Otago BDS Class of 2013!

I really do hope we stay in touch and be in the lookout for each other for years to come.
Counting down to graduation day!!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Official last day

5 years in Dental School and today is our official last day of clinics!
Can't believe how time flies, we will soon be graduating =)

A picture to commemorate the times we went through together:
the happy, sad, exciting, frustrating, fun but never boring,
the thick and thins throughout the 5 years.

Now it's time to study smart and ace that final hurdle plus a catch-up clinic after exams! 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Little thoughts

Someone once asked me when will I ever let myself loose,
just let things be and go with the flow.
I don't know the answer, it's not my nature to keep myself off guard.

I may not be the perfect person who says the perfect lines
or even do the perfect actions at the perfect time.
I just try to be the best person I can be for myself and people around me.

Sometimes I do wish you were here right beside me.
Randoms that we talk or rant about.
Things you say that made me smile.
Silly little details that you explained even without me asking.

We won't know for sure what happens in the future.
Enjoy the moment, live the moment.

If only timing and place is right.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Final Semester: Life as a Dental Student

We've just ended our last break of student life.
In less than 10 weeks, I'll be sitting for my finals and *poof* I will qualify as a DENTIST!

Like finally, after 5 long years! Can you believe how time flies? @.@
I've just walked down the memory lane, and read my previous post.

Some of you might have known that I did a credit transfer to Otago.
The past 2.5 years (nearly) had been an eye-opening journey for me!
Staying in a student city is a whole new experience altogether.
I've meet people from various countries, know more about fellow Malaysians,
party hard, study harder and acclimatize to the weather and environment.
Practically everyone else here experience the same as I do, so no complains!

The pool of patients we see at dental school are probably the most amazing ones.
They can just sit there with their mouths open for hours;
don't mind spending their time waiting for tutors;
let you try different things (even though it is your very first time doing so);
they understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process;
and ever so willing to go through the tedious process like repeating an impression.
When I say they, I meant most of the patients, and I will miss them dearly.
There are obviously the odd ones that can be very nasty and expect perfection.

As students, or even as qualified clinicians, we would definitely give our best try.
No qualms about that, at least if we are talking about me. hehe
But there are times where no matter how hard we try, things don't go our way.
I am sure everyone of us would have experience times like that. No?
So please, be more understanding the next time you are on the dental chair! =)

Though one thing I don't get, doctors tend to get more leeway than dentists. How come?
I guess I'd worry about these things later in the year, 
especially in terms of patients' perception of a newbie dentist. haha.

At least I can say I've had some experience in:
Scale and polish. Checked.
Simple fillings. Checked.
Complex fillings. Checked.
Root canal treatments. Checked.
Dentures. Checked.
Crowns. Checked.
Implant treatment planning. On-going.
Bridge. ??? only done it on a simulation model. =S

For now, my last hurdle as a final year student, I need to stay focus.
Completing my research project, case presentation, all my patient cases,
study smart and hopefully ace my finals and JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

Gonna end this post with a picture of an upper gold onlay I did earlier this year.
It has gotta be my happiest moment when it sat perfectly in my patient's mouth.
After numerous attempts in placing temporaries and taking equigingival impressions,
I was very pleased with the end results. That satisfaction. =D

I present to you the masterpiece.. TADAAA~ 

Wish me luck for the rest of the year people! =)

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stress level rising!

Before I even talk about how stressed I am now, I've been slacking on my exercise.
I know it's horrible, I feel bad cos I did none for the past 5 days!
I have my reasons cos my carefree weeks have been gone and it's very cold. =(
No excuses, I know. I will work on it soonest!

So back to my rising stress level, there's so many things to be doneeee.
I just got back to school this week after a solid 9 weeks away - holidays and placements!
Assignments are due one after another, and sending out job applications.
I just had my first job interview on Saturday, it went quite alright. =)
We'll see the outcome for that, hopefully it'll be favourable to me.

Got back my IELTS results yesterday, I am happy with everything except my Writing.
How can my written English deteriorate so badly after 5 years? 6 freaking point 5.
Now because of this one section, I may need to re-sit the test that cost me RM 1k +.
What a pain right? I'll just let it be atm. But I am still saddd.

All my senior colleagues have advised to do something I love other than dentistry.
Travelling and baking have been what I enjoy, but all these require funds.
Which is sadly depleting very quickly... I can't wait to earn my own money again!
But in the mean time, I need to find a new hobby or past time that I enjoy, 
so that my sanity can be kept in check! hehe

Who said final year was chillaxing?? I beg to differ.
Just gotta emphasize on how stressed out I am right now: VERYYYYY!
I shall just eat, eat, eat my stress away~ =P

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fit and healthy: Update #1

I completed my 30 Day Challenges for squats and beginner's push up today!
Feeling so happy to have completed it, such an accomplishment. haha.

I can feel my thigh and shin muscles firming up instead of the tau fu fa consistency.
Arms are still flabby though not as much, still working on it~
I lost a little weight the last time I was on a scale, so my effort is slowly paying off! 

Ohhhh and I was skiing for the first time yesterday, it spelled F-U-N !!!
So for obvious reasons my arm muscles are a bit sore today and some bruises on the shin.
But thanks to the light exercises I've been doing, the soreness was milder than expected!

Tomorrow I shall start with my abs and push up challenges for the next 30 days.
Wait and see world, I'll be a fitter and leaner me by my target date: 7 November 2013!


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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Resolution: Fit and healthy

Graduation is exactly 6 months away and I am determined to be in good shape!

Target weight loss: 5kg
Target waist circumference loss: 3 inches
Target fit and healthy date: 7 November 2013

I am writing this down so that the world knows and will bug me to do it. =)

I have just started a 30-Day Challenge today, actually it's a 2-in-1.
Just the beginners push-ups and squats ones for home workout!
I chose this option rather than at the gym cos I'll be more likely to do it.
Cos gym will be pretty much inaccessible to me for the next 5 weeks.
I have been lacking exercise, so obviously I was panting by end of Day 1.
It'll get tougher, but I WILL COMPLETE the challenges!

Why do I chose to do it now you may ask?
I looked at myself at the mirror last night and my first thought was "oh shittt".
After my 3-weeks of feasting every meal during my trips,
every picture I see of myself is getting rounder and rounder.
And it just had to stop before thing get worse!
I told myself I have to start today and not wait till I have time.

I went through a few random blogs, friends' and friends of friends' included.
I am inspired by them and I just need to do this. 
I'll update my progress in 30 days time.
I know I can do this. Wish me luck! =)

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

My final leg as a student!

It's July alreadyyy...
From the coming Monday, it'll be my last semester for 5 years of my uni life!
I need to enjoy this to the fullest, cos everyone who started working said so.

So many things need to be sorted at this point of time.
4 weeks of my last ever winter break is ending so soon. It's unbelievable!
Jam-packed days back-to-back from placements to just pure holidays.
But I am so glad I finally had my sleep-in days after a month. =D

Firstly, I need to send out my postcards cos post office ain't open on weekends.
Then start packing. Again? Yes again.
Looking forward to my 5-weeks of intensive actual work!
Then getting my hands on research work, after 5-month of unforeseen delay.
And prepare to sit for my RM1k English test.
Uh huh, the price was so ridiculous that I HAVE TO ace it no matter what!

Job hunt is next, only those few spots available that I have been eyeing for awhile.
I want to get those offers, sometimes we have to be selfish. I realized I am too nice. 
But I can't always share things and let others have an easy way out.
People who conveniently want it too cos we wanted it. You know?
I may not be the smartest or fastest soon-to-be dentist around, but I can be a great one!
The competition is officially ONNNN!

Then I need to complete my quota for clinical work, still getting there.
I believe it's possible if my patients attend all their appointments,
and also if the labwork are processed on time, though there's only very slight possibility!
After that would be preparation for case presentation - oh my god!
Which reminds me that I need to complete this particular patient as soon as possible.
And of course start studying for my theory exams, I haven't actually read in a while. Oops.

It's not just all work and no play obviously!
I have to go skiing and/or snowboarding this year. It's on my checklist for sure.
Cos apparently there's a good amount of snow, very suitable for snow activities. =D
Then it's preparation for graduation ball - the dress, shoes and hair!

Oh, and I must start working out to lose all that weight that I've accumulated.
My once model-material figure (no kidding, scouted before and should have agreed)
is now filled with all that flabbiness and I don't like it. At all.
Call me superficial or whatever, I am not comfortable with my current shape and size.
I have officially increased one dress size from before. Boohooo~
It's no good cos I need that confidence so that my inner beauty can shine too ;)

I need to make myself proud, and most importantly daddy and mummy too!
There's so many things I want to do for them when I actually start work. Like really.
My dearest family, friends and readers (if any), pray for a smooth sailing journey for me!

Tata for now.

# allmustgowell

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Isn't it funny how life is filled with ups and downs?

For some reason, there has been a lot of downs for me lately.
And I am only referring to my clinical work, cos that's what my life revolves around now. 
4 full days and 1 half-day of clinic sessions for the past 2 weeks, it's insanely stressful.
I can't imagine working life, like seriously.

All the challenges I've faced in clinic, I just couldn't believe my luck!
What are the odds that 3 out of 3 crown preparations I did so far are below the gum line?
Meaning it's so challenging and I need to delay my crown impressions,
and my patients have to go through surgeries to remove gum and/or bone,
we have to wait for healing of the gums before I can proceed with anything at all.
And I am anticipating another similar case this Friday - so make that 4 out of 4!

I have friends who have delivered a gazillion crowns already.
Why aren't any of my cases as straightforward?
Sorry that all these might sound like gibberish to you, but this is my reality.

I was Skype-ing mummy over the weekend and I broke down in the midst of conversation.
Somehow talking about my week took a toll on me.
But it's good that my tears flowed, I feel much more relieved.
Listening to mummy's advice and the effort she made to comfort me, I feel very blessed. =')

I know is part of my learning curve.
Learning the hard way makes everything much simpler in the future. I know that too.
So far all the tutors mentioned I did a good job despite the very challenging cases,
but I still need a boast of my confidence, the in-your-face kind, you know?
Occasional straight forward cases like one today would definitely make my day.

Challenges in clinic and in life? I am ready so bring it on!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why can't you be like me?!

Have you ever had moments where you want to slap someone just right then?
I just did today!!! It's so annoyinggg.

I am usually a pretty patient and happy-to-accommodate person.
But one's patience has its limits, and I am sure my limit is quite high.
So for me to have the urge to slap someone, after rolling my eyes of cos is like WOW!

I know that I like to do things my way and systematically.
Call me a perfectionist, I know. I will even try to make every minute detail perfect.
When things don't go my way, I'll voice it out and make sure it's heard. Oh yeah~
But if changes are needed, I will try to accommodate so that everyone's happy.

When I have a deadline for something, I will get it done well by then.
I will stay up late all night if I have to.
I will bug people if I need to.
I will go mountain high and ocean deep , as long as I get the work done.
And I mean done right and on time, you can take my word for it!

So I really don't get when some people just can't seem to do that.
Nobody is perfect, I know. 
How about trying your best to be as close to perfect as possible?
I don't freaking care if you aren't as efficient or as organised as I am.
I really don't, cos it's your life and your problem.
But if messed up my so-called perfectionism, you are going down man.

Why is it so difficult just to do your part?
It's not like we chose you to, you volunteered to do so.
But yet when I gave you a time limit, you missed it.
Never mind if it's wayyy past deadline, at least better late than never right?
But after rounds and rounds of bugging, you've finally submitted it.
Guess what? You submitted it but information is W.R.O.N.G.
Well done, really, well done.

I am trying my best to be a team player here.
You don't even try to put in an effort to be part of the team.
How do you expect me to work with you?
You are not the only one who is busy you know.

You should be thankful you weren't seeing me face-to-face.
Cos you would have seen my happy-turned-"du lan" face.
The angel in me disappeared and all hell broke lose.
I didn't get to say WTF to your face, 
but my poor friends had to listen to my rantings. Thank you friends!

I will cool down after going to bed soon.
But if the application is not approved, trust me, I will be madder than I am now.
You just wait and see. You better pray hard it will be approved!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leap of faith

I don't usually write stuff like these right here cos I absolutely dislike politics.
Just suddenly felt like ranting out my feelings!

I personally believe all politicians may or may not begin their careers for a good cause,
but would eventually be lured by corruption as they climb up the ladder of success.
Whether they are from the ruling Government or the Opposition.
I am not referring to Malaysian politicians alone but around the globe!

I mean seriously, humans in general are greedy.
The more we have, the more we want the never ending satisfactions.
I've been there, done that - so no doubts about that!

The most talked about news back home now is the 13th General Elections (GE 13).
Parliament was dissolved few days ago, so the GE 13 date should be announced ASAP!
It'll save the troubles and funds of parties promoting themselves and destroying the others.

I believe Malaysians already have their votes in mind, just waiting to cast them.
And we're all just praying it'll be as fair and square as possible.
Cos we are already anticipating fake votes that magically appear and disappear.

I don't particularly favour any political party back home.
Couldn't be bothered with their manifesto and stuff, cos I know it's all bullsh*t.

Some of the ridiculous or unrealistic examples, from both sides, in my opinion are:
"Free education for all up to university level" 
I reckon taxes would need to be insanely high!
I would rather they make it compulsory to finish high school or vocational training.
Or at least train the teachers better so they could teach students proper English.
I know a final year TESOL trainee who once said "I want to be a better cooker".
Not funny at all, considering he's going to teach our future generations.

"RM200 off smartphones for youths earning RM3000 and below"
If they can't afford to fend for themselves with the income, how can they settle the bills?
I was charged RM650 a month alone (RM1 per 1MB) for using 650MB =.=
It was the telecommunication operator's fault cos I did sign up for the data package.
But even said so, RM50 for 500MB  package is not cheap either - crazy 3G charges!
I would rather the government slowly implement Free WiFi throughout the country.

"Increasing annual cash handouts to RM1200 to poor households through BR1M scheme"
If you have mentioned it's for vote buying, I would say you still have some conscience.
But by denying the fact, you've just made a fool out of yourself in front of the Rakyat.
I would like to see how long your family could last with additional RM100 each month.
How about increasing the minimum wage per hour? 
RM3.50 per hour working part time at McDonald's can't even buy you a meal there.
Providing clean piped water or food for the poor would have been a better option too!

"The 1Malaysia Ideology"
Malaysia has always been multi-ethnic and generally peaceful place to live in.
Well in my opinion, until they decide to politicized this and stoking tensions among races.
If you REALLY want a 1Malaysia, be a Singapore minus the mainland Chinese immigrants.
Everyone would have the equal chances to enter public universities, 
to get bank loans and pay equal interests, to buy houses or lands at the same price,
to have the same opportunities for government business deals,
or even to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia etc. Just saying.
I actually can't think of another country whose political function of rights,
actually protects the majorities rather than the minorities. Can you? 

I am sure there are plenty more of these, nothing and nobody is fool proof.
The current ruling Government has been there for 56 years, they have done good in the past.
Older generations and their supporters especially are in the comfort zone,
only reading from newspapers, they may be thinking "if there's nothing wrong, don't fix it".
I mean our newspapers are all government-controlled anyway, eg. think of the Psy event.

It's the younger generations who usually access to the world wide web.
Everything that goes on the internet, knows no boundaries and may even go viral.
So there are videos, pictures and even articles about everything that happened.
A lot of effort, skills and time would be required to do any editing.
So if something that happened a minute ago is posted up now, it'll most likely be true.
I mean, we are the generation who want the "in" news to be up immediately, right?
The internet news would have shown the flaws of the current Government,
that's why it's the tech-savvy and thinking Rakyat that would want a change.

A change can be for the better or the worse, we'll never know until we try!
Chances are that the next ruling Government will be pressured to live up to expectations.
What is the worst case scenario if the current Opposition wins?
Malaysians would probably need to suffer for the next 5 years.
But what is 5 years if it could lead to a better Malaysia?
It definitely can't be worse than the 3 years of sufferings during the Japanese occupation.
Our parents and grandparents have survived through that, I am sure we would too.

I really can't wait to cast my first ever vote!
Hopefully the Election Commission will notify me soon enough cos every vote counts.
May the better party bring our beloved Malaysia closer towards achieving Vision 2020!

I think it's time for the Rakyat to take the leap of faith, just like I did. =)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's amazing how someone with disabilities can be so optimistic about life.

Someone who was diagnosed with a disease a couple of years ago at a young age.
Now limping and with very limited eyesight, yet so bubbly and cheerful.
Maybe it's the support from loved ones around her?

They are the type of people who make us think and count our blessings.
Be appreciative of what we currently have instead of mourning on what we don't have.
Mummy has always told us to compare with less fortunate rather than the rich.
So I personally think people like them make really good role models.

I did nothing but just a twist using the pliers, that made her day!
She was even happier than when she first entered.
Thanking me again and again plus telling her husband how wonderful she's feeling.
That genuine smile on her face totally made my day!

I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but today, I ended my day with a smile. =)

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


"Dreams are simply reality waiting to happen."

I came across this very well said quote.
This caught me off guard, and made me think for a moment.

I kept myself so busy with reality for the longest time that I forgot about my dreams.
I can't even remember what my dream was, or whether I ever had one.
Which is pretty sad coming to think of it.

I shall try to dream big from now, cos apparently dreams will come true.
Well, as long as we work hard for it - there's no easy way out.

What's your dream? =)

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Student life thus far... =)

A random note: today is the 3rd day of Autumn!

It's been 2 weeks since we headed back here, good thing is that I am not homesick yet.
3 months of summer break had been great, but I was getting bored of doing nothing.

It's my final year in uni, and luckily the timetable is less hectic than I imagined.
All we've been having were clinics after clinics, no classes or lab sessions.
I kinda miss those though, and like sitting in the lecture hall as a class.
Oh well, I guess they're just prepping us for the near future when we start work.
Cos it'll just be a handful of colleagues around us and lots of patients

I just hope that everything will go well for me this year, like really.
There seems to be so many things to accomplish.
Other than compulsory school work to complete, I want to travel.
But travelling isn't cheap and money seem to just flow out like a river.

I also want to meet and make new friends.
People who are outside of my circle, my comfort zone.
Sometimes I find it easier to mix around when I am alone.
I don't have to accommodate with my current friends' interests, but just go all out.
I think I should start with making friends with all of my classmates.
Not just random "Hi and Bye" but to actually have a proper conversation with them.
Maybe I should put that on my checklist for "Things to do Before I Graduate"? =P

Hopefully all the events that we plan to be part of, just because it's our final year,
will be a beautiful memory. Cos we will definitely miss uni life!

First event of the year - Dent Day Out! with some of my classmates =)

Tata for now.

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