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Friday, May 22, 2009

highights of the week!

i had my first Behavioral Science interview this week.. =)
we were to take down the patient's history for the doctor..
my group's simulated patient was simply awesome!
he's a Chinese uncle, may be around 50 years old..
totally got into all of his characters - 9 different scenarios in total!

he was only given 8 scenarios to act with 9 of us in the group..
so he was given an option to repeat any scenario or make up one..
but he chose to use his real-life situation for us.. cool leh?

he was showing signs of headache, emoness, bad english etc..
very good practice for us, he was a really good actor..
IMU really paid him well cos i saw him again the next day..
and guess what for? Semester 5 clinical exam.. haha..

we had a good facilitator too.. *drumrolls* Mr Alexius!
he gave us on insights and commented on each of our interview..
about what's good and what's not and how to improve! =)
hopefully i'll do well and better for the interview exam!

-------------------------- Time for American Idol 2009 ---------------------

by now everyone should know who won right?
immediately after morning lectures..
we rushed down to the Student Lounge from 4th floor to LG..
Zeng was WAYYY faster though, like the speed of lightning! haha..
just to check whether the Finale was still on-going..
but no, it was already long over like for 20 minutes!

so he tried Google-ing for the results with his phone..
the connection was slow and eventually failed..
probably because we were right outside the Dental Clinic
our class was to start very soon! oh no.. panic panic~
then i came up with an idea.. go Google from Emo Bookstore!

Kris Allen was name the winner!
it was ok but i kinda hoped Adam Lambert would win..
Adam defintely have better vocals compared to Kris..
but probably it was Kris' image that won the people's hearts..

catch the last few moments of the American Idol 2009 Finale:

just look at their reaction after the results were announced!

i say, Kris handled his win pretty badly.. it was *tuuuut*
he did not really express his gratitude and surprise..
when Ryan Seacrest asked him how he felt..
only at the end he cried in the arms of his wife!
probably finally being overwhelmed with emotions.. =P

Adam on the other hand, totally faked it..
he acted as if Kris was a sure-winner.. like "AAHHH!!"
smiling all the way then he hugged Kris tightly..
he must have been so hurt inside.. aww..

i totally need to share the funniest performance in the Finale..
i think it was a no-show for Katrina singing wise..
totally drowned by Kara's powerful voice.. haha..

Idol judge Kara Dioguordi VS "Bikini Girl" Karina Darrell:

last but not least.. We Are The Champions!

check out the discussion about why Adam Lambert lost..
pretty entertaining.. haha..

for more info, log on to this website..
see you in January 2010! =D

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Friday, May 15, 2009

happy post!

for this 2 weeks, most senior batches from different programmes
are having their End of Semester (EoS) Exams..

this is the sight that greeted me right outside their exam hall!

i was really surprised, so was Stephanie..
they actually just left their notes scattered on the table,
books and pencil cases open all over..
not just on one table, but on every single table there..
while they were sitting for their papers inside! bravo?!

i remember during Finals in Taylor's..
we would pack all our stuff into our bags neatly,
and place our precious belongings in the exam hall..
under the watchful eyes of everybody!

now here at IMU, they just left everything there..
it's either they believed everyone here is trustworthy,
or they are just don't bother? i wonder..

oh, we finally got our teeth models, the adult and children sets..
you can pull tooth by tooth out to view their crowns and roots!
it'll be useful for our tooth identification, i guess?
i must take very good care of them until i retire! hehe..

the very costly pieces.. 4-digit amount! a good investment?

we took our Renfert carving set very much earlier.. *shiny*

now it's time for newspaper cuttings.. lol..
first it's about the Maxis Scholarship for Excellence advertisement!
Maxis is really really rich i can say..

can you spot Jun Ai and Joanne, my dental and medical seniors? XD

and remember this? StarTwo publishes a small column of it..

my comment appeared on Monday, 11 May 2009! woo hoo~

sorry, i syok sendiri! it's my blog ma..
the last time my article appeared in the papers was back in 2006..
not as small as the above la.. much bigger!
like half a page in the Stuff@School pullout.. so yeah..

for more of my comments.. click on the following names!
Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, CEO of Air Asia..
Anas Zubedy, Managing Director Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd..
Camilia, Singer..
Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, Historian..

that's all folks! =)

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day special~

we had a different celebration for this year's Mother's Day..
3 families had lunch together at Xenri D'Garden Terrace..
yes, all the way to KL for Japanese buffet lunch! XD

me, Shien Ni and Felicia outside Xenri..

i was busy eating.. cos there's a time limit - until 2.30pm!
so there was no picture of the place and their decorations..
quite a pretty place, they played really emo songs though..
but there are some pictures of the food we took.. =)

the view from my seat.. we were in a room, so yeah..

the table for adults..

the not-so-kiddie table..

the girls present..

not forgetting the boys, my cousin and my brothers..

we get to order ala carte dishes too from this list..

we can order as much but we have to finish everything..
cos for every 100 gram of food we waste, we'll be charged rm10!

1 person portion of terriyaki beef.. it was good! *yum yum*

prawn tempura.. way better than the soft-shelled crab!

oyster, green peas and squid.. obviously not mine.. lol..

hot green tea and cold tofu..

snails with cheese? tried it for the first time.. delicious!

in a plate.. what a variety~

Align Centersukiyaki.. beef noodle, i think..

something different for a change..
bread with salad and fruits topping + fruits wrapped with salmon

desserts! mochi, jelly and fruits..

ice-cream: green tea, mint, yam and strawberry..

they had this beautiful flower blossom painting on the wall too.. =)

complementary chocolates for the mums!

rm1100 worth of lucky draw vouchers for us too..

i am happy to say i finished everything i took.. hehe..
little bit of nearly every dish.. no wastage of food at all!

i had raw salmon, scallop, squid, oysters, muscles, prawns,
crabs, eel, beef, chicken, fruits, jelly, cakes, ice-cream..
you name it.. everything except sushi!!! OMG~
i was already very full after trying everything else..
so i missed my favourite Japanese dish! T__T

anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all mums!

i hugged my mum.. have you shown your love? =)

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

questions for you!

i read StarTwo this morning..
R.A.G.E. approached a number of Malaysian personalities..
and apparently the older generation a.k.a adults,
have a lot of questions for us - the youths!

check it out from here!

have any answers for the questions posed?
just email it to
and remember to include your name, age,
location and something about yourself!

yes, it's that easy.. and have fun answering! =)

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Saturday, May 2, 2009


our 10-day break from the hectic life started yesterday..
yes, it was Labour's Day.. a day to appreciate all working people!

anyway, like what Prof Toh mentioned in our last class meeting..
we must learn how to reflect what we have done each day..
whether it is good or bad and how we can improve the situation!

then i realized that blogging actually helps.. hehe..
because i really do think back what i have been through..
and like some of my friends mentioned to me earlier,
i only blog about happy things.. true enough most of the time..
who wants to read about all the emo-ness in every post?
so far only 5-10% of my post are some-what emo.. =P

here goes for the occasion last Sunday, 26 April 2009..
Friends of Kota Damansara (FoKD) and MBPJ jointly organized
the Earth Day Carnival at Kota Damansara Community Forest!
yes, there's actually a forest in this area.. =)

they had several activities designed to create awareness
among the community about this eco-rich area!

first it was the jungle-trekking..
about 5km walk inside the greenery lead by scouts..
no pictures cos i skipped this part..
i woke up late, so kinda missed it.. plus lazy me.. =P
the rest of the group had already finish when we arrived!

next was the kayak session..
i wanted to go for this, but there was a queue..
plus nobody was going to teman me.. so yeah..

look how beautiful the scenery is.. except the leaves-filled water!

they also had this free check-up thingy..
test for your blood glucose, blood pressure and ENT screening..
by doctors and nurses from the new Tropicana Medical Centre..
friendly, informative and experienced bunch.. hehe..

registration and glucose level section..

checking blood pressure..

my brother's result was like 110/70..
we teased him that is slightly lower than normal, very unfit..
then he went to ask the doctor: will i die? =.="

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khalid was also present..
the good thing about having a PKR as the head is that
there's no big do with red carpet and kompangs..
he gave the feeling of being just a normal friendly person..
not some big shot that you cannot approach..

check out Datuk Seri Khalid's teh tarik performance.. =)

they had this stall selling Quaker Oats for like RM1 per packet..
wow, you should see how much my aunty bought! haha..
they also had organic cabbages for sale..
environmentally friendly kononnya, i saw plastic bags!!!

kids were not left out.. they get to do sand art..
my ex-boss Charmaine came along with her family and friends too..
they had a whole lot of cute little children, around 4-6 years old..

don't i stand out of the crowd? XD

save our forest, love our forest~ cos it's here to stay!

i shall watch my Chun on tv now, and go study later.. yeah?!

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