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Sunday, January 17, 2010

past 2 weeks~

first two weeks of school was okay!
having fun most of the time, the rest of it is just plain boring..
during certain lectures, i was guilty of some fishing..
cos my lecturer was monotonous! =S

anyway, what have i been up to the past 2 weeks?
on weekdays, lab sessions in the morning, lectures after lunch..
and on weekends, i hang out with my friends!
i haven't actually started revising my lectures, oh god~

ok, so our very first practical project was drilling..
we used both high and low speed drills onto the prespex blocks!
high speed was much more fun and dangerous.. but i likey!!!

drill~ drill~ drill all the way!

the next session we had to mount natural teeth into moulds!
but some of us were not so lucky to get nice teeth..
so they had to clean the dirty, smelly, decayed extracted teeth!

gross ain't it? newspaper, glooves and masks are a must!

after the moulds are hardened, they had to be taken out..
the sides needed some shaving, plasters top-up on bubbles..
and of cos natural teeth needed cleaning to be free from plasters!

the guys cleaning their moulds..

this is the end results.. cool eh?

the next best thing is rubber dam and fissure sealant session!
it was uber fun and challenging..
my first time working with my partner Candice! =)

the tools for rubber dam.. to isolate a single tooth!
without hurting our simulated patient of cos..

the isolated tooth is to be clean and polished first..

then we can place the sealant on it.. 4-handed dentistry!

isn't it cool to have the entire class doing the same thing?

oh, Astro小太阳 was filming for a children programme in IMU!
seen here with the kids are Crystal, 1/3 of M Girls..
and Anthony, winner of Astro Talent Quest 2006.. =)

and for the past 2 weekends, i have been lepak-ing..
who else? with my high school friends.. =)

we went to Port Dickson for 2 days and 1 night!

stayed in 2 Avillion Premium Water Chalets..

which has a pretty good view from our balcony.. hehe

among the fun activities we did during our short stay there:

banana boating~ most memorable as it was fun!!!

played beach volleyball..

relaxing in the pool and later went for steaming.. =)

ate an expensive lunch including a RM12 ice kacang!

fishing from our balcony..

had fun carrying each other on the beach!

animal feeding session.. rooster, chick, rabbit + sleepy faces!

and yesterday, we had another farewell steamboat party..
more and more of us are leaving to further our studies!
the latest addition being Chee Yin~

the theme was Hairband & Hats..
*drumrolls* for our happy family potrait! =)

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010.. =D

it's a brand new year people!!!
are you ready for new challenges and excitement?

so what was i up to during the first day of 2010?

my high school friends and i had a poolside countdown party!
lots of food, and i mean wayyy too much for us..
we had potluck and BBQ for new year's eve.. hehe..
it was a change of approach for this countdown..
no squeezing among crowds and getting sprayed in malls!

some of the party people! =)

we had a bird's eye view of fireworks displays around the city!

i spent my first half of 1 Jan 2010 in bed..
yes, i woke up only when the clock struck 12pm.. haha..
really gotta adjust my biological clock..
my Year 2 classes will start on Monday!
it's back to school for me~ *yay*

the second half of the day was slightly more productive!
6 gals got together in one kitchen..
and we baked cupcakes and cookies!
they are yummylicious! no joke~

doing what we do best.. haha..

some of our cupcakes.. amateur designs yo!

and finally *drumrolls* our cookie monsters!!! cute eh?

this is just a short post before i sleep..
plus check out my Chun's New Year post right here!
it has been up on time 3 years in a row!
always full of wisdom and encouragement..

anyway, have a great year ahead my dears! *hugsss*

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