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Sunday, January 25, 2009

prepared for CNY 2009?

Chinese New Year is just tomorrow.. so fast~
oh, before i forget.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN CREAMY!!!

and finally, i am getting my well deserved 8 days break.. =P
my boss gave me a week off for CNY..
plus the following Monday is KL Day or some sort.. hehe..

i was quite disappointed the other day..
as i had to say annyong hikaseyo to my Korea trip!
the stupid agent say cannot book flight ticket.. T___T
you can't get the best of both worlds all the time right?
but my mum is very happy la.. don't have to splurge on me!

my long legs are now filled with bruise here and there..
i haven't had that many bruises for the longest time leh..
and ugliest CNY legs i ever had.. boo hoo~
no thanks to my office layout..
and the current place i am sitting now! =(

my new place is in the first row facing the main entrance..
and it's the smallest area in the entire Student Services!
i am basically sandwiched in the middle..
with my big chair taking up every available inch of space..
so turn to the right.. BANG! turn to the left.. another BANG!

ok.. ok.. shoo~ shoo~ shoo~ the unlucky stuff..
and time to invite the good things back to my life..
CUPCAKES to start with.. haha..

the gifts for CNY my uncle usually present to us..
is the one i most look forward to every year..
because it's always the better looking one among all..
not that others are not pretty, they are.. really..
this time around, one of his gifts was cupcakes!

jeng~ jeng~ jeng~ from Cake Connection! pretty no?

cow, oranges, ang pows, spring flowers and coy fish.. =)

i ate one already.. haha.. guess which one?
and Happy Early Chinese New Year to all of you.. =)

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Monday, January 19, 2009

miscelleneous post?

tomorrow would be my 9th consecutive day of work..
for the 2 supposedly rest days of mine,
i can say the IMU Open Day was a success.. hehe..
but i missed the Dental Lab.. everyone said it was great! gah~

anyway, brains + energy + money + time = experience..
what can i say? it's all worth it all right.. =)

now i know how much effort is needed to earn money!
and i really miss studying.. *study study study*
instead of piles of books, i see a mountain of files everyday..
i can't wait till 23rd February 2009!

my life these days are spent in only 3 places..
in the office, on the road and at home..
i need some breathing space right now..
i haven't been watching my Korean dramas for 6 months?
it's so unbelievable.. my Hong Gil Dong~
lately it's just all CSI, ANTM, American Idol on tv and..
my weekly dose of Love or Bread.. it's getting interesting! ^^V

but my mum is starting to ground me already..
this coming CNY will be my last holiday for the next 5 years..
she has warned me alright.. too much money will be spent!
so gotta cut on shopping, yam cha, movies etc.. aiks..
i really hope i made the right decision for my future.. =D

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my past week..

life the past week totally sums up to just one word: HECTIC!!

i started work again after a 2-week break..
felt a little lost and confused on the first day of work..
we were no longer in the old office where i used to work..
instead it was just on Ground Floor, next to the entrance!

the good news is, even though i am running late..
i won't end up panting the moment i reach my seat..
lunch break will be slightly longer.. like for 3 minutes..
cos of the short walking distance.. haha..

the bad news is, we are surrounded by glass windows..
so basically outsiders can see everything we do..
because Dr Mei Ling Young, one of our big bosses..
want it to be an open concept.. hehe..
and i need to travel two floors up to other departments!

oh, the first day was just plain terrible..
there were boxes and boxes of stuff ready to be unloaded
in every corner of the office.. no joke..
and the glass windows were still dirty with foot prints!
it was really an eyesore ok and dust was in the air..
i pity the parents who stepped into the office at 9am!

Kak Dell was quite frustrated and busy that day..
since it was my boss, Charmaine and my first day back..
the one-month old full timer, Kak Norihan has left..
the 2-week old part-timer, Yee Teng whom i just met..
and worst still MPharmacy 2009 registration day..
5 January 2009.. a day worth remembering! haha..

but things really improved after one week..
all the cabinets and cupboards are up..
all the boxes are already cleared..
tables and chairs for counseling sessions are there..
the air-cond is getting freaking cold..
and not forgetting.. files are piling up on my table!

anyway, i had dinner with my cousins and friends on Friday!
all you can eat steamboat for just RM15.80.. *yum yum*

to celebrate what? firstly, my Aussie cousins' arrival..
is more of Lilyn's since Lisyn has been here for a month..
my other cousin, Yee Gin, who is now back in the US..
Felicia's first few days experience of college life..
Shien Ni's back to school, my back to work..
and Aunt Mee Choo tagged along.. hehe..

did i mention that i spent 7 hours of my Saturday sitting?
and on Sunday, another 8 hours of standing?
i straighten my hair on Saturday..
because i really couldn't stand the bushiness of it..
and appeared flat faced for cousin Creamy's 20th birthday!

on Sunday however, Star Education Fair 2009 was on..
since Lilian Too's talk was also at KL Convention Centre..
i had to follow my parents there..
i reported to work at 9.30am.. way too early.. haha..

my boss labelled me the "Most Busy Counsellor"..
since people come streaming to me to enquire!
probably because i am the most young-looking one..
it was like totally non-stop, one after another..
and so she had to ask me to take a break! wee~
so yeah.. i had free sandwiches and chocolate biscuits!
i saved on lunch money.. haha.. *i like free stuff*

btw, i had lunch with Ee Ching and Xiao Li on Monday..
like so long time didn't meet them..
they both got prettier, dress also nicer already..
not like me, still stuck with the college girl look.. aiks..

we spotted quite a few hotties too..
remember the good old days?
most IMU guys look very nice and smart..
usually from the back, i prefer that we ignore the front..
when you see them, you'll understand what i mean.. =P

i just found out that i might need to work on Open Day..
that explains the rush for re-painting of the walls..
*poof* there goes another weekend of mine! G.A.H.~~

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i couldn't believe my eyes!

guess what i JUST saw on Popseoul website?
Super Junior M was in Hong Kong on 26 December 2008!
it is the second last day i was there..

i totally cannot believe this.. OMG!!!
i missed the chance of seeing Siwon and the rest up close!

see!! see!!

instead during the day, we spent 90 minutes waiting..
for the cable car to Ngong Ping Village..
a one way ticket costs us HKD 74
Nan Zi and i ended up with 4 couples for a good 25 minutes!

luckily, we ended up in the cable car with a hottie!
*look to the right, his girlfriend is not in here though*

we walked around Ngong Ping Village..
they have quite a few restaurants and souvenir shops..
and not surprisingly very costly too!
so we just settled for snacks.. lol..

biscuit with some-sort of really sticky A grade honey..
see how Cecilia indulged it.. HKD 3!

山水豆腐花 / mountain water tau fu fa.. haha..
the texture is very soft.. a whopping HKD 10!

then we went to see the famous Tian Tan Buddha Statue..
it was a very long walk up.. for me at least! =P

cousin Creamy was very pleased with his jump..

we saw another hot Mat Salleh praying with the joystick..
what a sight at Po Lin Monastery! hehe..

we ate yet again.. "Shan Zha Bing Tong" and beard candy..

after that we sat the bus back down to Tung Chung station..
we met up with Sally and Christine for shopping in the area!
while cousin Creamy stayed at home cooking dinner! *yum yum*
without realizing the presence of Super Junior!

on Christmas Day a day earlier,
we visited a temple which i forgot its name and 2 streets..
Gold Fish Street where saw lots of fish.. duh..
and Lady's Street where we bought of own presents! =)

arch in front of the temple..

smelly tofu is quite yummy and it's HKD 6! =D

later that night we were at Hong Kong Island..
we went back to the Avenue of Stars,
where we had a great touch of some famous hand prints..
and passed by the busiest pedestrian crossing in Hong Kong!
car drivers have to be extremely careful near here..

see how big the crowd is?

like ants crossing the street when the light goes green!

when touring Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is a must-visit..
so we sat the Peak Tram up to see the breathtaking view!
it was very windy and cold up there..
we had a good view of everything!
including what people were doing in their living room! hehe..

girls at The Peak..

Madame Tussaudes entrance fee was very expensive..
so we ended up posing with Bruce Lee outside.. lol..

anyway, the flight back home on 27 December 2008 was
like really really nice and comfortable.. hehe..

not because of my pre-ordered hotdog..

or because we all sat on row number 18..

neither was it because we slept most of the time..
but because of the steady departure, flight and landing..
we didn't feel any strong vibration..
my ear did not get stuck..
and Sally didn't feel nauseous at all!

thank you Captain Omar and Captain Sharifidan of AK71!
you both have gave me a great AirAsia experience.. =)

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

a brand new year.. 2009!

2009 is here.. my last year of being a teenager!
*i am having mixed emotions right now*

on 31 December 2008, went to the Curve and Cineleisure..
caught up with a few of my high school mates..
Ka Huey, Nan Zi, Yoke Yin, Henry, Chee Yin and Yun Xin..
watched two movies in total..

Ip Man / 叶问

this is an action-packed movie about Bruce Lee's sifu.. =)
Wing Chun style kung fu all the way.. starring Donnie Yen..
and i cried in a couple of scenes.. too emotional for me!

followed by Bedtimes Stories..

a good way to end 2008.. i was laughing the entire movie!
great performance by funny man Adam Sandler..
together with the two cute little kids and Bugsy! lol..

we had to squeeze through the crowd hand-in-hand..
just in case any of us get lost in the sardines!
the air was filled with cigarette and foam spray smell..
one word to describe it.. ATROCIOUS!!!

we were sprayed along the way by random strangers..
was really sticky from head to toe..
i don't really mind as it happens only once or twice a year!
but for God's sake.. keep away from the face!
my eyes and nose were crying desperately for help..

Faisal Tahir started the countdown from "60.. 59.. 58.."
very very bad choice, you know..
it was getting softer and softer by the time it reached 20..
but everyone hyped up again at "10.. 9.. 8.."

fireworks were awesome, except for some reasons..
we were right under it, so we had to do some neck exercise!
and leftover pieces of it started falling from the sky..
one piece dropped directly on to my forehead.. ouch!

i had a total hangover on the first day of the year..
not that i drank alcohol or anything..
never suggest that to me, i find it disgusting! ewww..

i got home around 2.15am..
a record for driving alone, but not proud of it!
no thanks to the long wait and police roadblock..
by the time i got into bed, it was already 3am..

my mum woke me up 3 and a half hours later..
to go for a prayer some where in Klang..
i was basically fishing in the car!
i slumped on the bed for the next 5 hours..
the moment i reached home at noon!

2 January 2009 was a better day though..

i walked down the memory lane at Uncle Seng's..
with Melissa, Eu Nee and Swee Yin.. *yum yum*
and did some shopping with Mel at Subang Parade..
i haven't been there since it was renovated few years back!
good bargains, great buys and at cheaper rate! *winks*

i became my brothers' chauffeur after that..
i used the same roads 6 times that day.. just imagine!

anyway, that's about it.. Have a GREAAAAAT 2009!

Wu Chun says FIGHTING!!! i love him and his hair.. =D

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