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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my past week..

life the past week totally sums up to just one word: HECTIC!!

i started work again after a 2-week break..
felt a little lost and confused on the first day of work..
we were no longer in the old office where i used to work..
instead it was just on Ground Floor, next to the entrance!

the good news is, even though i am running late..
i won't end up panting the moment i reach my seat..
lunch break will be slightly longer.. like for 3 minutes..
cos of the short walking distance.. haha..

the bad news is, we are surrounded by glass windows..
so basically outsiders can see everything we do..
because Dr Mei Ling Young, one of our big bosses..
want it to be an open concept.. hehe..
and i need to travel two floors up to other departments!

oh, the first day was just plain terrible..
there were boxes and boxes of stuff ready to be unloaded
in every corner of the office.. no joke..
and the glass windows were still dirty with foot prints!
it was really an eyesore ok and dust was in the air..
i pity the parents who stepped into the office at 9am!

Kak Dell was quite frustrated and busy that day..
since it was my boss, Charmaine and my first day back..
the one-month old full timer, Kak Norihan has left..
the 2-week old part-timer, Yee Teng whom i just met..
and worst still MPharmacy 2009 registration day..
5 January 2009.. a day worth remembering! haha..

but things really improved after one week..
all the cabinets and cupboards are up..
all the boxes are already cleared..
tables and chairs for counseling sessions are there..
the air-cond is getting freaking cold..
and not forgetting.. files are piling up on my table!

anyway, i had dinner with my cousins and friends on Friday!
all you can eat steamboat for just RM15.80.. *yum yum*

to celebrate what? firstly, my Aussie cousins' arrival..
is more of Lilyn's since Lisyn has been here for a month..
my other cousin, Yee Gin, who is now back in the US..
Felicia's first few days experience of college life..
Shien Ni's back to school, my back to work..
and Aunt Mee Choo tagged along.. hehe..

did i mention that i spent 7 hours of my Saturday sitting?
and on Sunday, another 8 hours of standing?
i straighten my hair on Saturday..
because i really couldn't stand the bushiness of it..
and appeared flat faced for cousin Creamy's 20th birthday!

on Sunday however, Star Education Fair 2009 was on..
since Lilian Too's talk was also at KL Convention Centre..
i had to follow my parents there..
i reported to work at 9.30am.. way too early.. haha..

my boss labelled me the "Most Busy Counsellor"..
since people come streaming to me to enquire!
probably because i am the most young-looking one..
it was like totally non-stop, one after another..
and so she had to ask me to take a break! wee~
so yeah.. i had free sandwiches and chocolate biscuits!
i saved on lunch money.. haha.. *i like free stuff*

btw, i had lunch with Ee Ching and Xiao Li on Monday..
like so long time didn't meet them..
they both got prettier, dress also nicer already..
not like me, still stuck with the college girl look.. aiks..

we spotted quite a few hotties too..
remember the good old days?
most IMU guys look very nice and smart..
usually from the back, i prefer that we ignore the front..
when you see them, you'll understand what i mean.. =P

i just found out that i might need to work on Open Day..
that explains the rush for re-painting of the walls..
*poof* there goes another weekend of mine! G.A.H.~~

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