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Friday, August 31, 2007


Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
you are officially 50 this year!!!
lets all wave the Jalur Gemilang together..proudly!!! =)

just like our politicians

or like Malaysians who gathered at Dataran Merdeka

you can choose to dress up in Jalur Gemilang colours
to show your patriotism too..

like this lady here

if that is too exaggerate for you
wear more simple ones..

like this little boy and his father

i remember coming across this poster in The Star Education pullout..
an idea so original and unique..
by a group of students who participated in "Campaign 4 Rewards 2007"

by Esprit de Corps of SMJK Katholik, PJ

it is so simple but yet so true..=)

let's all cherish the happy moments that we had in Malaysia..
like the ones i experienced this morning at Kelab Rahman Putra..
young kids to teenagers to adults from all 3 races..
all participating in the event to celebrate merdeka!!

to you and me and all malaysians..

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Monday, August 27, 2007

dinner is served!!

i know i should be studying right now..
but i really can't control my excitement..hehe
you guys may think it's no big deal..
i SUCCESSFULLY cooked dinner today!!
**jumps around with joy**

usually i won't be in the kitchen during weekdays
unless it's my turn to do the washing..=P
but since my mum went to the hospital
to take care of my grandpa..
i am in charge..haha

vegetables : long beans and carrots

the last time i cooked vegetables..
the garlic was burnt..@.@
but this time it's lovely..
my dad said it's nice and my bros took extra helpings..
that made me really happy..=)

kampung fish

it took me ages to figure out whether it's cooked..
but dad said that as long as the eyes are white it's ready..
i hate frying fish..
cos a lot of oil is needed plus it must be really hot!!
it turned out ok but a lot was stucked onto the wok..*paiseh*

luckily my mum cooked the other dish before leaving..
or else i may resort to cook eggs for

i am happy with what i have accomplished..
at least i can cook something edible..hehe
although they are not as good as my mum's/dad's/aunts'/uncles'/cousins'

i have this cousin- 13yrs of age who cooks dinner EVERYDAY..
she so good that my mum compares me to her..
i have learnt quite a few stuff from her though..XD

learning is a life long process, so i shall learn bit by bit..
practice makes perfect, but i will only cook
when i am free or i really have to!!

got to study now..trials starts on wednesday!!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


ok..i am a first-timer in this!
yun xin tagged goes..

name 20 people you can think of
and answer those questions below..
then tag another 5 people you want!

1. yun xin
2. shi wen
3. melissa ng
4. hui ting
5. jean-myn
6. ze wei
7. cecilia
8. ka huey
9. nan zi
10. chee yin
11. hang woon
12. wu chun
13. mr karamjeet
14. kai sin
15. jia le
16. my mum
17. henry
18. yoke yin
19. ee ching
20. li keong

1. how did you meet 14 (kai sin)?
in taylors.. she's my classmate!!

2. what would you do if you never have met 1 (yun xin)?
i would never have known how wonderful friends can be..
plus i won't have transport to college..haha..

3. what would you do if 20 (li keong) and 9 (nan zi) dated you?
i'll be speechless cos 20 is not my type and 9 is a lovely gal!!

4. would 6 (ze wei)and 17 (henry) be a good couple?
it may be possible if they aren't both guys cos they love

5. describe 3 (melissa ng).
she's a bubbly gal who is very passionate about hot guys..
my partner in "hot-guys-alert", tennis player, self acclaimed mrs. rain!!

6. do you think 8 (ka huey) is attractive?
other than her lameness..yes!! love her confidence and smile..=)

7. tell me something about 7 (cecilia).
i met her at sepang yesterday.. i believe she is ze wei's gf..
she's a form6 gal from kajang and don't understand chinese..

8. do you know anything about 12's (wu chun) family?
his family is the sole distributor of mitsubushi automobiles in brunei..
and his family the Gohs is one of the richest in brunei.. *walau eh*

9. what do you think is 8's (ka huey) favorite?
i believe they are: wang lee hom, her cello, talking to her mum, being lame..

10. what would you do if 11 (hang woon) confess that he/she likes you?
i seriously doubt he he will..haha

11. what language does 15 (jia le) speak?
english, chinese, cantonese and malay i guess..

12. who is 12 (wu chun) going out with?
i really don't think he's going out with anyone now..
cos i believe he's waiting for me to finish my studies..=P

13. how old is 16 (my mum)?
i'll let you guess cos i believe a women's age should be kept a secret!!

14. when was the last time you talked to 13 (mr karamjeet)?
a day after my presentation..
he told me my group gave the wrong answers for the 10 marks question!

15. who is 2's (shi wen) favourite singer?
yunho..the leader of korean-boy band DBSK

16. would you ever date with 4 (hui ting)?
i treat her as my sista la.. plus her hubby will slaughter me alive!! lol

17. would you ever date 7 (cecilia)?
omg..her hubby will slaughter me too!!
**got nothing to ask ah? i know i am single ok..**

18. is 15 (jia le) single now?
i think so.. but it seems that some guy is after her..

19. what is 10's (chee yin) last name?
i know.. i know.. phan!!

20. would you ever consider a relationship with 11 (hang woon)?
hmm.. never thought bout that..

21. what school does 3 (melissa ng) goes to?
she was from smk taman sea, now at taylors university college..

22. where does 6 (ze wei) live?
kota damansara.. few houses away from me..

23. what is your favorite thing about 5 (jean-myn)?
her pretty face and fashion sense and when she's nice..

seriously.. why got no questions about 18 (yoke yin) and 19 (ee ching)?
i know something about them ok!!

now i tag..
1. shi wen
2. ze wei
3. nan zi
4. yoke yin
5. shannon

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race 2007

my family and i left for Sepang International Circuit
at around 9am this morning
cos MMER2007 was to start at 11am..

as i mentioned in the last post..
G1 JPM Motorsport is involved in this 12hrs endurance race..

this 77-car race is for charity and it's held yearly on the saturday
before merdeka day ever since the year 2000!

the tickets and carpass

hundreds of potential cars have to enter the qualifying round..
these cars are from 4 categories.. class O, A, B and C
which both the JPM cars qualified for class O and A..
each car has 3 drivers and drivers take turns to race every 1.5hrs..

at the pit-stop

i had to go to the race track alone armed with the camera
cos my dad and bros were not wearing long pants..
so they could only be in the pit-lane..swt..
after walking under the blazing heat and in black shirt
for like 15mins, i finally met with ze wei and cecilia and his dad..
she's a very nice gal from kajang..=)
i spent some time with them but tried not to be the light bulb..hehe

with drivers of car no.19 nissan skyline, L-R: TP Chin, me, JP Chin, Jeff Wong

with drivers of car no.17 porsche, L-R: Firhat, Eric Yeo, TJ Chin, me

the crew of team G1 JPM Motorsport

ze wei and cecilia

the lotus car which i find very cute

another lotus car

some other car which also participated in JPM Integra Cup

sepang race track flooded with people..

the national service trainees were there too!!

i wanted to take pictures of the umbrella gals
but i think they showed too much flesh..
i find it kinda disturbing except for the lovely boots
but guys' eyes open up and jaws drop as they walked pass

(ok, i am exaggerating..haha..)

when i left sepang at around 3pm,
both car no.17 and no.19 were in the pit-stop
being repaired due to technical problems..
they were like 2hrs behind.. and drivers seemed frustrated..
we will return to sepang after dinner..
hopefully they can catch up with the rest by 11pm!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

my saturday..

i went to take my blood test results this morning..
thank god i am overall healthy..=)
except that i have low blood pressure and low sugar level..
so basically i have to do more exercise to strenghten my heart
who want to play badminton better ajak me ya! lol..
and eat more food..healthy ones!
according to the nutritionist i have to eat like every 3-4 hours
especially heavy breakfast cos my metabolism rate is quite high..

in the afternoon i went to Equatorial Hotel in KL
for the launching ceremony of G1 JPM Racing Team
who races for charity during the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race!
must support our family members ma..hehe
it will be held on 25aug from noon till midnight - 12hrs continuosly..
at Sepang International Circuit..
they will donate a few thousand ringgit for every lap they finish..
hopefully it will be podium finishes again..=)

Dato' Seri Sharizat Abdul Jalil was the VIP invited to lauch it..
i got to shake hands and have a picture taken with her..
thanks to my big
she's a very nice lady who is also passionate about motorsport!

L-R: cousin jee, sharizat, rueben, my bros haw, shyang n i

G1 team drivers, sharizat n chairman of motorsports
my bro taking pic of ze wei *they are such posers cos i ask them to be so* XD
with car no.17 nissan skyline
with car no.19 porsche
it's a family affair..only young ones are in the pic!
uncle pyng and cousin pinn being interviewed

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


we had our last lesson for moral studies today..
and it was the longest we ever had - 1.5 hours!!
all i can say is that "all's well, that ends well"..=)

it took so long because we were viewing video presentations..
interesting video presentations i meant!
they all have moral values in duh..
the best video clip i ever viewed so far is the one
directed and acted by students of 0701PM7..
entitled "secrets"..
it's basically about secrets that we all keep,
deep down inside our heart..
it focuses on a few stories that interlinked with one another..

the voice that told the story was hoarse and robot-like..
we found out why at the end of the movie..
cos this guy was wearing the transformer head (how to explain ah?)
he has a secret too..his can't be revealed! lol..

"secrets" video clip has wonderful effects plus background sounds..
they have this excessive panting as one of the characters saw a ghost..
but it sounds so wrong..if you know what i meant..haha
the background music was nice too..
hopefully they'll post it on youtube..
so everyone can view it!
and maybe some director might be interested to hire them..XD

i saw the 3rd round of badminton world championship today..
malaysians were playing in 4 matches in a row..
we won 2 (women's singles & men's doubles) and lost 2 (men's singles)
i practically sat in front of the tv for 3 hours..hehe

too bad for lee chong wei, he lost to sony dwi kuncuro..
in straight sets 11-21, 9-21..
major what anup sridhar did to taufik hidayat..
sony the 9th seed beat chong wei the 2nd seed..
they ran from left to right to near the net to back of the court..
i can imagine how fatigue they were!

the ladies' singles was amazing..
yet another upset..2nd seed got trashed by 10th seed..
in straight sets..1st time in women's singles history!!
still can't believe wong mew choo beat xie xing fang 21-10, 21-8..
wahaha..good for her!!
maybe it's because the malaysian gals started wearing skirts..
(i think they look very pretty in skirts)
or maybe cos xing fang has changed to a horrible hairstyle..XD

unknown anup sridhar of india,
who has the looks,the height,the body and the skills - HOT!!
who beat defending champion taufik hidayat in round 2..
beat hafiz hashim after a rubber..
which is good news since lin dan would have to worry..haha..
if hafiz had won, i am sure lin dan would win in the quarter finals..
cos hafiz as a stroke player, can't really keep up with an attacking one..
i have no idea why i am anti-lin dan..
maybe cos he's been at the top like forever?

i love men's doubles!!
i'll scream hysterically ever so often during these matches..
expecially when it involves malaysians..XD
the speed, the smashes.. it's just awesome!!
as usual, koo kien keat-tan boon heong cruise into the quater-finals
after beating polland players..21-19, 21-18
they'll be against fu haifeng-cai yun of china..yet again..
it's unpredictable who'll win..
so cross my fingers and scream more cos it'll be exciting!!

i can't help but to notice the presence of this chubby malay guy..
he's dubbed as "no.1 fan of malaysian badminton"
he seems to be at nearly every match that involves malaysians..
according to the commentator, he's there since 1988!!
he usually wears a shirt and hat with jalur gemilang designs
and carries a kompang..
he cheers on behalf of everyone plus lead the
so semangat right? very patriotic of him!!

ok..i babbled too i shall stop here..

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more maths drama..

mr karamjeet shall be refered as mr k frm now..
cos every time i write his full name, i wanna punch him!!
to date, i don't get what mr k's problem is..
i seriously think he should consider going to rehab for psycos..=P

our class has been divided into groups of 3 for presentation..
they are meant for revision of AS syllabus..
each group is supposesd to present for 2 chapters..
we were to think like examiners and teach like teachers..
that's perfectly alright to me..

4 groups have already presented on:
quadratics, functions, coordinate geometry and circular measure.
these are easy topics aren't they?

here goes my whining..

after EVERY presentation, whether it was
interesting/boring/easy to understand..
if the your presentation was clear,
he'll somehow find fault in your powerpoint slides
or the extra exercises you distributed
or because you did not prepare extra exercises..
he'll ask you questions that you would not think of..
as he expects you to know EVERYTHING from that topic
and even how or where a formula was derived from..
plus definitions of the terms!

why is he so @#$%^&*
is it because he too qualified to be a maths lecturer?
and that he should be albert einstein no.2?
he thinks all his students are as perfect as he is? NOT.
maths period is stressful!
i may jump out the window anytime soon..
and if i do, put all the blame on dearest mr k..ok?

i loved it when sangeetha's group was presenting..
it was quite flawless but yet he tried finding fault..
and i remember vividly what she said to him:
"i thought you said WE are the teachers?"
"so we can present anything we want!"
mr k was speechless..haha..

jia le's group was quite intersting too..she said:
"this is AS work, so you all should know how to do!"
the whole class burst into laughter..
cos it's mr k's signature line..
wonder what his reaction would be if she added
"this is SHOCKING!!" XD

more difficult topics are coming up next..
and i am gonna bet that all the presenters will kena teruk^2
including ME.

good luck PM10~~

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Saturday, August 11, 2007


this was what my dear friend sent me..

wish me luck!!

still cant believe it!!

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Friday, August 10, 2007

korean wave

guess what i did in college today?
by 7.20am i reached college and went straight to class..
we had thinking skills at 8am, did 25 questions of past years'..

next was a 4 hour break from 9am to 1pm!!

this was when i studied my bio, learnt some korean, ate and chatted..

had maths at 1pm..handed in our assignments and that's all..
bio test was at 2pm..i did ok la..
i woke up at 6.05am to do these stuff at college!! OMG..

shi wen and swee yin taught me some korean and japanese today..
but i was only interested in korean..haha..

here goes: korean - translation in english

first, let me introduce myself..XD

annyong haseyo chingu. choum kasumnida. cho
nun meng yean imida.

(hello friends. this is our first time meeting each other. my name is meng yean.)

1. annyong haseyo - hello

2. yeobosayo - hello when on the phone
(sounds like "your boss say yo" and i was laughing like mad)

3. annyong / chagar - bye

4. kamsahamida - thank you (formal)

5. komabsumida - thank you (informal)

6. komawo - thank you (between friends)

7. chesung hamida - sorry (formal)

8. mian hamida - sorry (informal)

9. mian heh / mian - sorry (between friends)

10. sangil chukaheyo - happy birthday
("sangil" is pronounced as "senggeh")

more later..

but now, i would like share some korean series / movies recently..
these are some nice shows that i don't mind watching again..hehe

200 pounds beauty

seducing mr perfect

princess hours

notice their similarities?
they all have good storyline.
they all have nice soundtracks.
they all have some romance.
they all have hot lead actors and actresses.

that's all for this post..=)

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Thursday, August 9, 2007


it was 8.10am of a typical thursday morning..
i was feeling sleepy cos i stayed up till 1.30am to revise bio..
he came in with stack of papers on his hand..
i looked at shi wen and melissa and said
"i think that's out test papers" *swallows saliva*
i was right!!

mr karamjeet read the marks as he gave back our papers..
the first student who was called had 0% out of a hundred..
then he mentioned that only 5 people in our class passed the test!
i was like OMG..
very likely that i am not one of them..
the highest was like 66% followed by 64% and 60%..
next was 52% and 48%..
mine was like a freaking 36%.. @#$%^&*

i was so depressed and frustrated..
and he had to rub salt on our wound..
"this is SHOCKING!! the highest is only 66%"
"this is's AS work!!"
"you should all just MASS JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW"
what the hell?
he should join us too..haha..
and i think he may cause an offence..=P

just the other day i told my mum that i won't flunk in maths..
and see what i get? ALAMAK!!
whatever la..
his scolding made me wanna prove that i am more capable..
i shall do better next test..wait and see.. cos i m not a junk..=D

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

just now..

as my bro is visiting old folks home tomorrow,
my mum and i headed to Tesco to buy biscuits for them..
while in the car, mum suggested to go the Curve first
cos she wanna buy the doughnuts from Big Apple..

we had some of them over at my aunt's place on saturday night
and the one i tried was heavenly!!
and that day she told me it costs rm5 per piece..
i was like OMG and i actually fell for that little white lie..
to date, i still can't believe i fell for that.. so not me..haha..
so we bought like a dozen doughnuts for rm17.

yummy!! *the other 2 is being digested in our tummy* hehe..

after that i went to Esrali and saw some nice shoes..
my mum suggested to buy more high-heels cos i always wear flats..
but what to do? i don't fancy looking over people's heads..haha..

so i choose a few pumps, peep-toes, high-heels, flats etc..
and guess what?
"sorry miss, no size / this is the biggest size /last pair"
i was really getting frustrated..
this happens to me EVERYTIME i step into a shoe-shop..
ever since i was blessed with such larger-than-usual-asian-female-feet!
sigh.. but i bought another pair of flats of my size at the end..=)

our next stop was Tesco..
we went to buy biscuits then orange juice..
at the cold beverage section,
a familiar face was walking towards my direction..

i looked at mum and said " Daniel?"
"Daniel who?"
the person overheard what i said and looked at me for like 3 seconds..
and he went like "harlo.."
i smiled and he continued walking straight..
followed by a pint-sized lady who i believe is his girlfriend..

a guy who was wearing a white t-shirt with printed words and a cap..
a guy who stood as tall as below my eye-lid..
a guy who sang chinese songs and won Malaysian Idol 2..
Daniel Lee.. looked at me for 3 seconds and said "harlo.."
wahaha.. my first encounter with an artiste!

my mum was like "go get his picture la"
and i was like "no way..he's wearing a cap until his eyes for a reason"
"if i take picture with him, people will notice him.."
"people will surround him and ask for pictures/autographs"
"and he will blame me for exposing his identity"
but the truth is i don't want to have my picture taken,
with a guy who makes me look like a GIANT!! =P

then i continued..
"but i may consider it if that was Wuchun or Wang Lee Hom"
mum went like "i think not.."
"you'll probably grab them and hug them tight" true..mum knows me well..XD

and i can't believe that my bro actually thought
Wang Lee Hom is a SHORTY..
so i told him straight in the face that
lee hom is much taller and better-built and better-looking than he is!
poor bro, i think i just brought down his self-esteem because of my bluntness..

nway, my dear cousin Yee Gin..
should have arrived at Iowa like 2 hours ago..
after 18 hours of flight and 6hours of transit..
hope she enjoys her stay there and have fun at the university!
i'll meet you at california really soon! disneyland shall await my arrival..XD

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

LEO installation nite

i have only one word to describe the it.. DISASTEROUS!!

no offence, but this is from someone who is not a leo club member..

since yun xin asked me whether i would like to participate, i thought "why not?'

it's not like i have been to this kind of function..

in addition i thought it would be fun and can get to know more people..

but somehow i m really disappointed..

the event was suppose to start at 6pm..

when we - xin, hang woon and i reached there at around 6.15pm..

they weren't even prepared! and i absolutely did not expect that to happen..
cos they are LEO ma.. aren't they suppose to be efficient in handling these kind of events?

ok, so i forgave them.. maybe because they are lack of manpower..

they have only like max 30 members.. i m serious..

i was actually surprised when i heard bout it..i was like @.@
taylors have like few thousand students and they only managed to attract this few..

ok, if i am given a choice i also won't join..

their advisor's attitude also one kind de.. he don't even look like a friendly guy..=P

back to my story..

they started the event like 90mins late.. or maybe because the VIPs arrived late as usual..

i have no idea.. but they certainly gave me a so not good impression..

at the entrance, we gave them our 10 bucks ticket and wrote down our pariculars

and they drew a star on our hand which is only visible under UV light..

and we stepped into the freezing and quite empty MPH..

then i have thought of what my dad said in the car "got anyone go for these kind of events meh?"

and i answered "yes" and this was what i freakin saw: plenty of chairs with very few ocupants!

my dad was so right!

the door gift and the programme booklet..

since not much people arrived yet, we decided to have a drink..

my goodness! they placed the orange juice into a big container..

something like the one used in the toilets..just that it looks brand new..hehe..
and there was no ladle! we have to use cups to scoop the drinks..

the food provided don't seem to be enough for everyone.. are they that poor?
they could have asked from me.. at least i have proper containers and ladle at home..=)

then the mc who cannot remember people's names came on stage and crapped..
they had this malaysian flag solutation, LEO pledge, roll call and really boring speeches..

the roll call was quite interesting..why do i say so?
because those people are malu to shout..haha..

i can vividly remember the group from HELP.. there were like 7 of them if i am not mistaken..

so when the mc said "those from HELP make some noise!!"

i thought they were going to shout "help!!help!!help!!"
but at the end only one guy stood up and responded with a loud tone.. what the hell?
and that guy looked at his team and said "what's with you guys? semangat a bit la"

only then all of them stood up and shouted..

the mc continued "and we also have TARC!!"

*silence and everyone was waiting for the response*

"there's one person from TARC.." said the mc
xin and i turned to hang woon and smiled..

he then whispered "don't look at me, pretend i am not here"..haha..

we 3 were the only non-LEOs in the hall you see..

and we were dreading to leave the place a.s.a.p. to fill our growling stomaches..

so after they installed the new members - which happens to be boring and not organised..

we fled from the scene and headed to little taiwan..hehe..

all 3 of us had chicken chop with noodles for dinner..

we chatted and enjoyed our drinks too for like an hour..XD

after that we headed back to MPH..just in time for magic show!!
it was amazing! the magician is a he.. but not from taylors.
he placed 5 coins into an angpau,wrote something and tore the angpau into pieces!!

he also held a fork and started shaking it left and right, and the fork became bent like a flower!

last but not least there was a live band - a first timer..

and they performed ROCK music..

the audience were screaming and kinda enjoyed their performance..
but to me, it was a pain to my ears.. i could hear loud music from the instrutments which was ok..

it was the screaming performer i couldn't stand..i have no idea what he was singing/rapping..

i am not sure, but i think i had heart attack for a moment..

overall, it was not up to my expectation.. except for the magic show..

and the fact that there were hot guys who dressed up well..hehe

i have to agree with xin that guys who are doing hard work, are exceptionally eye-catching! XD

and i really enjoyed spending time with both of you!! =)

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Friday, August 3, 2007

what a day

i slept late last night at around 1.30pm to revise on maths..

and today, i sat for the maths test..
i am seriously not pleased with my performance!
i had nervous breakdown before the test start, you see..
as i had to memorize formulas
and when i thought of "calculators not allowed" rule..
i had butterflies in my stomach..
well not only me, but the whole class ..
including my straight-A's friend- shiwen!!
i usually call her "she won",
like how miss gurpreet pronounced it.. haha..

i have just completed my maths assignment.. yippeeeeeezzzzz!!!!!!
less burden for me now..but still have plenty of work to do..
moral presentation is on monday a
nd my group consisting of 15 members..
have NOT completed our work.. and we are group no.1..OMG!!
so it'll be a mad rush, especially for the editors.. good luck to all!
AIDS is out topic.. sigh..

thankfully, nan zi canceled our sunway lagoon trip this sunday..
i have yet to complete like 3 long exercises for maths
and read 11 chapters of bio..
just like what "stitch" yizhen said this morning,
how i wish i could buy more time via eBay..=)

trials is like less than 3 weeks away..
and i haven't started revising AS syllabus..aaarrrgghh..
but yet i allocated time to have fun..naughty me..
so tomorrow nite, i'll be at the LEO installation night..
hopefully i'll enjoy it..hehe

L-R: melissa, shi wen, me.

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