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Sunday, August 26, 2007


ok..i am a first-timer in this!
yun xin tagged goes..

name 20 people you can think of
and answer those questions below..
then tag another 5 people you want!

1. yun xin
2. shi wen
3. melissa ng
4. hui ting
5. jean-myn
6. ze wei
7. cecilia
8. ka huey
9. nan zi
10. chee yin
11. hang woon
12. wu chun
13. mr karamjeet
14. kai sin
15. jia le
16. my mum
17. henry
18. yoke yin
19. ee ching
20. li keong

1. how did you meet 14 (kai sin)?
in taylors.. she's my classmate!!

2. what would you do if you never have met 1 (yun xin)?
i would never have known how wonderful friends can be..
plus i won't have transport to college..haha..

3. what would you do if 20 (li keong) and 9 (nan zi) dated you?
i'll be speechless cos 20 is not my type and 9 is a lovely gal!!

4. would 6 (ze wei)and 17 (henry) be a good couple?
it may be possible if they aren't both guys cos they love

5. describe 3 (melissa ng).
she's a bubbly gal who is very passionate about hot guys..
my partner in "hot-guys-alert", tennis player, self acclaimed mrs. rain!!

6. do you think 8 (ka huey) is attractive?
other than her lameness..yes!! love her confidence and smile..=)

7. tell me something about 7 (cecilia).
i met her at sepang yesterday.. i believe she is ze wei's gf..
she's a form6 gal from kajang and don't understand chinese..

8. do you know anything about 12's (wu chun) family?
his family is the sole distributor of mitsubushi automobiles in brunei..
and his family the Gohs is one of the richest in brunei.. *walau eh*

9. what do you think is 8's (ka huey) favorite?
i believe they are: wang lee hom, her cello, talking to her mum, being lame..

10. what would you do if 11 (hang woon) confess that he/she likes you?
i seriously doubt he he will..haha

11. what language does 15 (jia le) speak?
english, chinese, cantonese and malay i guess..

12. who is 12 (wu chun) going out with?
i really don't think he's going out with anyone now..
cos i believe he's waiting for me to finish my studies..=P

13. how old is 16 (my mum)?
i'll let you guess cos i believe a women's age should be kept a secret!!

14. when was the last time you talked to 13 (mr karamjeet)?
a day after my presentation..
he told me my group gave the wrong answers for the 10 marks question!

15. who is 2's (shi wen) favourite singer?
yunho..the leader of korean-boy band DBSK

16. would you ever date with 4 (hui ting)?
i treat her as my sista la.. plus her hubby will slaughter me alive!! lol

17. would you ever date 7 (cecilia)?
omg..her hubby will slaughter me too!!
**got nothing to ask ah? i know i am single ok..**

18. is 15 (jia le) single now?
i think so.. but it seems that some guy is after her..

19. what is 10's (chee yin) last name?
i know.. i know.. phan!!

20. would you ever consider a relationship with 11 (hang woon)?
hmm.. never thought bout that..

21. what school does 3 (melissa ng) goes to?
she was from smk taman sea, now at taylors university college..

22. where does 6 (ze wei) live?
kota damansara.. few houses away from me..

23. what is your favorite thing about 5 (jean-myn)?
her pretty face and fashion sense and when she's nice..

seriously.. why got no questions about 18 (yoke yin) and 19 (ee ching)?
i know something about them ok!!

now i tag..
1. shi wen
2. ze wei
3. nan zi
4. yoke yin
5. shannon

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