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Thursday, August 9, 2007


it was 8.10am of a typical thursday morning..
i was feeling sleepy cos i stayed up till 1.30am to revise bio..
he came in with stack of papers on his hand..
i looked at shi wen and melissa and said
"i think that's out test papers" *swallows saliva*
i was right!!

mr karamjeet read the marks as he gave back our papers..
the first student who was called had 0% out of a hundred..
then he mentioned that only 5 people in our class passed the test!
i was like OMG..
very likely that i am not one of them..
the highest was like 66% followed by 64% and 60%..
next was 52% and 48%..
mine was like a freaking 36%.. @#$%^&*

i was so depressed and frustrated..
and he had to rub salt on our wound..
"this is SHOCKING!! the highest is only 66%"
"this is's AS work!!"
"you should all just MASS JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW"
what the hell?
he should join us too..haha..
and i think he may cause an offence..=P

just the other day i told my mum that i won't flunk in maths..
and see what i get? ALAMAK!!
whatever la..
his scolding made me wanna prove that i am more capable..
i shall do better next test..wait and see.. cos i m not a junk..=D

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