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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

just now..

as my bro is visiting old folks home tomorrow,
my mum and i headed to Tesco to buy biscuits for them..
while in the car, mum suggested to go the Curve first
cos she wanna buy the doughnuts from Big Apple..

we had some of them over at my aunt's place on saturday night
and the one i tried was heavenly!!
and that day she told me it costs rm5 per piece..
i was like OMG and i actually fell for that little white lie..
to date, i still can't believe i fell for that.. so not me..haha..
so we bought like a dozen doughnuts for rm17.

yummy!! *the other 2 is being digested in our tummy* hehe..

after that i went to Esrali and saw some nice shoes..
my mum suggested to buy more high-heels cos i always wear flats..
but what to do? i don't fancy looking over people's heads..haha..

so i choose a few pumps, peep-toes, high-heels, flats etc..
and guess what?
"sorry miss, no size / this is the biggest size /last pair"
i was really getting frustrated..
this happens to me EVERYTIME i step into a shoe-shop..
ever since i was blessed with such larger-than-usual-asian-female-feet!
sigh.. but i bought another pair of flats of my size at the end..=)

our next stop was Tesco..
we went to buy biscuits then orange juice..
at the cold beverage section,
a familiar face was walking towards my direction..

i looked at mum and said " Daniel?"
"Daniel who?"
the person overheard what i said and looked at me for like 3 seconds..
and he went like "harlo.."
i smiled and he continued walking straight..
followed by a pint-sized lady who i believe is his girlfriend..

a guy who was wearing a white t-shirt with printed words and a cap..
a guy who stood as tall as below my eye-lid..
a guy who sang chinese songs and won Malaysian Idol 2..
Daniel Lee.. looked at me for 3 seconds and said "harlo.."
wahaha.. my first encounter with an artiste!

my mum was like "go get his picture la"
and i was like "no way..he's wearing a cap until his eyes for a reason"
"if i take picture with him, people will notice him.."
"people will surround him and ask for pictures/autographs"
"and he will blame me for exposing his identity"
but the truth is i don't want to have my picture taken,
with a guy who makes me look like a GIANT!! =P

then i continued..
"but i may consider it if that was Wuchun or Wang Lee Hom"
mum went like "i think not.."
"you'll probably grab them and hug them tight" true..mum knows me well..XD

and i can't believe that my bro actually thought
Wang Lee Hom is a SHORTY..
so i told him straight in the face that
lee hom is much taller and better-built and better-looking than he is!
poor bro, i think i just brought down his self-esteem because of my bluntness..

nway, my dear cousin Yee Gin..
should have arrived at Iowa like 2 hours ago..
after 18 hours of flight and 6hours of transit..
hope she enjoys her stay there and have fun at the university!
i'll meet you at california really soon! disneyland shall await my arrival..XD

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