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Thursday, August 16, 2007


we had our last lesson for moral studies today..
and it was the longest we ever had - 1.5 hours!!
all i can say is that "all's well, that ends well"..=)

it took so long because we were viewing video presentations..
interesting video presentations i meant!
they all have moral values in duh..
the best video clip i ever viewed so far is the one
directed and acted by students of 0701PM7..
entitled "secrets"..
it's basically about secrets that we all keep,
deep down inside our heart..
it focuses on a few stories that interlinked with one another..

the voice that told the story was hoarse and robot-like..
we found out why at the end of the movie..
cos this guy was wearing the transformer head (how to explain ah?)
he has a secret too..his can't be revealed! lol..

"secrets" video clip has wonderful effects plus background sounds..
they have this excessive panting as one of the characters saw a ghost..
but it sounds so wrong..if you know what i meant..haha
the background music was nice too..
hopefully they'll post it on youtube..
so everyone can view it!
and maybe some director might be interested to hire them..XD

i saw the 3rd round of badminton world championship today..
malaysians were playing in 4 matches in a row..
we won 2 (women's singles & men's doubles) and lost 2 (men's singles)
i practically sat in front of the tv for 3 hours..hehe

too bad for lee chong wei, he lost to sony dwi kuncuro..
in straight sets 11-21, 9-21..
major what anup sridhar did to taufik hidayat..
sony the 9th seed beat chong wei the 2nd seed..
they ran from left to right to near the net to back of the court..
i can imagine how fatigue they were!

the ladies' singles was amazing..
yet another upset..2nd seed got trashed by 10th seed..
in straight sets..1st time in women's singles history!!
still can't believe wong mew choo beat xie xing fang 21-10, 21-8..
wahaha..good for her!!
maybe it's because the malaysian gals started wearing skirts..
(i think they look very pretty in skirts)
or maybe cos xing fang has changed to a horrible hairstyle..XD

unknown anup sridhar of india,
who has the looks,the height,the body and the skills - HOT!!
who beat defending champion taufik hidayat in round 2..
beat hafiz hashim after a rubber..
which is good news since lin dan would have to worry..haha..
if hafiz had won, i am sure lin dan would win in the quarter finals..
cos hafiz as a stroke player, can't really keep up with an attacking one..
i have no idea why i am anti-lin dan..
maybe cos he's been at the top like forever?

i love men's doubles!!
i'll scream hysterically ever so often during these matches..
expecially when it involves malaysians..XD
the speed, the smashes.. it's just awesome!!
as usual, koo kien keat-tan boon heong cruise into the quater-finals
after beating polland players..21-19, 21-18
they'll be against fu haifeng-cai yun of china..yet again..
it's unpredictable who'll win..
so cross my fingers and scream more cos it'll be exciting!!

i can't help but to notice the presence of this chubby malay guy..
he's dubbed as "no.1 fan of malaysian badminton"
he seems to be at nearly every match that involves malaysians..
according to the commentator, he's there since 1988!!
he usually wears a shirt and hat with jalur gemilang designs
and carries a kompang..
he cheers on behalf of everyone plus lead the
so semangat right? very patriotic of him!!

ok..i babbled too i shall stop here..

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