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Saturday, August 15, 2009

the looong week!

it's a Saturday night and there goes another week!

PBL has been a devil to me.. 4 PBLs on the 1st week = no sleep!
3 on the 2nd week, 2 on the 3rd and following weeks..
thank god for that cos it has been extremely time-consuming..

anyway, my group mates are a lovable bunch!
everyone shares their info and we have a good laugh every time..
apparently in other groups, some people have mouthful of gold!
i like my facilitator for both Dental and Medical PBLs, Dr Muneer..
he's nice and he always have interesting stuff to share with us.. =)

i had my nails done by Mae Yee and Zeng on Tuesday!

thank you my dears~
the job was well done and i like the colour!
but i had a tough time getting rid of them before Friday's CSU..
the top coat really can last.. i rubbed till my hands got tired! =P

oh, and Yoke Yin left us for the US already..
we practically had farewells for her every week for a month!
definitely will miss her in our regular yamcha session..
she's like totally in a different time zone now.. >.<

the first official farewell when the Aussie mates were still here! =)

a night before her morning flight, a few of us visited her..
since we can't be there to send her off, i bought her KFC!
you know in chinese, 送机 >>> 送鸡.. lame right? haha..

Yinky with her chicken.. =P

we had a great time chatting.. the 6 of us!

up next is Dental Clinic Session, it was fun.. =)
we got to experiment the dental unit!
i didn't know a the chair has a multifunction foot control..
the seat can be moved when the equipments are intact..
while they are being used, the speed can be increased by foot!
cool right??? means we must learn how to multitask soon~

Group II in our spanking new tunics with Dr Hanan and Dr Saad..

not forgetting the Skills Centre session..
we were taught how to wash our hands properly, gowning,
wear so-called "sterilized" gloves which we had to fold it back.. =S
and do intramuscular injection on a dummy.. this is tough!

let me tell you something: injecting the buttock
was much simpler than placing the fluid inside the syringe..
i say kudos to all nurses out there!
no pictures for this as i was kinda busy figuring things out..

and finally, went to help out in today's HEP-IPTS Debate..
i reached uni at 6.45am as we were supposed to be there by 7am..
some people were late including the important ones!

we did some reception job and were temporary runners!
i had fun watching the first round thanks to the Melissa(s).. XD
KDU vs Monash.. i personally liked KDU team better..
probably cos they were the government..
the motion was something like this:
"Abolishing the Quota System in Public Universities"

IMU didn't make it to the semi-finals though..
i went home after the semis started, too tired..
my eyes were practically closing when i was driving home..
so dangerous, i know.. i slumped on my bed after that!
i had a good sleep after sooo long..
all i can say is that the sleep was really satisfying.. =)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

my 08.08.09

yesterday marked one year since Beijing Olympics 2008 started..
i started my day by waking up at around 7.15am..
we had CPR theory class to attend at 9am.. compulsory!

it was pretty fun and i like Prof Mark's accent.. lol
can't wait for the practical part for CPR..
but we have t0 first pass the theory exam.. 42/50!
that's like taking undang all over again.. haha..

anyway, exactly a year ago (yet again), Isabelle was born..
she looked exactly like me when i was a month old too..
but now, she no longer has THE look..
in fact she's prettier and less chubbier than my baby self.. hehe..
we celebrated her step into babyhood last night! =)

her birthday cake.. look lovely and taste yummy~
cheese on the outside with icing design, chocolate cake in the inside!

Isabelle with daddy, mummy and Ivan..

we tried taking a lot of pictures with the birthday girl..
it wasn't really fruitful cos babies just don't stay still..
among the reasons were: not looking at the camera smiling,
moving frantically around, grabbing everything within her reach,
closing her eyes each time the camera flashes!

we had to keep our smile as long as we could,
while the photographer waits for the perfect shot..
patience was a virtue, like really!
until Man Wah found a way to get Isabelle's attention..
she smiled and stopped moving for more than a split second!

curious of how we did it? have a look at this video.. hehe..

i left the party earlier together with my bro, cousins and uncle..
we went to Sepang, and abrupt and very last minute decision..
to watch the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race 2009..

i was at the event back in 2007.. check it out here..
last year, i was having my National Service, so i missed out.. =S
this time we went like really late at night..
reached there around 10.30pm..
which was when JPM's Porsche was out of the race..
so everyone at the pitstop was being pretty emo.. aww~

since we have no team to cheer on,
and it was Uncle Ping and cousin Syuen's first time here..
we went to have a look around the paddock area..

cousin Syuen with the Porsche..

with the poster of JPM drivers: my uncle, cousins and their partners..

myself with the Integra..

the inside: very tight seat, wet and smelly!
what do you expect when it has been driven for 11hours?

a picture next to the race track..

Henry, Aaron, Rong Qin and Jia Yao was later than us..
they were invited by cousin Creamy who was working there..
met up with them, they seemed impressed.. hehe..

catch a glimpse of the last 10 minutes of the race..
should be around 11.30pm..
they had raced 306 laps on the Sepang circuit! wow~

the wait for the prize-giving ceremony was horrendous..
i think we waited below the podium for like 30 minutes?

saw a few more famous drivers that appear in Malaysian papers..
Alex Yoong and Jazeman Jaafar, just at max 10 steps away..

the white guy next to me had A LOT to complain..
i swear he has repeated this a gazillion times:
"how long does it take to host 9 people on the podium???"
it's supposed to be 9 people from each category..
he looked hot before he opened his mouth.. =P

but at least we had fun watching the umbrella girls in action..
the Malaysian girls showed less skin than the Japanese of cos..
some of them wore really nice outfits..
but most of them were just plain skimpy!

all the guys present had a fun time looking of cos..
professional photographers snapping away..
then this Jap model stripped her top, may be she was hot..
revealing her chest and she sat down right behind us to rest..

the Malay guys started taking pictures with their phones! =.="''
how contradictory to the motion PAS always pose.. meh~

finally: the winners for the A1 category..

estatic Syuen cos he got the cap thrown down from the podium!
behind him are some umbrella girls.. not the best-dressed though..

it ended with a 5-miute fireworks display.. first time ever! =)

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

the start of something new~

O-M-G!!! it's august already?!!

it has been a week since a whole new semester has started..
and yes, we are learning new stuff.. it was a hectic week!
i am kinda lack of sleep, only slept for like 3-6 hours per night..

i enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures of bacteria..
we have to remember their details and identify them..
that really freaks me out.. hopefully i can do so!

oh btw, comparative dentistry was quite an interesting lecture..
although i accidentally dozed off at a few slides..
i swear that i tried staying awake..
i was listening very attentively before that happened!

and after the looong week, went to watch an awesome movie!
it was really funny and entertaining!
my first outing with Zeng, Mae Yee and Wei Hoong..

The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

the business deal between Andrew Paxton and Margaret Tate..

announcing their engagement at Andrew's family reunion..

i don't mind watching this movie again actually..
here's the trailer, enjoy! =)

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