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Saturday, August 1, 2009

the start of something new~

O-M-G!!! it's august already?!!

it has been a week since a whole new semester has started..
and yes, we are learning new stuff.. it was a hectic week!
i am kinda lack of sleep, only slept for like 3-6 hours per night..

i enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures of bacteria..
we have to remember their details and identify them..
that really freaks me out.. hopefully i can do so!

oh btw, comparative dentistry was quite an interesting lecture..
although i accidentally dozed off at a few slides..
i swear that i tried staying awake..
i was listening very attentively before that happened!

and after the looong week, went to watch an awesome movie!
it was really funny and entertaining!
my first outing with Zeng, Mae Yee and Wei Hoong..

The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

the business deal between Andrew Paxton and Margaret Tate..

announcing their engagement at Andrew's family reunion..

i don't mind watching this movie again actually..
here's the trailer, enjoy! =)

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