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Sunday, July 27, 2008

篮球火 / Hot Shot

this is a 5-minute 篮球火 / Hot Shot preview:

i can't believe i am not at home right now..
to watch the very first episode which will be aired today!

yes!! i have been waiting for a long time for this..^^

i miss watching my Chun on telly or my computer.. aww~
he still looks so absolutely hot!
i think better than Jerry Yan and Show Luo.. haha..

the main cast.. L-R: Jerry Yan, Wu Chun and Show Luo

someone told me before that guys look most manly
when they lose a ball in a basketball / football match..
because this is when they are very serious and focus!

true enough.. don't you think so too? XD

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

golf and mike

i was watching the E-News on AEC yesterday afternoon..
this Thai brothers called Golf & Mike caught my attention!

i have never fancied Thai stars..
but i don't know what made the difference this time..
they debuted in 2006 and are freaking popular in Thailand..

Golf a.k.a Pichaya Nitipaisalkul is born on 20 Feb 1987..
Mike a.k.a. Pirath Nitipaisalkul is born on 19 Dec 1989..

Golf and Mike

and you know who they remind me of?
Hero Jae Joong from TVXQ!
really... take a look at more of their pictures!

anyway, check out their music videos.. quite nice! ^^

first up is Love Song / Ta Lok Dee

next is Kon Kon Diow Gun

and Kaub Koon.. Young Noy Pai

finally is Sexy Girl

sorry, this is an extremely short post..
cos i am leaving for my camp right after this.. *peace*
so miss me.. haha..

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mini update!

i have been a very good girl you know..
listening to the doctors' advices..
stay at home to rest my foot, don't go jalan-jalan..
exercise my foot a little.. up, down, left and right..
but why la? my left heel still hurts! T___T

spent nearly all day at home..
all i did for the past few days were..
get my leg wrapped up like an ice-cream, a haircut - again?
get my spectacles fixed and lenses changed..
the power increased - thanks to my love for computer!
what else did i do? eat, sleep, face the computer and tv..

all these contribute to my weight gain.. =(
after my 3-weeks stint that made me lose some..
i gained them back while at home in a few days.. my god!

anyway, i got my conditional offer from IMU! XD
now i just have to wait patiently and pray hard..
so that i can get good grades for my A Levels.. *cross fingers*
and i can't wait to go out to jalan-jalan.. =P

something random here..
someone just told me that i am a tomboy.. yes ah?
anyone else think i am one? *wonders*
i would really like to know my image to others.. =)

please let my heel heal soon! *praysprays*

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

my National Service stint

hey people!!! missed me? XD

ever since i stepped into my National Service camp..
this is my second time coming back home!
i came back last week for my Nottingham interview..
got a conditional offer.. wee~

well, this time i am on a 3 days MC from yesterday..
which i will most probably extend to another 3 days.. hehe..
my foot has been hurting for the past week..
and it got worse and started to swell 2 days ago.. =(

i went to the government clinic on Wednesday..
and was told that my spike boots made my foot hurt..
i exerted too much pressure on the heels when marching..
he gave me 3 days MC that day and
excused me from marching for 2 weeks! *long live doctor*

i don't have to go through the tanning process for a week!

i didn't want to come home..
due to the distance, petrol hike and time constraint..
but my trainers make me come home to rest.. =.=
because i could not stay still in the medic..
it is super duper boring in there ok!

p/s: i was always running away for the activities..
when everyone else was dying to rest in the air-cond room!

i know most of my camp mates are jealous of me..
i seemed to be returning home every week.. =P
but my foot is wrapped up like an ice-cream right now!

now is pictures time!
most of them were taken on the Open Day last Sunday.. =)

camwhored on the first day we got our phones back!
clockwise: me, Buanes, Baagis, Doris and Aien

with some of my Chinese girl friends.. from top left:
Chai Fen, me, Ai Kuan, May, Shih Yin and Yuan Yi

the elite squad.. i am the only Chinese there.. spot me?

T.T.S. performance.. Tempur Tanpa Senjata

Senam Seni performance

my assistant and i.. =)

my bed.. i have 2 lockers - on the left and right!

mixture of my dorm mates and camp mates..

i am my company's head! XD

btw.. according to my camp's Timbalan Komanden Latihan,
Tuan Azli.. my camp is the best camp in Selangor..
and the second best among the 84 camps in Malaysia..
i believe it is in facilities wise.. hehe..
we can accommodate 400 plus people in there..
but we only have 197 trainees..
twice the amount of guys compared to girls!

very few people leh..
means we don't have to rush to eat or use the bathroom!
and we get more pillows and lockers too.. hehe..

we have the longest Flying Fox among all camps..
measuring 250m in length.. with water right below!
for first timers, they said is the best and very syok..
but for those who have tried it before elsewhere,
the experience wasn't exactly exciting.. *peace*

our food is edible.. thankfully not hard like rock..
sometimes yummy and you can eat as much as you want!

our breakfast consists of
hot tea/coffee with kaya bread and hard-boiled egg
plus mee hoon sup/ fried mee/ kuay teow/rice..

for our tea breaks at 10.30am, 4.30pm and 10.30pm..
kuih/ bubur chacha/ cakes/ bread plus hot tea/coffee/milo!

for lunch we have chicken, vegtables and fruits
plus cold drinks and another one more dish..
either eggs, sotong, ikan bilis or keropok..
on Fridays, it's always Malay chicken rice.. hehe..

for dinner, instead of chicken, we have fish..
and it's always Kampung fish.. lots of bones!

this is my very first meal at the camp.. =P

anyway, feel free to visit me every 1st and 3rd Sunday.. =)))

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

celebritiy look-alikes

i am missing all of you! *hugs*

i didn't want my blog to be filled with spider webs..
especially during my 3 month absence!
so this is a scheduled post, yeah, i am not back yet alright?

have a great laugh at these celebrity morphs and look-alikes!
i look more like a guy than my favourite celebs..
it's pretty depressing you know.. T___T
but i still L.O.V.E. them and myself.. duh~

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celeb

if you see the word "my" so-and-so.. don't be shocked!
cos they are ALL mine.. Chun is still my no.1 love..
the rest are my other loves in no particular order..
i know you feel like whacking me right now..
go ahead.. but you still can't stop me loving them! =P

i know this collage thing exist long time ago..
but it's cute! different pictures give different results!
try them k.. =)

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