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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stress level rising!

Before I even talk about how stressed I am now, I've been slacking on my exercise.
I know it's horrible, I feel bad cos I did none for the past 5 days!
I have my reasons cos my carefree weeks have been gone and it's very cold. =(
No excuses, I know. I will work on it soonest!

So back to my rising stress level, there's so many things to be doneeee.
I just got back to school this week after a solid 9 weeks away - holidays and placements!
Assignments are due one after another, and sending out job applications.
I just had my first job interview on Saturday, it went quite alright. =)
We'll see the outcome for that, hopefully it'll be favourable to me.

Got back my IELTS results yesterday, I am happy with everything except my Writing.
How can my written English deteriorate so badly after 5 years? 6 freaking point 5.
Now because of this one section, I may need to re-sit the test that cost me RM 1k +.
What a pain right? I'll just let it be atm. But I am still saddd.

All my senior colleagues have advised to do something I love other than dentistry.
Travelling and baking have been what I enjoy, but all these require funds.
Which is sadly depleting very quickly... I can't wait to earn my own money again!
But in the mean time, I need to find a new hobby or past time that I enjoy, 
so that my sanity can be kept in check! hehe

Who said final year was chillaxing?? I beg to differ.
Just gotta emphasize on how stressed out I am right now: VERYYYYY!
I shall just eat, eat, eat my stress away~ =P

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fit and healthy: Update #1

I completed my 30 Day Challenges for squats and beginner's push up today!
Feeling so happy to have completed it, such an accomplishment. haha.

I can feel my thigh and shin muscles firming up instead of the tau fu fa consistency.
Arms are still flabby though not as much, still working on it~
I lost a little weight the last time I was on a scale, so my effort is slowly paying off! 

Ohhhh and I was skiing for the first time yesterday, it spelled F-U-N !!!
So for obvious reasons my arm muscles are a bit sore today and some bruises on the shin.
But thanks to the light exercises I've been doing, the soreness was milder than expected!

Tomorrow I shall start with my abs and push up challenges for the next 30 days.
Wait and see world, I'll be a fitter and leaner me by my target date: 7 November 2013!


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