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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

at around 7.45am this morning,
i was at the cafeteria with yun xin's classmates..
then all of sudden sheau yong mentioned that a guy,
who just walked passed us was in a bad shape..
i didn't notice though.. *then she pointed at him*

whoa!! was my first expression.. seriously..
both sides of his cheeks were badly bruised like blood clot..
the front of his blue shirt was splattered in red..
and he seemed to have kena slashed by parang at the back!

sheau yong was thinking about how disgusting he looks..
yun xin was trying to ignore his presence..
no wonder she does not want to study medicine! haha..
i was thinking about why he even bother coming to college
and why his friends don't seem to feel his pain.. hmm..

then it clicked my mind..
today is 31 october..
worldwide's halloween's day!

oh my, that guy must have woke up very early to make-up..
he totally fooled all of us..
except for the horrible red paint at the front of his shirt..
which gave us the clue! haha..

after maths paper, on the way down the stairs..
i saw this girl wearing a striking red devil's headband..
she looks so kawaii!!
and xin said that she saw a girl dressing up like a witch..
but unfortunately no pictures for any of these.. no camera!

all these happened in college!
they should have ajak all students to dress up for the occassion..
it would be fun!!

for the past 17 years of my life,
i have never once participated in any halloween party!!
it would be nice to dress in the most horrendous outfit
and the ugliest make-up without being the laughing stalk..
and get to go round the neighbourhood for trick-or-treat..
getting free candies/chocolates..
or even carve pumpkins to decorate the garden.. =)

this will look lovely for house-deco..hehe

hopefully one day someone would organise this party
and invite me to it.. ok?
anyway, wishing all of you..

oh ya, since i can't go Angkor Wat with my family..
mummy said that i can go korea for holidays after A-levels..
together with my cousin.. *jumps with joy*
woo hoo.. oh yeah!! finally!!
anyone else interested to join??
of cos must pay for yourself la.. =)

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

focus on newspaper..

there are all sorts of stories in the newspaper lately..
and the worst thing is that there are quite a number
of the articles which are like repeating of the history!

for example, this indian muslim girl named Recka..
a 10 year old school girl..
her parents made a missing person report few days back..
and she was reunited with them the next day..
it seems that she asked her parents for RM5 to buy VCD..
pirated one la of cos or else where to find this cheap!!
and then off she go.. ALONE!!!

haven't they heard of the Nurin case??
there are so much publicity about it..
how can they NOT know?
radio, television, banners, newspaper..
all of these have advertisements about not letting
your child to wonder off without adult supervision..
parents like them totally ignored the warnings..

that girl also has to be blame..
she goes to school doesn't she??
have she not told to not to follow strangers??
or accept anything from strangers??
and yet she was lured by an unfamiliar women..
who offered her ice-cream and the latest tamil movies..

i still don't get what these people store in their pea brains..
or where are their senses.. or do they have cow sense?
oh no, wait, i think cows are smarter than them!!

similarly, how many more idiots have to die because
they were run over by trains??
i would understand if you say that they are unlucky..
if it was their first time crossing the tracks
when the unfortunate incident happened..
but no, those idiots were asking to be killed!!
they were lying on the railway tracks for a rest!!
what the hell is wrong with these people???

it's not like there are no better places to rest..
they could lepak at the bus stop or park
or just some mamak stall or toilet or wherever..
why of all places the railway track?
and to know that they do have an education..
this is INSANITY!!!

oh, talking about education..
ALL school students will be getting FREE textbooks next year..
sponsored by the government under textbook loan scheme..
they do this most probably because elections are coming..
so they want to get your support..
are they going to do the same for colleges and universities?
cos textbooks at that stage cost a bomb..
and i really appreciate if they sponsor me too! hehe..

few days back, my mum saw this very interesting sticker
on a another car when she was driving..
if you do not know what BN stands for..
go knock yourself against wall ok?
by the way, it's Barisan Nasional la..
curiousity arised, so she sped up to see who the driver is..
a malay man - a bumiputera!!
it's amazing to know especially when BN pamper them so much..

in addition to all these..
the person who built Genting umpire with his bare hands..
without a formal education or that much money..
just solely depend on his skills and business mind..
and manage to be one of the world's richest man..
Mr Lim Goh Tong, may you rest in peace!
although Malaysia have lost a successful chinese legend..
may be you'll get to be friends with my grandfather..
who knows? =)

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Friday, October 26, 2007

wang lee hom commercial

it's a 2006 commercial..
very interesting and adorable.. enjoy! =)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

past 2 days..

yeah! chemistry paper 2 is finally over!!
merdeka for the next 2 days before back to square one..
i have been a very last minute person for my entire life..
so that's why i usually start mugging
like a day or two before exams.. haha..
i know it's bad but it sort of works for me..=P

but there's definitely a bane to this..
for example, in today's chemistry paper..
we were to sketch the shape for 1s, 2s and 2px orbitals
they gave us x, y and z axis..
the correct answer for 1s orbital is
to draw a circle right in the middle of the axis,
2s is the same but with a bigger radius..
i pandai pandai main tembak and failed..
i drew 1 circle for 1s and 2 circles for 2s on the x- axis..
smart huh? (=.=)llllllll so 2 marks gone la!
but luckily my dumbbell shaped orbitals are correct..

oh, for the past 2 days
i went to the australian education fair at IDP..
together with melissa, we went to enquire about
medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry etc
most universities offer medicine or/and pharmacy
but i only managed to find 3 with dentistry..
melbourne, western australia and adelaide..
there's actually 1 more but i still can't figure it out *hmm*

anyway, melbourne is out of the list cos physics is required..
even for medicine.. sigh
and i don't take physics.. wth.. so potong steam..
but i still don't get why they want physics??? T.T
as long as i achieve straight A's
i can say UWA gave me the most hope la..=P

we had to que for quite a while to talk to those people..
i was carrying this very thick file of notes
plus taking the universities' booklets..
i think it all weighed more than 1kg..
after carrying them for like 2 hours,
i felt that my hands were going to break!!

those counsellors we met in the fair..
some of them had this heavy australian accent,
some i could barely hear them due to noise pollution..
some were very good speakers..
some just wish to get rid of you a.s.ap... haha

i still vividly remember those two guys for ANU..
they were very hyper.. and one of them is hot!!
he look kinda like a better version of prince harry..
just imagine prince harry with
brownish locks of neatly cut hair (not red-headed),
sharper nose, not-so-rosy cheeks, no extra facial hair..
well, except for his ear stud,
the hot guy seems to have the ideal physical look.. haha

here's prince harry..
can you imagine how the hot guy from ANU looks? lol

mind you, it was melissa who took notice of him first..
she's the sharp-eyed one.. not me ya.. hehe
so if you are keen to see this hot guy
and know more of what aussie universities have to offer,
kindly go to KL convention Centre this weekend..=)

but if you want to know how to spot for hotties
and learn how to generate heat to show your hotness,
get to know melissa.. here's a glimpse of her.. =)

we were trying the sepia effects of the handphone.. =P

oh creamy, i think i have thought of a trademark
it's this >>> =)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


tagged yet again by the one and only cousin creamy!
thanks loads.. and it won't be your last time being tagged..
i'll reply your tag since my name is on top of your list.. hehe

7 things to be done before my death

  • to love and to be loved
  • get married and have children of my own
  • go around the world for holidays
  • drive a sports car at the speed of 200km/hr on a racetrack
  • give a famous celebrity i like a big fat hug
  • donate new stuff eg. clothes, shoes, books for charity
  • appreciate the 7 wonders of the world that i have

7 things i will not do even if it kills me
  • commit suicide
  • smoke like a chimney, drink like a water pipe
  • punch someone for no particular reason
  • be a muslim convert.. i love pork!! XD
  • be other people's lawyer
  • borrow money from loan sharks
  • insist of spending money when i don't have any

7 things i do when i am away from the public
  • sing in my terrible voice
  • watch tons of movies day and night
  • do stretching exercise
  • sleep and drool at the same time..
  • camwhore and delete the pictures after that
  • cry if i am really down
  • day dream

7 favourite sentences/quotes
  • how to do ah?
  • what the hell..
  • really ah?
  • where? *if hot hunks are spotted*
  • where is your girlfriend? *specially dedicated to creamy =P*
  • shocking!! just mass jump out of the window..
  • *insert other meaningful quotes*

7 favourite songs of all time
  • happy birthday to you - anyone who ever lived
  • we are all in this together - high school musical cast
  • hero - mariah carey
  • 我可以 "wo ke yi" - evan 蔡冥佑
  • 改变自己 "gai bian zi ji" - alexander 王力宏
  • 夏雪 "xia xue" - fahrenheit 飞轮海
  • don't matter - akon

7 things i'll make you wish you didn't do if you did
  • make me hate you
  • backstab/ hurt me
  • take away things that i cherish a lot
  • continuosly using foul language while talking to me
  • criticize me when you are not any better than i am
  • ask me to do things i don't want/like
  • ransack any of my stuff without my permission

7 people i want to tag
  • yun xin *since you seem excited*
  • shi wen *since laptop is your only entertainment*
  • chee yin *since creamy didn't tag you*
  • luok hoon *since you dare to express yourself*
  • mun ya *since you started a blog*
  • shannon *since you didn't reply my last tag*
  • sun mei *since i have never tagged you*

7 things i want to say out loud right now
* not included in the tag so don't worry*
  • why is physics needed for dentistry?
  • why of am addicted to the use of computer?
  • why do i have frequent breakouts?
  • i am gaining unwanted fats since SPM was over
  • i feel like exercising
  • wu chun is still tops my hot hunk list ^^
  • i should continue studying chemistry now

that's all for this post..=)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


i have been really lazy the past few days..
i finish watching 2 drama series since finals started..
i know i am being a naughty girl!!
that's why i'll be off to my study table after this.. =)

i watched a Korean drama "Hello! Miss"
and a Taiwanese one titled "Why Why Love"..
ever since i sign up for Veoh,
i have been downloading movies like crazy..
so basically i use my laptop everyday..

is this considered being addicted?

Hello! Miss

Why Why Love /换换爱

we went to trixie's first birthday party at A&W yesterday..
ate a lot and laughed a lot..=)

with my nephew
the lame clown thinks i am a married aunty of his T__T

with Mr Bear
creamy called him terrorist cos he terrorize little kids
while i called him root beer by accident!

birthday gal

ok, time to study chem as promised!! =)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

is MJ really dead?

my dad printed out a forwarded email..
i would like to share what i read it yesterday..
click here to read the article!

basically the article claimed that
the real Michael Jackson is DEAD!!
and the current one is an impostor.. a supernatural one too!
whether you believe it or not is up to you..
since the 2nd picture of the article look so photoshoped.. lol

Michael Jackson in the past

the present Michael Jackson

see what plastic surgery can do to you?
anyhow, i prefer the former way better than the latter..
i believe the same goes to the rest of you..hehe

since there are reasons, intermediate and main conclusion,
underlying assumptions, weakness and flaws..
you can evaluate the evidence, give a reasoned case
and give a further argument for or against the conclusion..
this article is a very good example of thinking skills..
don't you agree? XD

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

friday nite

since ze wei bug me (yet again..) to post about this..
our families were having dinner in the restaurant yesterday..
i forgot how it started but this is how it went.. between
my bro (bro), ze wei (zw), his sis (sis), my aunt (aunt) and me..

bro: my sister got no boyfriend but yet she don't want to learn driving..
zw: what is boyfriend gonna do with her learning driving?
me: i have said that i'll learn in december la..
zw: oh.. i understand already.. girls are like that one.. you see if they don't know how to drive, and they want to go home after an outing, they can ask guys for a lift home.. they can create opportunities like this..
me: oh, ya right..
zw: if they know how to drive, the guys will go like "you have your own car what? why wanna sit in mine?" do you expect the girls to leave their cars in the parking lot and come and collect it the next day? of cos not!
bro: like that also can..
zw: that's why i learned driving so early..
me: haha.. to fetch me too! and where's your girlfriend?
zw: since when.....
sis: he got girlfriend meh?
zw: i don't have one la, i have plenty!

*my aunt walked to our table and kinda interrupted us*
aunt: so shyang, how was your exam?
bro: ok la..
aunt: oh.. wei ah, where's your girlfriend? haven't seen her for quite a while..
me: haha.. i am not the only one asking!
zw: errr.. *blushes really red* her house very far ma..
sis: who is your girlfriend? the one that came to our house and mummy ask "what are you doing here?"
zw: not that one.. that one got plenty of boyfriends..
me: is the one that went to sepang with us for the MMER..
sis: i dunno her la..
*i have cut this long conversation short*
but can you figure which is the main point? lol..

later we went uncle pyng's house..
watched the movie "next" in the movie theatre..
and ze wei hope that he had the skills nicholas cage had in the movie..

he say it's good for "kao lui"!!


i saw two limited edition Ferrari bicycles hanging in the living room..
the cost of one of it can cover all my expenses in the 1.5 years of college life.. including food, tuition fees, photostats plus outings! *faints*

one of the limited edition bicycle.. RM30k!!

hotter picture of dr sheikh

this picture is specially for kaka..
i think he's the hottest malay guy i ever known..hehe

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

first angkasawan malaysia

today is a significant day!
it's not because it's wu chun's birthday..
ok, may be it partly is.. but that's not my point..

sounds familiar?
yes, he's the good-looking, part-time model, bachelor,
35-year-old malay doctor..
and most importantly the malaysia's first angkasawan!!

he has been training for 2 whole years for this mission..
he even spoke fluent russian during the press conference..
how cool is that?
so basically he'll be staying in the International Space Station,
ISS in short, for like 11 days or so..
conducting different kind of experiments while floating..
i wonder whether he's gonna test whether nasi lemak
taste better in space or in kuala lumpur.. haha
wait i forgot, he's going to puasa up there as well..
what a challenging task..=.=

i think dr sheikh is like a visitor to space..
cos basically he wasn't handling the space craft..
he was just sitting down there waiting for instructions..
the other two - a russian man and an american lady..
forgot their names though..
but they have been to space several times already!

i saw the launching of the spaceship on astro channel 588..
they had live telecast about it just now..
my mum say it's we had to watch.. haha..
and jalur gemilang was on the surface of the spaceship too..
so lovely.. aren't you glad to be a malaysian?

dr sheikh muszaphar shukor

i bet he can be a lovale hottie if he weren't a malay..
i am not being racist ok..just exprssing what i feel..=P

anyway, read the newspapers for the updates..enjoy!

why as finals is drawing nearer..
i have the urge to blog? *aikss*

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

driving tips

this morning i left home for college at around 8.45am
very late compared to the usual tuesdays..

basically, when we are running late..
daddy will turn to a very ganas driver..
as in he kept swerving to the right then to the left..
when you are rushing everything else seems to slow down!

so he kind of gave me a lecture on how to drive on the road..
lessons to learn before going for L license.. haha

1. when you are on a highway, the left lane is the slow lane.
the MIDDLE lane is the FAST lane..yes, you saw corectly!
i have always thought the right lane is the fast lane, but NO.
the right lane is for you cut-in in front of the slower cars..

2. if you are driving in the fast (middle) lane,
and the car behind you is driving faster than you,
and seems like it's going to kiss the back of your car,
yes, GIVE WAY or speed up..even if you don't like it..
they may be in a rush or being kiasu..
do not wait to be given flashlights and hoots.. and if you do,
it means the driver behind you is getting pissed at you for being a tortoise!

3. when on a highway, if you want to follow the speed limit..
don't bother cursing other drivers for driving so fast..
it's none of you business so just give way when you see them chasing after you!

4. if you are on the slow lane, and other drivers hoot at you,
don't bother about them and continue your safe journey..
you are in the correct lane mah..
but if you are driving at 20km/hr.. serves you right!!

5. if you are in UK, you'll be slammed a compound
for driving slowly on a fast lane!
that's why older drivers always kena saman there.. lol
we should be grateful that malaysia does not have this kind of rulings!

i was given that lecture all the way to college..
and i saw a Persona for the first time on the road today..
looks quite good for a Proton car..
but i still like Gen-2's design the best.. haha

proton persona

i arrived like 5 minutes late thank god class has not started..
should i go to college tomorrow and on thursday?
there'll be 2 hours of class only for each day..
*still wondering*

to swee yin, if you think we were being mean today..
i am really sorry but it was all in the name of fun!
plus i believe it will spice up things between you two..XD

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Friday, October 5, 2007

fresh look..

how do you like my new blogskin?
i am not very good at this..
so i needed a lot of help from xin and creamy..
thanks loads to both of you..*hugs*

in an unrelated matter..
i just found out that wu chun has 3 tattoos!
i was being "sampat" the other day, so i googled for it..
and guess what i found out?
a big lock and knife on his right arm, two bloody vines,
and a Michael Jordan's "fly mid-air" (空中飛人) on his leg..
he had those since he was 18!!!
i seriously am flabbergasted!

now i know why he has never,erm, i meant seldom..
wear singlet for any photoshoot, movies and MVs..
i guess most of you would have known that he was a model..
but didn't you notice that there's very few of his photos,
the ones before he rose to stardom, surface in the internet?
it's because his music company wanted to change his image
to a healthy boy image..

it seemed that his brand new image was very different compared to back then..
oh well, i like him for who he is now.. so no biggie!
catch his latest drama series "romantic princess"..
he has exposed his tattoo in a few scenes there! XD

romantic princess 公主小妹

i am getting sick but why at this time? finals is just round the corner..sigh

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Monday, October 1, 2007

just for laughs

time really flies!! it's october already..
finals is like 2 weeks away.. *getting nervous*
anyhow, stay relax and do read the rest of the post..
these events really happened!!
i find them hillarious.. hope you do too!

scene 1:
in ze wei's house having dinner.
conversation between my bro, ze wei and i.

bro: you know my sister very "cha" one..when we went for prayers,
she stand for an hour then want to pengsan already..
me: not that i want to pengsan ok..
bro: it happened twice!
zw: she smart ma.. use this tactic to attract guys attention..
me: *swt*
bro: what?? no guy want her la..
zw: if it's you, then no girls will want la.. who wanna "kao" weak guys?
like if your sister pengsan, may be some guy will help her..
only good guys go temple.. so your sister got chance to get one!
me: *still swt-ing*
zw: that is why i go to temple.. *hints hints*
me: *LOL* smart..

now we know why creamy goes to temple..
gals, so next time when you see him, know what to do la.. XD

scene 2:
in the classroom during chemistry lesson.
conversation between teacher (t) and student (s)..

t: i have uploaded the finals past years' papers, so make sure you do them..
s: questions from 2001 till 2007?
t: yes, i'll discuss the latest one - may/june 2007 next week..
s: then how about oct/nov 2007?
t: you are sitting for it la!!!

*whole class burst into laughter*

scene 3:
in yun xin's car.

xin: my sister is going to work in seremban. today's her first day of work.
me: wah.. so far ah?
xin: ya la, she is posted there.. sometimes have to pahang also..
me: seremban not in pahang meh?
xin: seremban in negeri sembilan la!!
me: ya hor.. kuantan is in pahang..
xin: who say kuantan in pahang?
me: i say la.. the book also say.. my friend is from kuantan, pahang.
xin: no la.. kuantan is above pahang la..
me: erm.. kuantan is not kelantan ah..
xin: i know.. but kuantan is like kelantan.. a state..
me: no.. kuantan is in pahang like petaling jaya in selangor..
xin: no la.. kuantan is..*continues to insist she's right*
me: you don't believe then you go google it later..
xin: ok, i go library and check, over there has a map..
me: haha..ok.. see who's right..=P

at the end i win la of course..haha..
i wonder how we passed our geography?
i am not even familiar with my own terrible!

scene 4:
in class. melissa is having sore throat so her voice changed.
conversation between her and eu nee.. the rest of us are "kalefei"

nee: melissa, why your voice so sexy?
mel: really ah? your are the 4th person who told me that..
nee: having sore throat is it?
mel: no.. i am having akil baligh.. my voice is changing to a guy's..
(akil baligh means puberty in malay)
us: what?? *laughs*
mel: what kind of question is that? of cos i am having sore throat!!

enjoyed yourself? hehe..

oh well.. despite all the laughter..i feel like crying..
i want to submit my UCAS application for UK universities..
i tried paying the application fee online like 8 times but still fail..sigh
who got credit card? pay for me.. can? i'll pay you cash..=)

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