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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


tagged yet again by the one and only cousin creamy!
thanks loads.. and it won't be your last time being tagged..
i'll reply your tag since my name is on top of your list.. hehe

7 things to be done before my death

  • to love and to be loved
  • get married and have children of my own
  • go around the world for holidays
  • drive a sports car at the speed of 200km/hr on a racetrack
  • give a famous celebrity i like a big fat hug
  • donate new stuff eg. clothes, shoes, books for charity
  • appreciate the 7 wonders of the world that i have

7 things i will not do even if it kills me
  • commit suicide
  • smoke like a chimney, drink like a water pipe
  • punch someone for no particular reason
  • be a muslim convert.. i love pork!! XD
  • be other people's lawyer
  • borrow money from loan sharks
  • insist of spending money when i don't have any

7 things i do when i am away from the public
  • sing in my terrible voice
  • watch tons of movies day and night
  • do stretching exercise
  • sleep and drool at the same time..
  • camwhore and delete the pictures after that
  • cry if i am really down
  • day dream

7 favourite sentences/quotes
  • how to do ah?
  • what the hell..
  • really ah?
  • where? *if hot hunks are spotted*
  • where is your girlfriend? *specially dedicated to creamy =P*
  • shocking!! just mass jump out of the window..
  • *insert other meaningful quotes*

7 favourite songs of all time
  • happy birthday to you - anyone who ever lived
  • we are all in this together - high school musical cast
  • hero - mariah carey
  • 我可以 "wo ke yi" - evan 蔡冥佑
  • 改变自己 "gai bian zi ji" - alexander 王力宏
  • 夏雪 "xia xue" - fahrenheit 飞轮海
  • don't matter - akon

7 things i'll make you wish you didn't do if you did
  • make me hate you
  • backstab/ hurt me
  • take away things that i cherish a lot
  • continuosly using foul language while talking to me
  • criticize me when you are not any better than i am
  • ask me to do things i don't want/like
  • ransack any of my stuff without my permission

7 people i want to tag
  • yun xin *since you seem excited*
  • shi wen *since laptop is your only entertainment*
  • chee yin *since creamy didn't tag you*
  • luok hoon *since you dare to express yourself*
  • mun ya *since you started a blog*
  • shannon *since you didn't reply my last tag*
  • sun mei *since i have never tagged you*

7 things i want to say out loud right now
* not included in the tag so don't worry*
  • why is physics needed for dentistry?
  • why of am addicted to the use of computer?
  • why do i have frequent breakouts?
  • i am gaining unwanted fats since SPM was over
  • i feel like exercising
  • wu chun is still tops my hot hunk list ^^
  • i should continue studying chemistry now

that's all for this post..=)

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