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Friday, October 5, 2007

fresh look..

how do you like my new blogskin?
i am not very good at this..
so i needed a lot of help from xin and creamy..
thanks loads to both of you..*hugs*

in an unrelated matter..
i just found out that wu chun has 3 tattoos!
i was being "sampat" the other day, so i googled for it..
and guess what i found out?
a big lock and knife on his right arm, two bloody vines,
and a Michael Jordan's "fly mid-air" (空中飛人) on his leg..
he had those since he was 18!!!
i seriously am flabbergasted!

now i know why he has never,erm, i meant seldom..
wear singlet for any photoshoot, movies and MVs..
i guess most of you would have known that he was a model..
but didn't you notice that there's very few of his photos,
the ones before he rose to stardom, surface in the internet?
it's because his music company wanted to change his image
to a healthy boy image..

it seemed that his brand new image was very different compared to back then..
oh well, i like him for who he is now.. so no biggie!
catch his latest drama series "romantic princess"..
he has exposed his tattoo in a few scenes there! XD

romantic princess 公主小妹

i am getting sick but why at this time? finals is just round the corner..sigh

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