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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

first angkasawan malaysia

today is a significant day!
it's not because it's wu chun's birthday..
ok, may be it partly is.. but that's not my point..

sounds familiar?
yes, he's the good-looking, part-time model, bachelor,
35-year-old malay doctor..
and most importantly the malaysia's first angkasawan!!

he has been training for 2 whole years for this mission..
he even spoke fluent russian during the press conference..
how cool is that?
so basically he'll be staying in the International Space Station,
ISS in short, for like 11 days or so..
conducting different kind of experiments while floating..
i wonder whether he's gonna test whether nasi lemak
taste better in space or in kuala lumpur.. haha
wait i forgot, he's going to puasa up there as well..
what a challenging task..=.=

i think dr sheikh is like a visitor to space..
cos basically he wasn't handling the space craft..
he was just sitting down there waiting for instructions..
the other two - a russian man and an american lady..
forgot their names though..
but they have been to space several times already!

i saw the launching of the spaceship on astro channel 588..
they had live telecast about it just now..
my mum say it's we had to watch.. haha..
and jalur gemilang was on the surface of the spaceship too..
so lovely.. aren't you glad to be a malaysian?

dr sheikh muszaphar shukor

i bet he can be a lovale hottie if he weren't a malay..
i am not being racist ok..just exprssing what i feel..=P

anyway, read the newspapers for the updates..enjoy!

why as finals is drawing nearer..
i have the urge to blog? *aikss*

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