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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

at around 7.45am this morning,
i was at the cafeteria with yun xin's classmates..
then all of sudden sheau yong mentioned that a guy,
who just walked passed us was in a bad shape..
i didn't notice though.. *then she pointed at him*

whoa!! was my first expression.. seriously..
both sides of his cheeks were badly bruised like blood clot..
the front of his blue shirt was splattered in red..
and he seemed to have kena slashed by parang at the back!

sheau yong was thinking about how disgusting he looks..
yun xin was trying to ignore his presence..
no wonder she does not want to study medicine! haha..
i was thinking about why he even bother coming to college
and why his friends don't seem to feel his pain.. hmm..

then it clicked my mind..
today is 31 october..
worldwide's halloween's day!

oh my, that guy must have woke up very early to make-up..
he totally fooled all of us..
except for the horrible red paint at the front of his shirt..
which gave us the clue! haha..

after maths paper, on the way down the stairs..
i saw this girl wearing a striking red devil's headband..
she looks so kawaii!!
and xin said that she saw a girl dressing up like a witch..
but unfortunately no pictures for any of these.. no camera!

all these happened in college!
they should have ajak all students to dress up for the occassion..
it would be fun!!

for the past 17 years of my life,
i have never once participated in any halloween party!!
it would be nice to dress in the most horrendous outfit
and the ugliest make-up without being the laughing stalk..
and get to go round the neighbourhood for trick-or-treat..
getting free candies/chocolates..
or even carve pumpkins to decorate the garden.. =)

this will look lovely for house-deco..hehe

hopefully one day someone would organise this party
and invite me to it.. ok?
anyway, wishing all of you..

oh ya, since i can't go Angkor Wat with my family..
mummy said that i can go korea for holidays after A-levels..
together with my cousin.. *jumps with joy*
woo hoo.. oh yeah!! finally!!
anyone else interested to join??
of cos must pay for yourself la.. =)

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