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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

is MJ really dead?

my dad printed out a forwarded email..
i would like to share what i read it yesterday..
click here to read the article!

basically the article claimed that
the real Michael Jackson is DEAD!!
and the current one is an impostor.. a supernatural one too!
whether you believe it or not is up to you..
since the 2nd picture of the article look so photoshoped.. lol

Michael Jackson in the past

the present Michael Jackson

see what plastic surgery can do to you?
anyhow, i prefer the former way better than the latter..
i believe the same goes to the rest of you..hehe

since there are reasons, intermediate and main conclusion,
underlying assumptions, weakness and flaws..
you can evaluate the evidence, give a reasoned case
and give a further argument for or against the conclusion..
this article is a very good example of thinking skills..
don't you agree? XD

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