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Saturday, October 27, 2007

focus on newspaper..

there are all sorts of stories in the newspaper lately..
and the worst thing is that there are quite a number
of the articles which are like repeating of the history!

for example, this indian muslim girl named Recka..
a 10 year old school girl..
her parents made a missing person report few days back..
and she was reunited with them the next day..
it seems that she asked her parents for RM5 to buy VCD..
pirated one la of cos or else where to find this cheap!!
and then off she go.. ALONE!!!

haven't they heard of the Nurin case??
there are so much publicity about it..
how can they NOT know?
radio, television, banners, newspaper..
all of these have advertisements about not letting
your child to wonder off without adult supervision..
parents like them totally ignored the warnings..

that girl also has to be blame..
she goes to school doesn't she??
have she not told to not to follow strangers??
or accept anything from strangers??
and yet she was lured by an unfamiliar women..
who offered her ice-cream and the latest tamil movies..

i still don't get what these people store in their pea brains..
or where are their senses.. or do they have cow sense?
oh no, wait, i think cows are smarter than them!!

similarly, how many more idiots have to die because
they were run over by trains??
i would understand if you say that they are unlucky..
if it was their first time crossing the tracks
when the unfortunate incident happened..
but no, those idiots were asking to be killed!!
they were lying on the railway tracks for a rest!!
what the hell is wrong with these people???

it's not like there are no better places to rest..
they could lepak at the bus stop or park
or just some mamak stall or toilet or wherever..
why of all places the railway track?
and to know that they do have an education..
this is INSANITY!!!

oh, talking about education..
ALL school students will be getting FREE textbooks next year..
sponsored by the government under textbook loan scheme..
they do this most probably because elections are coming..
so they want to get your support..
are they going to do the same for colleges and universities?
cos textbooks at that stage cost a bomb..
and i really appreciate if they sponsor me too! hehe..

few days back, my mum saw this very interesting sticker
on a another car when she was driving..
if you do not know what BN stands for..
go knock yourself against wall ok?
by the way, it's Barisan Nasional la..
curiousity arised, so she sped up to see who the driver is..
a malay man - a bumiputera!!
it's amazing to know especially when BN pamper them so much..

in addition to all these..
the person who built Genting umpire with his bare hands..
without a formal education or that much money..
just solely depend on his skills and business mind..
and manage to be one of the world's richest man..
Mr Lim Goh Tong, may you rest in peace!
although Malaysia have lost a successful chinese legend..
may be you'll get to be friends with my grandfather..
who knows? =)

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