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Sunday, October 21, 2007


i have been really lazy the past few days..
i finish watching 2 drama series since finals started..
i know i am being a naughty girl!!
that's why i'll be off to my study table after this.. =)

i watched a Korean drama "Hello! Miss"
and a Taiwanese one titled "Why Why Love"..
ever since i sign up for Veoh,
i have been downloading movies like crazy..
so basically i use my laptop everyday..

is this considered being addicted?

Hello! Miss

Why Why Love /换换爱

we went to trixie's first birthday party at A&W yesterday..
ate a lot and laughed a lot..=)

with my nephew
the lame clown thinks i am a married aunty of his T__T

with Mr Bear
creamy called him terrorist cos he terrorize little kids
while i called him root beer by accident!

birthday gal

ok, time to study chem as promised!! =)

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