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Sunday, July 19, 2009

around Klang Valley and Penang.. =)

instead of "fat-mou-ing" at home like the first week..
my holidays got slightly interesting.. have been on the move!


our Community Oriented Project (COP) last week was fun!
we visited My Little MBA Kindergarten in Klang..
yes, we drove all the way there early in the morning..
the journey there took us an hour!

we had 2 sessions altogether.. the children were lovely!
most of them participated in our activities..
the six-year-olds were the more active ones.. =)

watch this video of Stephanie talking to the kids.. enjoy~

Melissa teaching the kids the hand-washing songs..

Joo Yong during her story-telling activity..

me teaching some of the kids how to brush their teeth..

listening to the instructions..

queuing up like a train back to class..

some of the kids with their muffins.. home-made! =)

after that we went around Klang for food and some shopping..
and also celebrated Melissa's birthday!

the birthday girl with her slice of cake.. lol..

all smiles~ COP accomplished.. but time to do the report! haha..

------------------------------Wen's trip to KL-------------------------------

Shi Wen came down to KL on Monday..
i haven't seen her in more than a year! how time flies~
met up with Chean Yuin and Melissa during her first day here..

our best camwhoring shot with all for of us in it! haha..

the waiter at Seo-Gung mixing the bimbimbap for us..

Korean meals usually comes with side dishes.. *yum yum*

after dinner we headed to SS2 night market..
i know they sell a lot of food here..
but i didn't know they sell nice clothes!
next stop for shopping will be in pasar malam! haha..

a long queue at this particular stall selling fried squid, i think!

next day we headed down to Kuala Lumpur..
on a mission to buy books from Kamal Bookstore..
it was indeed an exercising journey..
taking the LRT and walk walk walk!!!

Wen's final day here was spent in Sunway Pyramid..
met up with 2 of our college mates, Eu Nee and Sun Mei..
the rest of them were no where to be seen..
either they are overseas holidaying, studying or working.. =S

it was lunch for us at Canton-i..
and 5 hours of singing in RedBox.. which i believe cons money!
why on earth do we need RM9 worth of small bowl of peanuts?

group shot at RedBox.. they sang like songbirds, unlike me.. =P

------------------------------Day 1 in Penang---------------------------------

next day, Melissa, Wen and i headed up to Penang!
Mel and i haven't been to Penang in years..
we took the morning flight to Air Asia, woke up at 5.30am!

camwhoring outside Penang International Airport upon arrival..

off we went to Penang Island by ferry..
i never knew cars can be transported by ferry in Penang!
we had fun taking pictures and be very tourist-sy on board.. lol

look at the cars on deck!

the steps to the upper deck is very steep..

the Titanic pose.. haha..

Melissa with her one ringgit..
i dared her to shout: I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!

near the jetty at Penang Island..

met up with Chin Ning, Wen's friend outiside this music school..
this area has houses and shops along the blocks of building!

and then to Fort Cornwallis..

we snacked on something called lobak.. very fried!

and we saw this funny sign.. fine for just sitting around!

we went on to buy different biscuits from 3 different places..
but this place is most memorable..
cos the aunty gave us free freshly baked Tambun biscuits..
and she asked us to take more! so nice hor~

Soon Hiang Biscuit at Jalan Kuantan, Penang..

at Kek Lok Si Temple, surrounded by fishes..

with our respective zodiac animals..

with Goddess of Mercy under construction..

outside one of the doors..

there were beggers around this area..
Ning says the same people have been around for years!

by the stairs.. waiting for the hot guy to walk pass us again..

tortoises.. a lot of them! some were heard mating.. haha..

Chin Ning and i at Penang Air Itam Dam..

very big, nice and green.. =)

Penang Laksa and Sugarcane drink by the roadside stall..

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince..
i was surprised that there was no queue at Queensbay Mall..
it was the first day of screening in Malaysia!

the only people in the cinema when we stepped in..

after nearly 3 hours of the movie, it was horrible..
i didn't read the 6th book and i thought it sucked..
i cannot imagine reactions from die-hard fans!

went for dinner.. this is Hokkien Char Penang Style..

----------------------------------Day 2 in Penang---------------------------

we ate breakfast at the biggest Dim Sum restaurant in Penang..
it is located opposite KDU Penang branch..

a lot of people! mostly uncles and aunties during that hour..

some of our dim sum dishes.. nice and cheap!

next we headed to Tanjung Bungah beach..
very hot and sunny.. took a lot of pictures using Ning's camera..

the shot that i had with me was this..
the couple nearly bang into us.. but we ran fast.. haha..

took some pictures at The Ship restaurant, Batu Ferringhi..

Chin Ning playing us a song with his viola.. love the tune!

i know how to play *cough* i mean pose with the viola..

we headed to Bukit Genting Hill and had Tab Tim Grob..
a Thai dessert: waterchesnut with jack fruit..

next was a rambutan farm.. caught red-handed!
sweet and juicy rambutan.. his aunt's tree apparently..

next was Balik Pulau Market.. look more like bungalow la..

saw a grandma cutting nutmegs or buah palah..

nutmeg, the fruit is only found in Balik Pulau..

the nutmeg drink and Pasembur Penang, known to me as rojak..
more like Indian style rojak with Chinese style gravy..

the famous satay.. only 25 cents per stick!

later we had Indo Mee at a roadside mamak stall..

crossing the Penang bridge..

at the end of the bridge, the two Penangites told us that
they are going to take us for dinner at Ipoh..
Mel and i were totally shocked!
and i asked: Penang no more food to eat ah?
they were pretty sad hearing that.. =P

instead we had seafood at Bukit Tambun..
5 dishes for 4 of us was a lot!

after that we headed home to rest..
the two of them practiced their instrutments,
while Mel and i took turns to use the computer,
and also watched their mini concert.. hehe..

this is Shi Wen playing her basoon.. blow us away!

--------------------------------Day 3 Penang--------------------------------

all 3 of us slept in until around 11am..
since Wen has orchestra practice, Ning has headed to KL..
for our last day, Li Keong who we have not seen in ages..
was our tour guide for the day.. hehe..

he took us for lunch in this restaurant in Butterworth..
apparently it's so famous till tourists travel here to taste it..

fried pigeon.. recommended dish!

they called this popiah.. although it doesn't look like one..

steam fish.. the sauce slightly sour and spicy..

fried bee hoon.. nice!

then we went touring around.. this is the Air Force..
previously it was under the Australians, but later sold to
the Malaysians for only a ringgit!

after that we headed to Autocity Penang..
bought this Chocolate Cream Chip from Starbucks!

we saw people filming for the Malaysian-made series..
高校铁金刚 / Yes Sir!

Rynn Lim Yu Zhong, a Malaysian artiste - only can see his hair!

how lucky of us to be on set.. haha..
only if it was Wu Chun, i would have waited till filming is over~

Li Keong, Mel and i camwhoring in the car..

Wen's dad ta-pao Penang Char Koay Teow for us for dinner..
a bit too spicy for me.. had a tough time eating!

on the way to the airport we saw "Penang Twin Towers ''again..
it's actually condominiums.. lol..

our flight was delayed and we camwhored in the plane!

after multiple shots and flash were seen..
a foreigner sitting a row in front of us asked
whether we would like him to take a picture for us.. OMG, malu!!

anyway, we kinda not-so-obviously stalked some people..
if you take a look closely, there were 2 cute guys on board..
one is an asian same row as us, another is a white guy with a cap!

enjoyed the video?
we caught both their attentions unintentionally, like really..
at separate occasions prior to the video-taking! haha..

so this is it for the loooong post..
thanks for all the fun and for reading! *hugs*

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