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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hong Kong Day 3 & 4

for this time around, we'll focus on the 3rd and 4th day..
firstly, it's for our day at Ocean Park..
followed by Kowloon and Hong Kong Island!

Ocean Park tickets are slightly cheaper than Disneyland's..
it was HKD 208.. i don't know why they don't round it up..
and we had to buy a 2-way bus ticket too.
it was supposed to be colder than the day before..
so i wore this thicker jacket, turn out otherwise..
it was very sunny, probably because we were on a hill?

welcome to our home! =D

basically this is the Headland section of Ocean Park

most of the rides are similar to Genting's..
and i have to say the latter is way better and fun..
other than "The Dragon" roller coaster that turns 360! =D

Power 5 at the Pacific Pier..

i have no idea why Sally sesat so far away..

jelly fish.. great camera skills of mine! =P

another big tank of jelly fish..

but the Hongkies call them SEA JELLY.. whoa!

and we took the cable car to Lowland.. i have long hands?!

a picture with the Sea Lion mascot..

and with a Dolphin mascot 3 minutes later..

up next was a visit to the pandas!

look at this panda.. uber cutie!!!

with the big mama or papa..

so many little ones..

imitating the teeth-showing panda.. hehe..

passing by Winter's African Drum Beat show..

up next was the Whiskers & Friends Show! funny..

on the way out we saw them filming.. waving and smiling!

and at the fun fair there was this water-shooting game..

four monkeys.. just joking! *whacked*

i am on TV! "i like to move it move it~"

Madagascar 2 opened in Hong Kong cinemas a day earlier..

with the obvious enough sign..

one of the souvenir shops..

"Sea Dreams!" about how human and animals can live together

enjoying the beautiful sunset..

last but not least.. the spectacular "Ice Odyssey"!

my earliest dinner in 3 days at 9.30pm.. =)

the other 3 girls ordered this.. quite creative!

the next morning we woke up slightly later..
had breakfast at 大家乐, supposedly the cheapest food around!
before heading to Shatin by bus.. 1 hour journey or so..

some famous bridge in Hong Kong..

reminds you of Penang? or New York?

so while waiting for my aunt to arrive the shopping mall..
we went to Snoppy World just right outside..
and snapped quite some pictures.. lol..

Christmas decoration in the mall..

queuing up the bus..

the dancing queens.. =P

we are the cool people, erm, and dog..

boat ride for kids and adults! for free~

group picture with the Snoppy characters.. =)

later that day we went shopping in the whole sales area..
shopping took quite a lot of effort!
best buy for the day for all of us girls?
goose feather jacket for just HKD150!!! woo hoo~
the retail price on the price tag was a four-digit number!

since it was Christmas Eve, we need to experience it ourselves!
took the MTR down to Central..

saw the 30 feet Christmas tree..

made my wishes..

ate Hong Kong's famous Mister Softee ice-cream.. *slurps*

then we sat the tram.. just HKD 2 to any stop!
we saw groups of volunteers caroling on the streets..

and even a tram specially for Christmas carols!
*you may need to tilt your head*

off to dinner at some small shop in Hong Kong Island..

during a short walk.. we saw this: KFC Delivery!

we had some dessert too.. my stomach kinda exploded!

did more walking and came across this shop! haha..

the tallest building in Hong Kong.. how many floors?

and off we go.. at the ferry terminal back to Kowloon..

i forgot the name of the place we went on Christmas Eve..
it was jam-packed with people.. pretty scary..
there are no traffic jams in Hong Kong.. but human jam?
it's much worse.. streets and MTR are filled with people!

we did the craziest thing that day..
for one, there was like a group of 8 police..
i asked the policemen's permission first..
since some of them were cute.. hehe..

and we did this.. everybody was staring! =P

a lot of them ran away from the camera though..
but after we left, a lot of passerby queued up..
just to take pictures with them! haha..
i started a brand new trend for policemen.. modelling!

we were too lazy to squeeze back into the crowd for countdown..
no fireworks anyway, so we tried to avoid the mad rush!
it was just near impossible to get back in there.. meh~
so we had to walk pass countless MTR stations
before finding one that is open to the public!

on the way, there was some concert going on..
apparently the policeman says we need tickets to get in..
so we asked him who are the celebrities in there..
he replied in Cantonese..
"i think S.H.E. is there, i don't know the rest!"
usually S.H.E. and Fahrenheit are together, resulting this:
"then what about Wu Chun? is he in there?"
except that i called him "Mmm Jiunn".. haha..

anyway, for crazy thing number two, Cecilia started it!
we were on the MTR at midnight..
"10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.."
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" six of us shouted together..
then we started singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas"
like really loud and clapping our hands..

the MTR passengers just stared back at us..
as if we were some psycho or something..
totally no response.. akward silence.. =_____=
that is the result of going home earlier..
all the party-goers are still right outside!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hong Kong Day 1 & 2

hey people! i have been M.I.A for the past week..
i went to Hong Kong with my friends:
high school mates Nan Zi, Sally and her sister, Christine..
not forgetting cousin Creamy and his girlfriend Cecilia..
let's call this trip:
"The Survival of NS Trainees in Hong Kong"!
all 6 of us completed our NS training at different series.. =P

what is the cheapest flight to Hong Kong?
none other than AirAsia of course!
our two-way ticket is still a four digit amount though..
we left the LCCT in the evening and arrived at night..

camwhoring with Sally on the plane..

buckled up on the bus from Hong Kong International Airport..

by the time we reached the condominium it was 10pm!
we had a big feast for our 过冬 dinner prepared by my aunt..

the next day we went to Hong Kong Disneyland!
which was just one MTR stop away from our area..
we reached there an hour after Disneyland open its doors!

we got there by Disneyland railway line.. =)

beautiful Disney characters and comfy sofas inside!

even the handrails are Mickey Mouse-shaped..

our adult tickets costs a hefty HKD 350!!!
but it was all worth it, and you'll soon find out why..

our first ride was the Space Mountain in Tommorowland!
it's a thrilling high-speed roller coaster journey in the dark..
you can only see the stars, not even your hands!
it was my very first time riding it..
the last two time i was at Disneyland, looong queue!
this time was only a 15-minute wait! fun~ fun~ fun~

the picture of our ride..
the first and only F.O.C snapping i was able to take!

next up was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride..
all we need to do is help Buzz Lightyear save the universe
by shooting the evil Zurg and score points!

Christine and i fully prepared for our mission.. =D

we met some Disney characters when walking in Fantasyland..
Cinderella, Stich, Donald Duck, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh etc..
but we only managed to take pictures with a couple of them!

with Woody from Toy Story..

with Belle from Beauty and the Beast..
her smile is the same in EVERY picture and when she speaks!

Nan Zi with It's A Small World..
Disneyland newest attraction!

it's supposedly the "happiest cruise that ever sailed"..

they have cute and tiny sculptures that sings and dances!

"The Golden Mickeys" is a must watch!
it's a musical celebration of Disney's films..

so is the "Festival of the Lion King".. very nice!

don't miss "Mickey's PhilarMagic" too..
it's basically a magical 3D adventure, or so they say..

the lovebirds on "the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"

i finally took a picture with Minnie and Mickey!
the 45 minute wait was definitely worth it.. XD

this is my HKD 48 sweet and sour pork lunch,
eaten at 4.30pm.. very filling!
it's hot rice, salty black sauce and pickled vegetables..

for a meat-eater, i was bewildered when he ordered vegetables!

the "indigenous people" playing drums in Adventureland..

Christine and Nan Zi with the cruise and Tarzan's Treehouse..

we later went for the Jungle River Cruise ride..
"you may get wet" signs were everywhere!
but we did not visit Tarzan's home though.. looong queue!

in front of one of the souvenir shops..

"will you be my date to the ball?"

gazing to the air in front of "Cinderella Carousel"..

here comes "Dumbo the Flying Elephant"!


pictures from the "Let It Snow" parade..

driving "Autopia".. the electric car of the future!

this is how the Toy Story was produced.. the thing spins!
it can be found in the "Art of Animation"..

we have graduated from the Animation Academy.. ^^V
many thanks to our considerably good looking teacher, Eric!

at the cashier's.. to pay for the costly souvenirs..

Sleeping Beauty Castle in crystal form.. the cost is 5-digit!

Minnie and Mickey.. pure gold!

backdrop of the beautiful Christmas tree!
with the hologram viewer, tiny lights look like angels!

and it was snowing bubbles on Main Street, U.S.A.
but it was really cold that day.. like 9 degrees?

last but not least.. the final show of the day at 9pm..
fireworks display in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle..
a really wonderful sight to behold with Disney songs!
no video or pictures for this cos my camera died on me.. T__T

anyway, Disneyland is definitely a fairytale land..
because this is the only place in Hong Kong that
we, meaning the girls and i..
spotted quite a number of tall and handsome guys..
even the workers or performers there look good!
but most of them are already taken.. sad sad case..
good eye candy, especially during looong queues! haha..

so that's about our day at Disneyland..
i will blog about the modern world of Hong Kong soon! =)

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