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Saturday, December 13, 2008

oh my freaking goodness!

you just have to imagine how jolly i was yesterday!
the news was like heaven to me..
and no, i am not exaggerating.. =D

even the potential student who came in was saying
"no wonder you are so joyful out of a sudden!"
no doubt~ muahaha!

was supposed to be my last working day yesterday..
but Ms May Kuan, my temporary boss asked me to stay on..
so i am going to work till this coming Tuesday..
and i am going to take a break.. i really need one!

this was what May Kuan gave to persuade me.. so funny~

i have been sick since Wednesday, i think..
it has been ages since i suffered this much..
it started with sore throat, then cough and now flu..
my voice is like basically cracking already..
i talk like a man now.. =____=
so i hope i get well before Sunday!

anyway, since i was in such a good mood..
i paid a quarter of the bill for our dinner at The Ship..
there were like 13 of us.. so i was being really generous! =)
it's not payday for me yet..
since i have not submitted my time sheet this month..

Trixie trying to finish the LARGE apple juice.. so cute!

just something random..
it makes him so much younger and lovable~

check it out in the video below..
during an interview after the 2008 Golden Horse awards!

and you know what will make me happier for Christmas?
get me Fahrenheit latest album
越来越爱/ Love and Love more!
it was out on 10th December in Taiwan..
i don't know when it'll be out in Malaysia though.. hehe..

Fahrenheit's latest picture..

or if you can't, each person can give me a RM10 ang pao..
then i can accumulate them to buy their concert ticket!
or better still, get me free VIP tickets to the concert! =P
it'll be on March 24 in Bukit Jalil..
i really hope it they won't postpone it again.. *cross fingers*

and here's their latest song..
越来越爱/ Love and Love more..
when it was first aired on HitoFM! enjoy~

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