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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight and Education Fair

on Friday, we had to buy tickets for the only seats left..
yes, the entire first row from the screen was ours..
just imagine how desperate we were to watch Twilight!
i thank God it's in Cathay Cineplex and not TGV or GSC.. =)

watching Twilight was my idea.. hehe..

i haven't read the book yet though.. just in case..
people say usually the movies are not as good as the book!
but my main reason of watching this was because of
Robert Pattinson! don't know him?
he's the main actor Edward Cullen.. *swoons*

do you recall Cedric Diggory from the Harry Potter films?

yes, the hot guy who started the dance with Cho Chang..

and eventually got killed by Lord Voldermort..
made me cry for so long during the movie ! T___T

the cast.. his entire family are vegetarian vampires!

he's extremely fast and can even fly!

Edward brings Bella to lovely places..

and even on the tree top! how romantic is that?

the stupid thing is Malaysian cinemas cut off this part! ishh..

there were also some action scences.. quite nice!

and it has a happy ending for now.. can't wait for the sequel!

catch the preview of Twilight.. still in the cinemas..

on Saturday, i had to work! first time ever..
during the Facon Education Fair held in PWTC..

it was definitely a great experience..
i had to drive all the way to IMU and take the Star LRT..
entire journey was around 80 minutes?
reached just 10 minutes before the fair started..

basically i was standing for 6 hours..
supposedly, my job is just to collect application forms,
get everything done for walk-in interviews,
add extra brochures and water once emptied,
clear tables for the next customer
and get counselors or lecturers to do enquiries..
admission work.. just as easy as that!

but eventually, those counselors and lecturers face problems!
and i have to help them.. it was like "Meng Yean! come here.."
so here and there, up and down, left and right..
at peak periods, i have to do the course enquiries too..
so is like non-stop moving and talking.. wow!

and the best part is?
i survived with just 1 granola bar and 3 cups of water..
and 30 minutes of sitting and 1 toilet break after the fair!
even i myself cannot believe how work-driven i am.. =P

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