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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

of birthday and henna!

Hui Ting has turned 18!!! like finally~

i know it's a little late.. but better late than never!
we went for her party which was held at the park..
ok, may be it's a playground.. right behind her house!
there were a few of us with loads of food.. haha..
sandwiches, buns, pizza, fruits etc..

among them.. cupcakes! yummy and fattening.. =P

or a healthier option.. fruit tarts! hehe..

the party table.. slightly messy..

*hugs* ting and i.. henry kepoh-ing..

i like this picture.. cos i am the photographer! *whacked*

well, we had to leave earlier..
and so didn't get to sing birthday song, see or eat the cake!

smiling from ear to ear! nice right? rm360~

the group picture excluding me, cousin Creamy and Cecilia..

next up is henna experiment!
my very first as i never like paying people to draw me!
but then, this is free.. hehe..
who don't like free stuff? especially when it's pretty? XD

Felicia the amatuer at work.. hehe.. *many thanks*

the four hands filled with henna..

the design.. creative right? =)

the most important word became invincible.. aiya..

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