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Friday, September 28, 2007

random stuff

since ze wei has been bugging me..
i shall update.. =)

mid-semester break ended a few days ago,
so i am back at college..
the trials results was out and guess what?
i got C for thinking skills.. i think it means "you can't think"..
thank god, i improved my chemistry by a tiny bit.. still B though..
my first ever A for biology exam since form4..
and so i have to boast about this.. haha
my last minute practices on mathematics did pay off A!! *hyper*
but i desperately need straight A's or bye bye to dentistry..

my birthday presents.. they were lovely!!
lovely handwritten messages from melissa..
wu chun puzzle from shi wen.. i'll save money to frame it up..XD
key chain from yun xin, shaun and hang woon with our faces in huh?
and my dear friend jialing sent me a birthday card by snail mail..aww..
and to hui ting, a big hug would be fine..
cos it's the thought that counts..=)

i celebrated mooncake festival by having family dinner at ze wei's house..
but unlike the past where we would light up the candles
and place them all over the place or going for walks round the neighbourhood..
i spent my time talking with the adults about all sort of stuff..
from their jobs to politics to malaysia etc
while feasting on mooncakes, peanuts and chinese tea..
the boys however were upstairs probably busy playing computer games..
i really miss those days when i was a lot younger.. *miss miss miss*

i flipped through smkbu magazine yesterday when i was in dad's office..
cos i was too lazy to continue my homework..hehe..
beautiful memories start flooding into my mind..
everything was so perfectly organized and relax then..
now it's just tension and stress for me.. sigh..
childhood is definitely better than teenage years..
so yet again i miss it sooooo much!!

and seriously, i think my phone bill this month will shoot up really high..
why? cos like what i mentioned previously..
the sms for gathering at mcd, reply thank you messages and my usual smses
plus calling uk twice in 2 days.. i have no idea how much it cost though..

i was watching Forbes' 20 richest women in entertainment on E! last night,
they were counting down to the top 2 then there was commercial break.
since they have already hinted that 1st place goes to oprah winfrey,
like duh.. she's so freakin rich with a very big heart la..
and 2nd place goes to someone who is richer than queen of england,
so i gueesed it's J.K. Rowling and my lil brother went like
"no la, she also don't have money.. she only writes harry potter books"
and i was busy explaining to him how rich she is
then they resume the programme..and on the screen was
"J.K Rowling is estimated to worth 1 billion dollars"
my brother when like "wah.. how can?"
and i was like "told you so.." , so he just kept quite..
till now, he's still a small kid in my eyes.. haha

so that's all for this post..
i hope you are happy now.. no need to get angry over these matters la.. XD

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i am 17 today!! =)

first of all.. the title says it all..

i would like to dedicate this post and loads of hugs to:

1. my mum
for boiling 2 eggs for and me a planting my first kiss of the day on the cheeks

2. my lil bro haw
for giving me a big hug and a kiss on the cheeks (i know he dread to do tha

3. my dad
for cooking my birthday dinner - simple but yummy

4. my other bro shyang
for washing the dishes after dinner

5. chee yin
for being the first to wish me at 12am and have birthday lunch with me and the cake

6. yun xin
for planning everything so well that made me suprised especially by the cake

7. ze wei
for fetching me to the lunch venue and have lunch with me

8. my aunt (ze wei's mum)
for giving me an ang pau..hehe

9. hang woon
for having birthday lunch with me and reminded me of wu chun's new series

10. hang kim
for having birthday lunch with me and taking pictures for me

11. hui ting
for wishing me, dedicate a post to me and asking for my wishlist

12. shi wen
for wishing me midnight and advertising bout my bday through her personal message

13. mun ya
for wishing me and send an mms and advertising like shi wen

14. samantha
for wishing me and sending me such adorable e-card

15. ka huey
for smsing me all the way from Perth (on an earlier date but how thoughtful!!)

16. all my dear friends who remembered my birthday
xue wei, jialing, kai sin, devi, nan zi, chiew yi, li keong, felicia, shien ni, sivapratha, yoke yin
(sorry if i forgot to mention your name)

17. all my family members who remembered my birthday
lilyn, sis wei, sis wen etc

18. myself
for being a birthday gal.. haha

this birthday i treated myself
by watching 1st episode of "Romantic Princess" or "公主小妹"
via youtube and veoh.. it was really AMAZING!!
i feel that i am hungry for more episodes now..haha

anyway, wish me luck for my UKCAT exam tomorrow morning..
shi wen say it's tough.. but i'll try my very best
so that GBP95 doesn't go down the drain! lol..

birthday lunch at a very dim "吹吹水" restaurant

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Monday, September 17, 2007

tagged again!

thanks to luok hoon!
i am doing this to give you face ya..
it's your first time tagging me..haha..

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 DIFFERENT points is easy to think of for a PERFECT lover..
but i know that in this world there's no such person..
everyone have flaws, me included..

here goes..
i'll start with the first impression a person gives.. hehe

1. my perfect lover MUST be a guy at birth..

i don't think i can accept transexuals or lesbians as my lover..
if as friends, it's completely ok with me..

2. he MUST be taller than me..

this is essential.. cos if we ever going to marry,
i won't feel bad wearing 4-inches bridal shoes..haha..

3. he DOES NOT smoke at all

i hate seeing people smoking!!
especially when they are around me
till i can breath the carcinogenic smell..eww..disgusting..

4. he knows how to drink alcohol

yes, so that he can have mine when i am served with alcohol..
but he cannot be addicted to it.. that's for sure..

5. i like his character, and he likes mine

i am not going to ellaborate about this..
it's up to potential mr right to find out what i like by himself..=P

6. our family and friends accepts our relationship

i will give up love for friends and family..
family-ties and friendship are far more stronger than love!
cos lovers can say i love you today and i hate you the next day..

7. he has skills

by skills, i meant knows how to clean, cook, fix things, drive etc..
my dad is the role model i look up too..hehe

8. he has no financial difficulties

he must have savings in the bank.. at least a few thousand dollars!
cos i may want to go on a shopping spree..
i must go for a holiday every year as long as it's not the same destination..

i can actually go on and on..
but since the tag only ask for 8,
i gave 8 points that i think is a must for a good lover not a perfect one..=)

now i tag:
1. chee yin
2. hui ting
3. ka huey
4. shannon
5. shaun
6. shi wen
7. yun xin
8. ze wei

i wanted to tag luok hoon but rule no.4 is not on my

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gathering @ mcd

after i spent god-knows-how-much on sms..
we finally gathered together on saturday night..
yes.. the noise pollution, psychotic and camwhoring gang
a.k.a my smkbu friends - my closest pals
at McDonalds bandar utama..=)

our chattering because there's lots of catching-ups going on
our thunderous laughter caused by lame jokes from henry..
non-stop "couple fight" between him and ting..
"you kao me, i kao you" game especially
between ting, yinky, xin, hwoon and zwei..i wonder who succeeded? XD
and lots of camwhoring in action..
these caused many patrons giving us the annoyed look..
i caught a few who were practically staring at us!!

3 different groups of people who sat at the table next to ours
moved from their table to elsewhere cos we were disturbing them..
i only noticed when shaun hinted this to me.. haha..
it's not our fault ok?
maybe it is, but still..
who uses laptop to study in mcd? definitely not me!!

long-awaited get-together
*but there are still some friends missing-in-action!*

the picture was taken by a guy from the next table..
he left with his gang almost immediately after taking this photo..
to the open air area..avoiding us?? lol..

i really had fun!!
i feel exceptionally happy when i meet you guys..
is it because i miss you all too much?
waiting for the next outing..=)

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

@ sheraton subang..

Sheraton Subang had a bridal fair on sunday..

since sis wei's company had a booth there, i went to help out..
meet with other make-up artists cynthia and carmen..
they were shock when they found out how young i was..
cos i very "dai jeg" compared to them..should i be laughing or crying??

for someone who is make-up/hairdo illiterate like me..
taking care of the booth is kinda tough..
i can communicate with the potential customers..
just that every time they ask about the price of the
make-up/accessories/shoes.. and sometimes where the shop is located..
i'll go like "ah, wait ah.." then look for namecard or call for sis wei..
those people might be thinking how useless of me.. oh well..
i only have brains to eat/sleep/study.. so duhh..

the person who officiated the event was Datin Anna Lim..
carmen did her make-up while cynthia did her hair..
very young and sexy for a Datin..
her dress so low cut la and the push-ups made her bust look big..
no wonder a camerawomen was hired instead..haha..

the ballroom was freezing cold..
and i was in there wearing a dress and heels for 8 hours..
so just imagine.. frozen me!!
and the food they serve.. oh my..
such tiny portions but thank god i wasn't that hungry..
i just drank lots of fruit juice cos solid food is *speechless*

they had 2 fashion shows too..
those models are so tall and pretty but skinny..
they beat me in terms of height while i beat them in size..haha..
the dresses/accesories they wore were lovely!!

and i was so close to taking picture with amber chia..
i know a lot of people dislike her..
but still how often a commoner get to see a supermodel close up?
i was just a few steps away from her but she was busy..
so i went to eat my lunch for just 10mins during the 2nd fashiom show..
sis wei was suppose to take me to the dressing room after that..
but amber was already gone..T.T

oh..and the Star came to interview sis wei..
i backed off of cos..i am no where this make-up line, you see..
since bridal shoes are very difficult to find..
they talked and talked and took pictures..
so i shall wait for sis wei to appear in the papers with her shoes!!lol..

me at the booth..=)

the book samples..

the custom-made bridal shoes..

the accessories..

anyways, at least i am exposed to such an event
and meet and communicate with people not of my age..
and i earned some money too..
so i am grateful for this opportunity!! =)

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Monday, September 10, 2007

these few days

past few days may have been sad..
but we did share some laughter among ourselves..

scene 1:
it's a conversation between my 8 year old cousin and his mum..
shuan: mummy ah, now daddy become anak yatim already lor..
aunt: anak yatim is for children.. daddy is no longer a child la..
shuan: oh, ya hor.. so he is dewasa yatim?
*all of us burst into laughter*

scene 2:
my dad, 2 bros and i were in the car, on the way home..
me: daddy, you are lucky that you don't have to go through prayers like us..
(we had to kneel and stand up continuosly, and my legs are aching all over T.T)
dad: as son-in-law, i am excluded..
bro 1: cos he doesn't have wong family blood like us mah..
bro 2: but he has wong family saliva!!!
*i couldn't help laughing*

scene 3:
between long distance relatives (LDR) and me..
LDR: wah.. look at you.. as grow you have became taller and prettier..
me: oh, thank you.. *continue with my work*
LDR: "boh hui mai" has changed a lot..
(boh hui is what they call my dad in hainanese,
i used to be called that as i looked a lot like my dad)
me: hehe..
LDR: last time you were short and fat and uglier..
me: * gives the swt look* everyone says the same thing..
*people nearby actually had the nerve to laugh!!*

anyway, thanks to my mum, founder mr yong and his wife..
i signed up for cosmotots today..
despite knowing how i dislike literature..
how could i reject 3 smiling adults who were trying to convince
me to give it a try?

my mum claimed that lit can make a mugger think out of the box..
and mr yong backed her up..
he's a funny, cheerful, knowledgable old man
who happens to have the habit that i hate a lot - smoking!!
and the worst thing is that he was puffing cigar in an air-cond office
while interviewing me!!!
how terrible..and i had to hold my breath while smiling..
ridiculous isn't it?

so after attending my first lesson..
i have made a conclusion:
i am a big baby in class!

why you may ask?
i am a college student who is clueless about literature..
i am in a class filled with high school students who speaks very fluent english
and some speak so fast, with accent and such good vocabulary..
and i am the tallest in class.. what happen to 21st century guys??

ok, i am going to finish "coffee prince" by tonight..korean dramas rocks!!
and then tomorrow i'll finish my lit homework about the play called
"The Oresteia" which involves a lot of 'you kill me, i kill you' from Greek myths..
and i'll try to do revision for AS syllabus..

hopefully i can survive this holiday..haha

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Friday, September 7, 2007

dearest grandpa, with love..

it was 1.30am this morning..
no matter how i turned or positioned myself,
i couldn't fall asleep..
then dad's phone rang..
immediately i sat up, my heart pumping real fast..
expecting the already expected..

when daddy broke the news to me
that grandpa had just passed away..
my eyes were teary..
i cried and cried till i had to wash my face several times..
i have been crying silently for few days..
but this time i couldn't control my emotions..

daddy came into my room, hugged me and consoled me..
it has been ages since he last did that
as mummy have always been the one doing that whenever i am down..
but daddy's girl will always be daddy's girl no matter how old..

i thought of visiting grandpa after my last exam paper today..
but he left before i could..
so wednesday night - his first night at his own home after he fell,
was the last time i saw him awake..
i remembered when i greeted him "hello gong gong!!"
he smiled and said "meng yean" very clearly,twice..
i beamed and gave him two thumbs up and asked how he was in hainanese..
he did the same to me..

i knew he was mentally alert and was fighting to survive..
his lungs collapsed but they improved,
his heart was just fine,
it was his body system that let him down..
he haven't ate for days as he could not digest solid food..
i nearly cried when i saw his state but i had to be strong in front of him..

i couldn't give you a big hug
but i will always cherish those happy moments we spent together..

during christmas party

during your 87th birthday

this is the last pic i took with him - 2 days before he fell

final pic i took of him - youngest and oldest member of the Wongs

now that God loves you more than we do
and you can finally be with grandma..
oh grandpa, may you rest in peace!!

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