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Monday, September 10, 2007

these few days

past few days may have been sad..
but we did share some laughter among ourselves..

scene 1:
it's a conversation between my 8 year old cousin and his mum..
shuan: mummy ah, now daddy become anak yatim already lor..
aunt: anak yatim is for children.. daddy is no longer a child la..
shuan: oh, ya hor.. so he is dewasa yatim?
*all of us burst into laughter*

scene 2:
my dad, 2 bros and i were in the car, on the way home..
me: daddy, you are lucky that you don't have to go through prayers like us..
(we had to kneel and stand up continuosly, and my legs are aching all over T.T)
dad: as son-in-law, i am excluded..
bro 1: cos he doesn't have wong family blood like us mah..
bro 2: but he has wong family saliva!!!
*i couldn't help laughing*

scene 3:
between long distance relatives (LDR) and me..
LDR: wah.. look at you.. as grow you have became taller and prettier..
me: oh, thank you.. *continue with my work*
LDR: "boh hui mai" has changed a lot..
(boh hui is what they call my dad in hainanese,
i used to be called that as i looked a lot like my dad)
me: hehe..
LDR: last time you were short and fat and uglier..
me: * gives the swt look* everyone says the same thing..
*people nearby actually had the nerve to laugh!!*

anyway, thanks to my mum, founder mr yong and his wife..
i signed up for cosmotots today..
despite knowing how i dislike literature..
how could i reject 3 smiling adults who were trying to convince
me to give it a try?

my mum claimed that lit can make a mugger think out of the box..
and mr yong backed her up..
he's a funny, cheerful, knowledgable old man
who happens to have the habit that i hate a lot - smoking!!
and the worst thing is that he was puffing cigar in an air-cond office
while interviewing me!!!
how terrible..and i had to hold my breath while smiling..
ridiculous isn't it?

so after attending my first lesson..
i have made a conclusion:
i am a big baby in class!

why you may ask?
i am a college student who is clueless about literature..
i am in a class filled with high school students who speaks very fluent english
and some speak so fast, with accent and such good vocabulary..
and i am the tallest in class.. what happen to 21st century guys??

ok, i am going to finish "coffee prince" by tonight..korean dramas rocks!!
and then tomorrow i'll finish my lit homework about the play called
"The Oresteia" which involves a lot of 'you kill me, i kill you' from Greek myths..
and i'll try to do revision for AS syllabus..

hopefully i can survive this holiday..haha

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