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Sunday, September 16, 2007

@ sheraton subang..

Sheraton Subang had a bridal fair on sunday..

since sis wei's company had a booth there, i went to help out..
meet with other make-up artists cynthia and carmen..
they were shock when they found out how young i was..
cos i very "dai jeg" compared to them..should i be laughing or crying??

for someone who is make-up/hairdo illiterate like me..
taking care of the booth is kinda tough..
i can communicate with the potential customers..
just that every time they ask about the price of the
make-up/accessories/shoes.. and sometimes where the shop is located..
i'll go like "ah, wait ah.." then look for namecard or call for sis wei..
those people might be thinking how useless of me.. oh well..
i only have brains to eat/sleep/study.. so duhh..

the person who officiated the event was Datin Anna Lim..
carmen did her make-up while cynthia did her hair..
very young and sexy for a Datin..
her dress so low cut la and the push-ups made her bust look big..
no wonder a camerawomen was hired instead..haha..

the ballroom was freezing cold..
and i was in there wearing a dress and heels for 8 hours..
so just imagine.. frozen me!!
and the food they serve.. oh my..
such tiny portions but thank god i wasn't that hungry..
i just drank lots of fruit juice cos solid food is *speechless*

they had 2 fashion shows too..
those models are so tall and pretty but skinny..
they beat me in terms of height while i beat them in size..haha..
the dresses/accesories they wore were lovely!!

and i was so close to taking picture with amber chia..
i know a lot of people dislike her..
but still how often a commoner get to see a supermodel close up?
i was just a few steps away from her but she was busy..
so i went to eat my lunch for just 10mins during the 2nd fashiom show..
sis wei was suppose to take me to the dressing room after that..
but amber was already gone..T.T

oh..and the Star came to interview sis wei..
i backed off of cos..i am no where this make-up line, you see..
since bridal shoes are very difficult to find..
they talked and talked and took pictures..
so i shall wait for sis wei to appear in the papers with her shoes!!lol..

me at the booth..=)

the book samples..

the custom-made bridal shoes..

the accessories..

anyways, at least i am exposed to such an event
and meet and communicate with people not of my age..
and i earned some money too..
so i am grateful for this opportunity!! =)

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