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Friday, September 28, 2007

random stuff

since ze wei has been bugging me..
i shall update.. =)

mid-semester break ended a few days ago,
so i am back at college..
the trials results was out and guess what?
i got C for thinking skills.. i think it means "you can't think"..
thank god, i improved my chemistry by a tiny bit.. still B though..
my first ever A for biology exam since form4..
and so i have to boast about this.. haha
my last minute practices on mathematics did pay off A!! *hyper*
but i desperately need straight A's or bye bye to dentistry..

my birthday presents.. they were lovely!!
lovely handwritten messages from melissa..
wu chun puzzle from shi wen.. i'll save money to frame it up..XD
key chain from yun xin, shaun and hang woon with our faces in huh?
and my dear friend jialing sent me a birthday card by snail mail..aww..
and to hui ting, a big hug would be fine..
cos it's the thought that counts..=)

i celebrated mooncake festival by having family dinner at ze wei's house..
but unlike the past where we would light up the candles
and place them all over the place or going for walks round the neighbourhood..
i spent my time talking with the adults about all sort of stuff..
from their jobs to politics to malaysia etc
while feasting on mooncakes, peanuts and chinese tea..
the boys however were upstairs probably busy playing computer games..
i really miss those days when i was a lot younger.. *miss miss miss*

i flipped through smkbu magazine yesterday when i was in dad's office..
cos i was too lazy to continue my homework..hehe..
beautiful memories start flooding into my mind..
everything was so perfectly organized and relax then..
now it's just tension and stress for me.. sigh..
childhood is definitely better than teenage years..
so yet again i miss it sooooo much!!

and seriously, i think my phone bill this month will shoot up really high..
why? cos like what i mentioned previously..
the sms for gathering at mcd, reply thank you messages and my usual smses
plus calling uk twice in 2 days.. i have no idea how much it cost though..

i was watching Forbes' 20 richest women in entertainment on E! last night,
they were counting down to the top 2 then there was commercial break.
since they have already hinted that 1st place goes to oprah winfrey,
like duh.. she's so freakin rich with a very big heart la..
and 2nd place goes to someone who is richer than queen of england,
so i gueesed it's J.K. Rowling and my lil brother went like
"no la, she also don't have money.. she only writes harry potter books"
and i was busy explaining to him how rich she is
then they resume the programme..and on the screen was
"J.K Rowling is estimated to worth 1 billion dollars"
my brother when like "wah.. how can?"
and i was like "told you so.." , so he just kept quite..
till now, he's still a small kid in my eyes.. haha

so that's all for this post..
i hope you are happy now.. no need to get angry over these matters la.. XD

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