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Monday, October 1, 2007

just for laughs

time really flies!! it's october already..
finals is like 2 weeks away.. *getting nervous*
anyhow, stay relax and do read the rest of the post..
these events really happened!!
i find them hillarious.. hope you do too!

scene 1:
in ze wei's house having dinner.
conversation between my bro, ze wei and i.

bro: you know my sister very "cha" one..when we went for prayers,
she stand for an hour then want to pengsan already..
me: not that i want to pengsan ok..
bro: it happened twice!
zw: she smart ma.. use this tactic to attract guys attention..
me: *swt*
bro: what?? no guy want her la..
zw: if it's you, then no girls will want la.. who wanna "kao" weak guys?
like if your sister pengsan, may be some guy will help her..
only good guys go temple.. so your sister got chance to get one!
me: *still swt-ing*
zw: that is why i go to temple.. *hints hints*
me: *LOL* smart..

now we know why creamy goes to temple..
gals, so next time when you see him, know what to do la.. XD

scene 2:
in the classroom during chemistry lesson.
conversation between teacher (t) and student (s)..

t: i have uploaded the finals past years' papers, so make sure you do them..
s: questions from 2001 till 2007?
t: yes, i'll discuss the latest one - may/june 2007 next week..
s: then how about oct/nov 2007?
t: you are sitting for it la!!!

*whole class burst into laughter*

scene 3:
in yun xin's car.

xin: my sister is going to work in seremban. today's her first day of work.
me: wah.. so far ah?
xin: ya la, she is posted there.. sometimes have to pahang also..
me: seremban not in pahang meh?
xin: seremban in negeri sembilan la!!
me: ya hor.. kuantan is in pahang..
xin: who say kuantan in pahang?
me: i say la.. the book also say.. my friend is from kuantan, pahang.
xin: no la.. kuantan is above pahang la..
me: erm.. kuantan is not kelantan ah..
xin: i know.. but kuantan is like kelantan.. a state..
me: no.. kuantan is in pahang like petaling jaya in selangor..
xin: no la.. kuantan is..*continues to insist she's right*
me: you don't believe then you go google it later..
xin: ok, i go library and check, over there has a map..
me: haha..ok.. see who's right..=P

at the end i win la of course..haha..
i wonder how we passed our geography?
i am not even familiar with my own terrible!

scene 4:
in class. melissa is having sore throat so her voice changed.
conversation between her and eu nee.. the rest of us are "kalefei"

nee: melissa, why your voice so sexy?
mel: really ah? your are the 4th person who told me that..
nee: having sore throat is it?
mel: no.. i am having akil baligh.. my voice is changing to a guy's..
(akil baligh means puberty in malay)
us: what?? *laughs*
mel: what kind of question is that? of cos i am having sore throat!!

enjoyed yourself? hehe..

oh well.. despite all the laughter..i feel like crying..
i want to submit my UCAS application for UK universities..
i tried paying the application fee online like 8 times but still fail..sigh
who got credit card? pay for me.. can? i'll pay you cash..=)

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