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Saturday, October 13, 2007

friday nite

since ze wei bug me (yet again..) to post about this..
our families were having dinner in the restaurant yesterday..
i forgot how it started but this is how it went.. between
my bro (bro), ze wei (zw), his sis (sis), my aunt (aunt) and me..

bro: my sister got no boyfriend but yet she don't want to learn driving..
zw: what is boyfriend gonna do with her learning driving?
me: i have said that i'll learn in december la..
zw: oh.. i understand already.. girls are like that one.. you see if they don't know how to drive, and they want to go home after an outing, they can ask guys for a lift home.. they can create opportunities like this..
me: oh, ya right..
zw: if they know how to drive, the guys will go like "you have your own car what? why wanna sit in mine?" do you expect the girls to leave their cars in the parking lot and come and collect it the next day? of cos not!
bro: like that also can..
zw: that's why i learned driving so early..
me: haha.. to fetch me too! and where's your girlfriend?
zw: since when.....
sis: he got girlfriend meh?
zw: i don't have one la, i have plenty!

*my aunt walked to our table and kinda interrupted us*
aunt: so shyang, how was your exam?
bro: ok la..
aunt: oh.. wei ah, where's your girlfriend? haven't seen her for quite a while..
me: haha.. i am not the only one asking!
zw: errr.. *blushes really red* her house very far ma..
sis: who is your girlfriend? the one that came to our house and mummy ask "what are you doing here?"
zw: not that one.. that one got plenty of boyfriends..
me: is the one that went to sepang with us for the MMER..
sis: i dunno her la..
*i have cut this long conversation short*
but can you figure which is the main point? lol..

later we went uncle pyng's house..
watched the movie "next" in the movie theatre..
and ze wei hope that he had the skills nicholas cage had in the movie..

he say it's good for "kao lui"!!


i saw two limited edition Ferrari bicycles hanging in the living room..
the cost of one of it can cover all my expenses in the 1.5 years of college life.. including food, tuition fees, photostats plus outings! *faints*

one of the limited edition bicycle.. RM30k!!

hotter picture of dr sheikh

this picture is specially for kaka..
i think he's the hottest malay guy i ever known..hehe

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