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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's amazing how someone with disabilities can be so optimistic about life.

Someone who was diagnosed with a disease a couple of years ago at a young age.
Now limping and with very limited eyesight, yet so bubbly and cheerful.
Maybe it's the support from loved ones around her?

They are the type of people who make us think and count our blessings.
Be appreciative of what we currently have instead of mourning on what we don't have.
Mummy has always told us to compare with less fortunate rather than the rich.
So I personally think people like them make really good role models.

I did nothing but just a twist using the pliers, that made her day!
She was even happier than when she first entered.
Thanking me again and again plus telling her husband how wonderful she's feeling.
That genuine smile on her face totally made my day!

I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but today, I ended my day with a smile. =)

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


"Dreams are simply reality waiting to happen."

I came across this very well said quote.
This caught me off guard, and made me think for a moment.

I kept myself so busy with reality for the longest time that I forgot about my dreams.
I can't even remember what my dream was, or whether I ever had one.
Which is pretty sad coming to think of it.

I shall try to dream big from now, cos apparently dreams will come true.
Well, as long as we work hard for it - there's no easy way out.

What's your dream? =)

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Student life thus far... =)

A random note: today is the 3rd day of Autumn!

It's been 2 weeks since we headed back here, good thing is that I am not homesick yet.
3 months of summer break had been great, but I was getting bored of doing nothing.

It's my final year in uni, and luckily the timetable is less hectic than I imagined.
All we've been having were clinics after clinics, no classes or lab sessions.
I kinda miss those though, and like sitting in the lecture hall as a class.
Oh well, I guess they're just prepping us for the near future when we start work.
Cos it'll just be a handful of colleagues around us and lots of patients

I just hope that everything will go well for me this year, like really.
There seems to be so many things to accomplish.
Other than compulsory school work to complete, I want to travel.
But travelling isn't cheap and money seem to just flow out like a river.

I also want to meet and make new friends.
People who are outside of my circle, my comfort zone.
Sometimes I find it easier to mix around when I am alone.
I don't have to accommodate with my current friends' interests, but just go all out.
I think I should start with making friends with all of my classmates.
Not just random "Hi and Bye" but to actually have a proper conversation with them.
Maybe I should put that on my checklist for "Things to do Before I Graduate"? =P

Hopefully all the events that we plan to be part of, just because it's our final year,
will be a beautiful memory. Cos we will definitely miss uni life!

First event of the year - Dent Day Out! with some of my classmates =)

Tata for now.

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