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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Student life thus far... =)

A random note: today is the 3rd day of Autumn!

It's been 2 weeks since we headed back here, good thing is that I am not homesick yet.
3 months of summer break had been great, but I was getting bored of doing nothing.

It's my final year in uni, and luckily the timetable is less hectic than I imagined.
All we've been having were clinics after clinics, no classes or lab sessions.
I kinda miss those though, and like sitting in the lecture hall as a class.
Oh well, I guess they're just prepping us for the near future when we start work.
Cos it'll just be a handful of colleagues around us and lots of patients

I just hope that everything will go well for me this year, like really.
There seems to be so many things to accomplish.
Other than compulsory school work to complete, I want to travel.
But travelling isn't cheap and money seem to just flow out like a river.

I also want to meet and make new friends.
People who are outside of my circle, my comfort zone.
Sometimes I find it easier to mix around when I am alone.
I don't have to accommodate with my current friends' interests, but just go all out.
I think I should start with making friends with all of my classmates.
Not just random "Hi and Bye" but to actually have a proper conversation with them.
Maybe I should put that on my checklist for "Things to do Before I Graduate"? =P

Hopefully all the events that we plan to be part of, just because it's our final year,
will be a beautiful memory. Cos we will definitely miss uni life!

First event of the year - Dent Day Out! with some of my classmates =)

Tata for now.

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