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Monday, October 15, 2012

Medicine or Dentistry?

Sometimes I just get bored of studying for exams.
It feels like reading and re-reading the notes... say what - again?!
All I hope is for the information to stay! reallyyy.
and pray that they appear in a jiffy when I need them. =) 

I've stumbled upon a forum with dentists and doctors as members.
Healthcare professionals are definitely in a whole different level
compare to any Tom, Dick and Harry in other forums!
They don't put each other down (except certain douchebags),
but instead justify their thoughts - both pros and cons.

The question was posted by a person in a crossroad:
"Medicine or Dentistry?"

The best comment I've read was:
"The fun part of Medicine is in the diagnosis, 
treatment is often simply following a protocol developed by others.
In the Dentistry, the easy part is usually the diagnosis,
and the fun part comes in developing and carrying out a treatment plan.
To grossly simplify: Medicine is for thinkers, Dentistry is for doers".

I was never in that crossroad but those were very wise words indeed.
I am definitely a doer, glad I made the right choice!
And I am loving it so far!! 
Ok, maybe except during the exam period. =P

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1 comment:

Tian Chee See said...

May I know what is the website for that forum? :)