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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I miss...

Just looking through my lil bro's photo album on FB, my tears started rolling.

The photos were all from cousin Lee's wedding two weekends back.
For a dear cousin who's wedding I've always wanted to attend since forever?
I've only managed to be there virtually via Skype.

Seeing those photos one after another, I miss my family more than ever!
I haven't felt homesick for months since I arrived, I thought I've adapted.
But today, my first stream of tears (of missing home) came along.
Mummy I miss most, followed by Daddy then Haw and Shyang.

Maybe it was the relief from Long Case Exam?
Or the stress for upcoming OSCE?
Or the Perio assignment due?
Or the last written finals in my uni life?
Or the heartwarming chats with my loved ones?

Whatever the reason, I am actually counting the days to home sweet home!

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