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Sunday, December 18, 2011

peek-a-boo! *waves*

Hi guys (if there's any of you who still drops by) !!! =)

I've practically ignored this blog for nearly 2 years~
Can you imagine how time flies?
It's just feels good to pop back here for a bit for some random thoughts!

Blogging used to be a lot of people's everyday routine, mine included.
Yes, I used to spend an hour at least right here! =P
Typing a blog post about what happened, pictures with descriptions,
trying to improve my command of English and the way I express myself.
And then spend another hour at least reading blog after blog.

But this trend seems to have died down, since the introduction of Facebook!
Most of my friends aren't even blogging anymore.
Or may be I've haven't been blog-hopping for ages?
Now all we need to do is post up albums and albums of pictures,
occasional status updates, stalking friends of friends of friends etc.
Life was practically summarized there. Easy peasy!!!

My last post was about Wu Chun, or Chun as I like to call him.
As crazy as I was over him, somehow the fangirl has cooled down.
I did not go to last his fan meeting when he was in town though I had nothing on,
and I haven't watched his latest movie "Magic To Win" aired since 3 weeks ago.
I've only been to his blog and forum once every few months.
How terrible can I be huh? *Chillies throwing daggers at me*
Do I still like him? Yeah.
But I somehow have lost touch with the fondness of him.
I blame the busy schedule of Dentistry.
Okay, maybe not cos I am pretty much still hanging on to Hallyu! =D
Maybe I've grown up? Who knows.

People do change, I did (may be a little).

I used to take pictures every little thing that we do in uni.
I always have my camera with me - up till now.
That new lab project that we are up to, the new equipment in clinic,
the new stuff that we are learning and what not.
But since we started treating patients, that has sort of fell apart too!
Patient confidentiality, infection control, professionalism etc.
I really hope I still can remember them as I get older and busier. Really.

Right now, I really miss going for classes and studying for exams.
All the hurdles we went through together was worth it.
If only we could rewind and go back to those days again.
Nearly 6 months after IMU Dentistry days, I have been missing it dearly.
My new school has been great! Still learning to love it though.

But trust me when I say no university experience will be the same as IMU.
No more weekly activities at the atrium, no more freebies every now and then,
no more crazy orientations where senior-junior bonds were formed,
no more IMU Cup where all batches come together.
no more lecturers who you could talk to and laugh with just like a friend,
no more hectic 8-6 timetable and clashes of lecture rooms with another batch,
no more small classes where everybody knows and talks to everybody.
All these are now just memories somewhere deep deep inside.

May we be close knitted as long as we can despite being scattered in the future.
I miss us DT1/09. The best batch ever!
p/s: MEDT1/09 (the combination of medical and dental students) comes next. lol


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