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Sunday, February 22, 2009

drama series~

oh no, don't run away after seing the title!
this is a long overdue post.. haha..

i am going to introduce 3 drama series this time.. hehe..
the very first one is a Korean drama series Il Ji Mae / 一支梅..
its cast consist of cute Lee Jun Ki, pretty Han Hyo Joo,
adorable Lee Young Ah and hottie Park Shi Hoo..

i watched this series in 4 days during CNY break!
many thanks to sis Lilyn who bought the DVD..

the Il Ji Mae poster.. =)

this is a Korean version of Robin Hood story..
basically Lee Jun Ki plays 3 characters in the story..
first Lee Geum, then Yong and Iljimae..
it's very difficult to explain the situation here..
watch the entire 20-episode series to understand! =P

this drama series takes place in the historical times,
where Yong was a gangster at the market on broad daylight..
and a thief who robs corrupted officials' houses at night..
he'll leave a drawing of a plum tree after each robbery..
the stolen goods or gold coins were distributed to the poor!

well, the main reason for his actions was to search for
a sword with this unique carving,
which was used to kill his father when he was very young..

Korean drama won't just be pure action series..
there must be some love triangle, somehow.. haha..
in Iljimae there are 2 actually..
2 girls like 1 guyand 2 guys like 1 girl..
but the guy and girl who like each other,
can't show their affection cos of some complications..

and yadaa~ yadaa~ watch the preview yourselves:

this is my favourite character in the series, Shi Hoo..*loves*

the guy acting is call Park Shi Hoo.. how cool is that?
he's so nice, smart and determined to prove himself..
and he's H.O.T.!!! not only the face, but his body as well.. XD

up next is a Taiwanese drama series..
it started with sis Lilyn's DVD during CNY as well..
but due to time constraint, i am watching it from 8TV..
it's every weekday 8.30pm, ending this Friday i think.. hehe..

presenting Miss No Good / 不良笑花.. *claps claps*

(L-R): Wilber Pan, Chen Yan Xi, Ranie Yang and Dean Fujioka..
acting as Tang Men, Jiang Mi, Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le..

at the start of the series, you'll have tonnes of laughter..
number 1 due to stupidity of the characters..
number 2 is Rainie's annoying squeaky voice.. *aargh*

but then due to curiousity of "what happens next?",
the entertainment and the hotties in the show..
you'll continue watching and try to ignore Xiao Hua..
you'll start to fall for Jia Si Le first, followed by Tang Men..
you'll get use to Xiao Hua and begin to like her character..
then you'll hate Jiang Mi for being bitchy and pity her later..

watch the preview here:

last but not least, my latest find..
i only found it last Monday but i believe it's just the first episode..
although i think they have already aired all in Korea..

Hana Yori Dango / Boys Over Flowers

anyway, i have only watched till the 2nd episode..
where Jandi declared war with Junpyo..
who is the leader of the infamous F4 group in Shin Hwa highschool..
after she witnessed his lan si character..
Jandi fell for the other nice member of F4 Ji Hoo..
and now both Junpyo and Ji Hoo likes her..

it stars Koo Hye Soon, Lee Min Ho, Kim hyun Joong,
Kim Ki Bum and Kim Joon.. all good looks~ =D

for now it airs on KBS World, Channel 303 on Astro..
every Monday and Tuesday 9pm..
twice a week means i would have time to study..
and not just glued to the computer.. yeah!

the preview of Boys Over Flowers: enjoy!

that's all for this post.. end of dramas introduction! hehe..

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

end of a chapter, beggining of a new one..

as the title suggest, i am finally going back to the study mode..
after 8 entire months.. 3 months of NS and 5 months of work!
yes, it had been that long since i last opened a text book..

friday, 20 February 2009 marks my last day of work..
i started the job as an clueless amateur on 23 September 2008..
5 months down the road, i have gained great experience! =)

to celebrate my farewell party.. *aww* i was touched!
they ordered from Pizza Hut, 4 pizzas and garlic bread..
and bought some food from the Malaysian Studies food fair,
namely nasi something, satay, keropok lekor and drinks!
oh, i so totally gained weight working there.. boo hoo~

all the 3 departments in Student Services,
were squeezing in our "pantry" - the storeroom right behind..
its size is just 3/4 of my bedroom!
just imagine having at least 20 full/part timers in there! o.O
cos IMU staff lounge is like 2 floors up, too far ma..

anyway, i tried to finish as much work as i could..
there were like 20 new applications that i have to key in..
thank god i have other part timers to do the phone calls!
and preparation for registration day for 300 students..
i am included in that list.. ^^V

to the following people that i met through out my working days,
thank you for your support, guidance and help!

Charmaine, Kak Dell, Kak Arnida, Boris, Hawa, Shien Ni,
Jamie, Huda, Naufal and Raj from Admissions..
it's gonna be one-man show for Charmaine,
hopefully Naufal and Raj can provide more help to her!

May Kuan, Jacinta, Kak Liza, Kak Khairun, Suganthi, Aznah,
Yee Yoon, Kelly and Mastura from Student Affairs..

Shu Shian, Kai Li, Su Yin, Kak Wati, Felicia, Kak Rafidah
and Stephanie from Marketing..

Kak Fahada, Kak Wan and Juliana from Finance..
lecturers i met during Open Day and Education Fairs..
the lovely CEO of IMU, Dr Mei Ling Young..

Valerie from the reception, abang who collects Pos Laju daily,
and Auntie Mee Choo who fetch me to work on most days! =)

oh, and not forgetting parents who gave me a hell of time..
prospective students who bugged me for nothing..
some were wonderful experiences, some no feelings,
the others were just pain in the ass! i know who you are!

so please do not call Admissions to ask for me,
they are just gonna reply you,
"she's no longer working here.."
thanks for saying you are gonna miss a good worker like me..
i really appreciate that and i am sorry for my past mistrakes too!

and to the seniors from Orientation Committee,
if you ever read my blog like you said..
you have already haunt me with your words yesterday:
"we are gonna get you during orientation!"

i asked the S.A.D. of who told you guys that i'll be you junior..
i intentionally did not want you guys to find out la..
since you already did, i hope you treat me the same as the rest!
anyway just to inform you, S.A.D. has my back..
and May Kuan says i can use her name if you bully me terribly!
don't forget who gave you the updated namelist for orientation..
it is me, it is i.. so i hope for a fair treatment ok? =)

and for those who don't know how IMU Orientation goes about..
you can always Google using the exact same words..
although the wildness of seniors have been tamed over the years,
i still have this phobia of those seniors' words..
but Orientation will be the best time in the university!

for the next 2 weeks, wish me luck!
for Dentistry, here i come! =)

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

my Single Adoption Day

Valentine's Day is a bit too over-rated, don't you think?
not that i am jealous that i do not have a boyfriend or anything..
i am currently happily single, not feeling the pressure yet! haha..

but i don't get the point of getting stuck in a shopping mall,
filled with many other lovey-dovey couples,
splurge on expensive meals and presents.. just for a day?
i mean if you really love/like your boyfriend/girlfriend..
shouldn't you be showing them your love/like everyday?
why go through all the hassle?
does it make any sense to you? not really to me.. =P

some people decided to marry on Valentines Day!

a lot of people are doing the same, at the same venue and time!
you won't be properly attired for a wedding..
no suit or extravagant dress, cos it's gonna be so hot and stuffy..
and the worst part is you can't be the Queen of the Day!
it may sound romantic and an easy day to remember..
but i mean seriously, why on earth would you do that?

my cousin Lilyn called it Single Adoption Day, hence the title..
apparently for singles Aussie, they also refer February 14 as:
Single Awareness Day or Virginity Day.. funny right?

i woke up at 12 noon on Saturday..
ate my brunch, read the newspaper and watch 1 hour of TV..
then i swept my house and garden floor..
it was a miracle cos no one asked me to, i did it willingly.. =P

then i started reflecting on what i did for my part-time job,
and wrote everything i remember on 4 pages of A4 paper..
it took me quite a while, i am not obsessed with my job ok..
i did it so that the new part-timers won't suffer without me..
they only have a maximum of 2 weeks worth of experience!
i was just being nice.. =)

then Sis Lilyn came ringing my doorbell at 6pm..
"Meng Yean, bring me out already.. it's my last day in Malaysia!"
"i am gonna adopt you for a day, so let's go already.."

she went out with her "Malaysian BF" earlier in the day..
but she still has A LOT of ringgits to spend..
and i gave her RM50 for her one day pay at IMU last Wednesday..
oh, you don't know how much she compared to her ECU's pay..
she earns AUD22 an hour at ECU, equals to her one day pay here!
she bugged me to go out, so i gave in.. her last day mah~

so we went to 1 Utama to do some last minute shopping..
we did the feng shui mystic knot sign before entering the car park..
cos we know very well that it will be very crowded..
and we found the perfect parking spot in less than a minute!

Lilian Too's advice on doing the mystic knot sign always works! =D

oh, 1 Utama has this really cheesy advertisement..
whoever thought of this idea to promote the OneCard..
you definitely did a brilliant job!

very attention grabbing ain't it? haha..

her shopping was done in less than an hour..
lots of clothes and other stuff in need were bought..
she even gave some tips to the waffle guy.. haha..

later that night, we went mamak-ing with my SMKBU friends..
ordered our usual 2 servings of Roti Tisu and drinks..

caught on act! blurred picture cos i was busy laughing.. haha..

by 12am, Lilyn and i reached home..
we spent the entire night having heart to heart talks..
like literally till 5.15am when my phone alarm rang!
our eyes were all so puffy when we "woke up"..
then my dad and i sent her off to the airport..
i was fishing most of the time in the car, not deep sleep!

the moment i reached home from the airport at 8am,
i literally slumped into my bed to catch up my sleep..
i woke up at 1.30pm because my stomach was growling.. haha..

so basically that was my day! boring? no?

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this feels so me~~~

oh my goodness, i stumbled across this link in Mun Ya's blog..
the explanation given is really like me.. haha..

you got to try it for yourself! *click click*
if you have nothing to post on your blog.. just cut and paste!

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth..
and people like you because you are so straightforward..
You are an efficient problem solver,
because you will listen to both sides of an argument..
before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties!

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. =D
You don't judge a book by its cover,
so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style.. *yup*
This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You prefer to get to know a person very well..
before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships..
and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like.
If you meet the right person,
you will fall deeply and beautifully in love. *so romantic ah?*

Your views on education
Education is very important in life.
You want to study hard and learn as much as you can. *I WILL*

The right job for you:
You're a practical person,
and will choose a secure job with a steady income.. *Dentistry!*
Knowing what you like to do is important.
Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure.. *who isn't?*
and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have,
in case you don't succeed..
Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are concerned about your image and the way others see you.
This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people.
It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear!

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice.
People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues.
Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma..
when trapped with a problem!
which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.. *okay..*

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Friday, February 13, 2009

one man show?!

this is quite a suitable title to describe me since yesterday..
ok, may be change it to one girl show.. haha..

i was really tensed and stressed up at work yesterday..
sorry, i realized i talk about work a lot recently..
but this is my blog and i have spent a lot of my time working..
so yeah.. bear with me ok? i must let my frustration out!!!

Admission Department was totally empty apart from me..
my boss Charmaine was out for a meeting for half a day..
by the time she came back, she added oil to the fire.. =P
Kak Dell has been on a long MC since CNY..
Huda took a 2 day leave and i totally forgot about it..
Naufal was still on his one week leave to settle his stuff..
and Sheah Lin can only come back to work on 23rd..
since the 3 part timers were not there to help..
i was basically left with the tasks alone.. boo hoo!

i had like at least 50 parcels, or "presents" as i always call them..
stacking up on my table to open yesterday..
it's like the return of tons of registration packages..
and god knows how many new applications were sent in..
all for MEEEEEEEEEEEE to key in.. o.O

i had to call this person and that person..
answer this phone call or that question from other colleagues..
update and query the statistics for never ending meetings..
mugged by more MPharm students who want their IDs..
get ready for interviews.. it's a Thursday remember?

i thank god i no longer need to do filing..
i am smart enough to leave it to my super seniors..
who are the newbies for the part-timing.. haha..
you must always start the job from the scratch right? =)

the only consolation was that i saw another 2 cute guys yesterday!
the one who came for the interview was so flawless.. gawd..
the other who came for enquiry was just so hot!
you see, that's why i am beginning to love and hate my job..
both at the same time! is like a dilemma.. *whacked*

luckily, another part timer started work today.. *phew*
it made me feel much more at ease..
lucky Raj! he got to do so many things on first day of work..
filing, to calls, to data entry.. so syok!
but he has to learn like really fast.. cos i am leaving next week!

my boss has to learn some things from me too..
for example printing offer letters and sending them out.. haha..
i don't think she has a clue about these stuff..
last time she went like: "Dell, we need to send out offers"
now she goes, "Meng Yean, can you print out the offer letters?"
my poor boss is so stressed too.. pity her la!
when i leave, she'll have to bear it all from head to toe.. =S

oh, and today was my lunch buddy's, Pei Wern..
the part timer from Academic Affairs last day of work!
i am so gonna miss her company and craziness.. aww..

anyway, work aside.. like finally~
see what my lovely girlfriends and cousin bought me?
they say it's for my birthday present wor..
but it's definitely way too early and too late for the nonsense..
that was like nearly a week ago..
so i shall just accept it as a gift for Valentines.. haha..

original FAHRENHEIT/飞轮海 latest album.. =D

look at the back cover.. my CHUN!!! *swoons*

it's the newer packaging.. with a DVD, a CD and lyrics!

the songs are playing in my head over and over again..
i suddenly love Fahrenheit more and more, Chun to be exact!
Calvin and Aaron are ok, i am still trying to accept Jiro..
he has a good voice but i can't stand the sight of him! hehe..

thanks a whole lot to Felicia, Shien Ni and Lilyn!!!
it's my best Valentines gift so far.. ***BIG FAT HUGS***

if anybody ever want to get me a gift for V-Day.. *daydreams*
be it guys or gals.. i know girlfriends give girlfriends presents too..
forget the roses and chocolates.. just accumulate your funds..
and get me FAHRENHEIT concert tickets!
cos they are like coming over in a mere 5 weeks..
to a stadium just 10 stone throws away from IMU.. =)))

before i go, Happy Pre-Valentines Day to all.. and have fun!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


how did you spend the last few days of CNY?
i have been having quite a few late nights lately..
and visits to the shopping malls are pretty frequent too!

just the other day i spent 4 days of salary in just 4 hours..
boo hoo~ i wonder should i cry or laugh?
swiping cards like there is no tomorrow.. *must stop la!*

anyway, i watched 2 movies.. both at Cineleisure..
with two different groups of people..
one with sis Lilyn, Felicia and Shien Ni..
the other with my high school gang.. =)

the first one is a chic-flick.. Bride Wars!

it was pretty entertaining.. best friend can be your worst enemy?!

but then again.. they are inseparable..
knowing you through the skin.. all the highs and the lows!

i am having quite some paranoia of the Curve already!
i thought i lost my car or something there..
the car park is freaky.. ask me if you wanna know more..
blogging about it may give goosebumps.. *shakes it off*

next was a midnight movie.. Pink Panther 2!

it was stupidly hilarious.. you'll laugh off the seat..
even a wedding can be quite a scene!

most of the characters speak in this weird French accent..
the only sane thing was that Aishwarya Rai looked gorgeous!

the show was not-so-spontaneously decided..
after our dinner at Tony Roma's.. thanks to the foursome~
we celebrate 2 birthdays and 2 farewells.. 4 major events!

the main people: Sally, Hui Ting, Yun Xin and Shaun..

Sally's leaving to Adelaide on Friday..
apparently she'll find her soul mate in the airport..
and spend a quality Valentine's Day with him.. haha..

Hui Ting, however will be leaving for Melbourne on Thursday..
the mini Asia.. where she'll study and shop till she drops..
and hopefully have a fairytale time there.. =D

Yun Xin and Shaun hit the big 2-0!!!!
they have officially left teenhood..
but i believe they'll remain young at heart.. haha..

the SMKBU gang at Tony Roma's..

i was informed that we snapped like 400 over pictures..
during our short time there.. WHOA!!!
we are such camwhores.. haha.. *throws roses*

before i forget.. i am pretty good at playing snooker!
3 rounds i score like 8 balls or so?
not bad for a beginner right? haha..

at my relative's house.. maybe the lion gave me "ONG!!!"

oh, and i miss my niece so much!!! so cute~
Isabelle is like the exact replica of the baby me..
except that she's slimmer.. haha..

she says: "i am gonna grow up and look like her?"

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chinese "Niu" Year~

Chinese New Year is still on going but the break is long over..
my past week have been utterly insane!
spending quite some time travelling, getting angpao, eating!

it's a very typical CNY celebration with extra $$$.. hehe..
here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure..

having my first CNY vegetarian meal at cousin Creamy's..

see how fast we grew up?

lion dance at my place during the 1st day.. we look overjoyed!

saw a circular shaped clouds on the clear blue sky.. 有圆? 有缘?

first time meeting my cousin's Thai girlfriend, Aun.. =)

our yee sang moment.. this one has fresh salmon and abalone!!
i had it 6 times since the day i mentioned i haven't "lou sang"~

porky on a gold plate!!!

entertained by our very own karaoke singers of the night..

had dinner at some Thai restaurant in far end of Ampang..

the guys ordering food at the Ampang Look-Out point..
where we saw the whole of Kuala Lumpur.. =D

went on a house to house visit with my high school friends..
i think there was like 12 houses in total? very rush.. lol..

with the girls.. =)

anyway, i started work on Tuesday, felt a bit jet-lagged though..
since i haven't been waking up this early for 10 days?
i have finished an entire Korean drama in 4 days..
will update about this later.. hehe.. need to recommend it! =P

and guess what? i saw a cute guy today.. i think he's a mix?
he was submitting his application form to me..
not that i am perasan or anything, he was very smiley..
i haven't come across anyone who smiled that much..
when submitting their documents and when i explain stuff!

and before he left he went like "thank you, Meng Yean!"
i looked at him shocked and asked "how do you know my name?"
i scanned through my brain to see whether i know him..
but i was very sure it was my first time meeting him..

he responded and laughed , "i can see it from your name tag!"
"anyway, nice meeting you!" then he gave me a handshake..
OMG.. i felt so embarassed and stupid!
plus my hands were freezing, no thanks to the aircond.. =S
after that my colleagues saw that, they all teased me!

so that's about it.. and i saw Hwa Rang again today..
and like 3 other considerably good-looking guys..
i like my job and good spot in my office now.. haha..

i think tonight i cannot sleep liao..
smiling from ear to ear! *whack me! whack me!*

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