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Friday, February 13, 2009

one man show?!

this is quite a suitable title to describe me since yesterday..
ok, may be change it to one girl show.. haha..

i was really tensed and stressed up at work yesterday..
sorry, i realized i talk about work a lot recently..
but this is my blog and i have spent a lot of my time working..
so yeah.. bear with me ok? i must let my frustration out!!!

Admission Department was totally empty apart from me..
my boss Charmaine was out for a meeting for half a day..
by the time she came back, she added oil to the fire.. =P
Kak Dell has been on a long MC since CNY..
Huda took a 2 day leave and i totally forgot about it..
Naufal was still on his one week leave to settle his stuff..
and Sheah Lin can only come back to work on 23rd..
since the 3 part timers were not there to help..
i was basically left with the tasks alone.. boo hoo!

i had like at least 50 parcels, or "presents" as i always call them..
stacking up on my table to open yesterday..
it's like the return of tons of registration packages..
and god knows how many new applications were sent in..
all for MEEEEEEEEEEEE to key in.. o.O

i had to call this person and that person..
answer this phone call or that question from other colleagues..
update and query the statistics for never ending meetings..
mugged by more MPharm students who want their IDs..
get ready for interviews.. it's a Thursday remember?

i thank god i no longer need to do filing..
i am smart enough to leave it to my super seniors..
who are the newbies for the part-timing.. haha..
you must always start the job from the scratch right? =)

the only consolation was that i saw another 2 cute guys yesterday!
the one who came for the interview was so flawless.. gawd..
the other who came for enquiry was just so hot!
you see, that's why i am beginning to love and hate my job..
both at the same time! is like a dilemma.. *whacked*

luckily, another part timer started work today.. *phew*
it made me feel much more at ease..
lucky Raj! he got to do so many things on first day of work..
filing, to calls, to data entry.. so syok!
but he has to learn like really fast.. cos i am leaving next week!

my boss has to learn some things from me too..
for example printing offer letters and sending them out.. haha..
i don't think she has a clue about these stuff..
last time she went like: "Dell, we need to send out offers"
now she goes, "Meng Yean, can you print out the offer letters?"
my poor boss is so stressed too.. pity her la!
when i leave, she'll have to bear it all from head to toe.. =S

oh, and today was my lunch buddy's, Pei Wern..
the part timer from Academic Affairs last day of work!
i am so gonna miss her company and craziness.. aww..

anyway, work aside.. like finally~
see what my lovely girlfriends and cousin bought me?
they say it's for my birthday present wor..
but it's definitely way too early and too late for the nonsense..
that was like nearly a week ago..
so i shall just accept it as a gift for Valentines.. haha..

original FAHRENHEIT/飞轮海 latest album.. =D

look at the back cover.. my CHUN!!! *swoons*

it's the newer packaging.. with a DVD, a CD and lyrics!

the songs are playing in my head over and over again..
i suddenly love Fahrenheit more and more, Chun to be exact!
Calvin and Aaron are ok, i am still trying to accept Jiro..
he has a good voice but i can't stand the sight of him! hehe..

thanks a whole lot to Felicia, Shien Ni and Lilyn!!!
it's my best Valentines gift so far.. ***BIG FAT HUGS***

if anybody ever want to get me a gift for V-Day.. *daydreams*
be it guys or gals.. i know girlfriends give girlfriends presents too..
forget the roses and chocolates.. just accumulate your funds..
and get me FAHRENHEIT concert tickets!
cos they are like coming over in a mere 5 weeks..
to a stadium just 10 stone throws away from IMU.. =)))

before i go, Happy Pre-Valentines Day to all.. and have fun!

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