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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


how did you spend the last few days of CNY?
i have been having quite a few late nights lately..
and visits to the shopping malls are pretty frequent too!

just the other day i spent 4 days of salary in just 4 hours..
boo hoo~ i wonder should i cry or laugh?
swiping cards like there is no tomorrow.. *must stop la!*

anyway, i watched 2 movies.. both at Cineleisure..
with two different groups of people..
one with sis Lilyn, Felicia and Shien Ni..
the other with my high school gang.. =)

the first one is a chic-flick.. Bride Wars!

it was pretty entertaining.. best friend can be your worst enemy?!

but then again.. they are inseparable..
knowing you through the skin.. all the highs and the lows!

i am having quite some paranoia of the Curve already!
i thought i lost my car or something there..
the car park is freaky.. ask me if you wanna know more..
blogging about it may give goosebumps.. *shakes it off*

next was a midnight movie.. Pink Panther 2!

it was stupidly hilarious.. you'll laugh off the seat..
even a wedding can be quite a scene!

most of the characters speak in this weird French accent..
the only sane thing was that Aishwarya Rai looked gorgeous!

the show was not-so-spontaneously decided..
after our dinner at Tony Roma's.. thanks to the foursome~
we celebrate 2 birthdays and 2 farewells.. 4 major events!

the main people: Sally, Hui Ting, Yun Xin and Shaun..

Sally's leaving to Adelaide on Friday..
apparently she'll find her soul mate in the airport..
and spend a quality Valentine's Day with him.. haha..

Hui Ting, however will be leaving for Melbourne on Thursday..
the mini Asia.. where she'll study and shop till she drops..
and hopefully have a fairytale time there.. =D

Yun Xin and Shaun hit the big 2-0!!!!
they have officially left teenhood..
but i believe they'll remain young at heart.. haha..

the SMKBU gang at Tony Roma's..

i was informed that we snapped like 400 over pictures..
during our short time there.. WHOA!!!
we are such camwhores.. haha.. *throws roses*

before i forget.. i am pretty good at playing snooker!
3 rounds i score like 8 balls or so?
not bad for a beginner right? haha..

at my relative's house.. maybe the lion gave me "ONG!!!"

oh, and i miss my niece so much!!! so cute~
Isabelle is like the exact replica of the baby me..
except that she's slimmer.. haha..

she says: "i am gonna grow up and look like her?"

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