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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chinese "Niu" Year~

Chinese New Year is still on going but the break is long over..
my past week have been utterly insane!
spending quite some time travelling, getting angpao, eating!

it's a very typical CNY celebration with extra $$$.. hehe..
here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure..

having my first CNY vegetarian meal at cousin Creamy's..

see how fast we grew up?

lion dance at my place during the 1st day.. we look overjoyed!

saw a circular shaped clouds on the clear blue sky.. 有圆? 有缘?

first time meeting my cousin's Thai girlfriend, Aun.. =)

our yee sang moment.. this one has fresh salmon and abalone!!
i had it 6 times since the day i mentioned i haven't "lou sang"~

porky on a gold plate!!!

entertained by our very own karaoke singers of the night..

had dinner at some Thai restaurant in far end of Ampang..

the guys ordering food at the Ampang Look-Out point..
where we saw the whole of Kuala Lumpur.. =D

went on a house to house visit with my high school friends..
i think there was like 12 houses in total? very rush.. lol..

with the girls.. =)

anyway, i started work on Tuesday, felt a bit jet-lagged though..
since i haven't been waking up this early for 10 days?
i have finished an entire Korean drama in 4 days..
will update about this later.. hehe.. need to recommend it! =P

and guess what? i saw a cute guy today.. i think he's a mix?
he was submitting his application form to me..
not that i am perasan or anything, he was very smiley..
i haven't come across anyone who smiled that much..
when submitting their documents and when i explain stuff!

and before he left he went like "thank you, Meng Yean!"
i looked at him shocked and asked "how do you know my name?"
i scanned through my brain to see whether i know him..
but i was very sure it was my first time meeting him..

he responded and laughed , "i can see it from your name tag!"
"anyway, nice meeting you!" then he gave me a handshake..
OMG.. i felt so embarassed and stupid!
plus my hands were freezing, no thanks to the aircond.. =S
after that my colleagues saw that, they all teased me!

so that's about it.. and i saw Hwa Rang again today..
and like 3 other considerably good-looking guys..
i like my job and good spot in my office now.. haha..

i think tonight i cannot sleep liao..
smiling from ear to ear! *whack me! whack me!*

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