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Sunday, January 25, 2009

prepared for CNY 2009?

Chinese New Year is just tomorrow.. so fast~
oh, before i forget.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN CREAMY!!!

and finally, i am getting my well deserved 8 days break.. =P
my boss gave me a week off for CNY..
plus the following Monday is KL Day or some sort.. hehe..

i was quite disappointed the other day..
as i had to say annyong hikaseyo to my Korea trip!
the stupid agent say cannot book flight ticket.. T___T
you can't get the best of both worlds all the time right?
but my mum is very happy la.. don't have to splurge on me!

my long legs are now filled with bruise here and there..
i haven't had that many bruises for the longest time leh..
and ugliest CNY legs i ever had.. boo hoo~
no thanks to my office layout..
and the current place i am sitting now! =(

my new place is in the first row facing the main entrance..
and it's the smallest area in the entire Student Services!
i am basically sandwiched in the middle..
with my big chair taking up every available inch of space..
so turn to the right.. BANG! turn to the left.. another BANG!

ok.. ok.. shoo~ shoo~ shoo~ the unlucky stuff..
and time to invite the good things back to my life..
CUPCAKES to start with.. haha..

the gifts for CNY my uncle usually present to us..
is the one i most look forward to every year..
because it's always the better looking one among all..
not that others are not pretty, they are.. really..
this time around, one of his gifts was cupcakes!

jeng~ jeng~ jeng~ from Cake Connection! pretty no?

cow, oranges, ang pows, spring flowers and coy fish.. =)

i ate one already.. haha.. guess which one?
and Happy Early Chinese New Year to all of you.. =)

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MISA said...

It is interested very much.
Please link to this site.

Siao Han said...

hey I want your cupcakes!!!!