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Saturday, January 3, 2009

a brand new year.. 2009!

2009 is here.. my last year of being a teenager!
*i am having mixed emotions right now*

on 31 December 2008, went to the Curve and Cineleisure..
caught up with a few of my high school mates..
Ka Huey, Nan Zi, Yoke Yin, Henry, Chee Yin and Yun Xin..
watched two movies in total..

Ip Man / 叶问

this is an action-packed movie about Bruce Lee's sifu.. =)
Wing Chun style kung fu all the way.. starring Donnie Yen..
and i cried in a couple of scenes.. too emotional for me!

followed by Bedtimes Stories..

a good way to end 2008.. i was laughing the entire movie!
great performance by funny man Adam Sandler..
together with the two cute little kids and Bugsy! lol..

we had to squeeze through the crowd hand-in-hand..
just in case any of us get lost in the sardines!
the air was filled with cigarette and foam spray smell..
one word to describe it.. ATROCIOUS!!!

we were sprayed along the way by random strangers..
was really sticky from head to toe..
i don't really mind as it happens only once or twice a year!
but for God's sake.. keep away from the face!
my eyes and nose were crying desperately for help..

Faisal Tahir started the countdown from "60.. 59.. 58.."
very very bad choice, you know..
it was getting softer and softer by the time it reached 20..
but everyone hyped up again at "10.. 9.. 8.."

fireworks were awesome, except for some reasons..
we were right under it, so we had to do some neck exercise!
and leftover pieces of it started falling from the sky..
one piece dropped directly on to my forehead.. ouch!

i had a total hangover on the first day of the year..
not that i drank alcohol or anything..
never suggest that to me, i find it disgusting! ewww..

i got home around 2.15am..
a record for driving alone, but not proud of it!
no thanks to the long wait and police roadblock..
by the time i got into bed, it was already 3am..

my mum woke me up 3 and a half hours later..
to go for a prayer some where in Klang..
i was basically fishing in the car!
i slumped on the bed for the next 5 hours..
the moment i reached home at noon!

2 January 2009 was a better day though..

i walked down the memory lane at Uncle Seng's..
with Melissa, Eu Nee and Swee Yin.. *yum yum*
and did some shopping with Mel at Subang Parade..
i haven't been there since it was renovated few years back!
good bargains, great buys and at cheaper rate! *winks*

i became my brothers' chauffeur after that..
i used the same roads 6 times that day.. just imagine!

anyway, that's about it.. Have a GREAAAAAT 2009!

Wu Chun says FIGHTING!!! i love him and his hair.. =D

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