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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i couldn't believe my eyes!

guess what i JUST saw on Popseoul website?
Super Junior M was in Hong Kong on 26 December 2008!
it is the second last day i was there..

i totally cannot believe this.. OMG!!!
i missed the chance of seeing Siwon and the rest up close!

see!! see!!

instead during the day, we spent 90 minutes waiting..
for the cable car to Ngong Ping Village..
a one way ticket costs us HKD 74
Nan Zi and i ended up with 4 couples for a good 25 minutes!

luckily, we ended up in the cable car with a hottie!
*look to the right, his girlfriend is not in here though*

we walked around Ngong Ping Village..
they have quite a few restaurants and souvenir shops..
and not surprisingly very costly too!
so we just settled for snacks.. lol..

biscuit with some-sort of really sticky A grade honey..
see how Cecilia indulged it.. HKD 3!

山水豆腐花 / mountain water tau fu fa.. haha..
the texture is very soft.. a whopping HKD 10!

then we went to see the famous Tian Tan Buddha Statue..
it was a very long walk up.. for me at least! =P

cousin Creamy was very pleased with his jump..

we saw another hot Mat Salleh praying with the joystick..
what a sight at Po Lin Monastery! hehe..

we ate yet again.. "Shan Zha Bing Tong" and beard candy..

after that we sat the bus back down to Tung Chung station..
we met up with Sally and Christine for shopping in the area!
while cousin Creamy stayed at home cooking dinner! *yum yum*
without realizing the presence of Super Junior!

on Christmas Day a day earlier,
we visited a temple which i forgot its name and 2 streets..
Gold Fish Street where saw lots of fish.. duh..
and Lady's Street where we bought of own presents! =)

arch in front of the temple..

smelly tofu is quite yummy and it's HKD 6! =D

later that night we were at Hong Kong Island..
we went back to the Avenue of Stars,
where we had a great touch of some famous hand prints..
and passed by the busiest pedestrian crossing in Hong Kong!
car drivers have to be extremely careful near here..

see how big the crowd is?

like ants crossing the street when the light goes green!

when touring Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is a must-visit..
so we sat the Peak Tram up to see the breathtaking view!
it was very windy and cold up there..
we had a good view of everything!
including what people were doing in their living room! hehe..

girls at The Peak..

Madame Tussaudes entrance fee was very expensive..
so we ended up posing with Bruce Lee outside.. lol..

anyway, the flight back home on 27 December 2008 was
like really really nice and comfortable.. hehe..

not because of my pre-ordered hotdog..

or because we all sat on row number 18..

neither was it because we slept most of the time..
but because of the steady departure, flight and landing..
we didn't feel any strong vibration..
my ear did not get stuck..
and Sally didn't feel nauseous at all!

thank you Captain Omar and Captain Sharifidan of AK71!
you both have gave me a great AirAsia experience.. =)

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