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Monday, January 19, 2009

miscelleneous post?

tomorrow would be my 9th consecutive day of work..
for the 2 supposedly rest days of mine,
i can say the IMU Open Day was a success.. hehe..
but i missed the Dental Lab.. everyone said it was great! gah~

anyway, brains + energy + money + time = experience..
what can i say? it's all worth it all right.. =)

now i know how much effort is needed to earn money!
and i really miss studying.. *study study study*
instead of piles of books, i see a mountain of files everyday..
i can't wait till 23rd February 2009!

my life these days are spent in only 3 places..
in the office, on the road and at home..
i need some breathing space right now..
i haven't been watching my Korean dramas for 6 months?
it's so unbelievable.. my Hong Gil Dong~
lately it's just all CSI, ANTM, American Idol on tv and..
my weekly dose of Love or Bread.. it's getting interesting! ^^V

but my mum is starting to ground me already..
this coming CNY will be my last holiday for the next 5 years..
she has warned me alright.. too much money will be spent!
so gotta cut on shopping, yam cha, movies etc.. aiks..
i really hope i made the right decision for my future.. =D

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