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Monday, March 31, 2008

Kenny the who?

hey people!

after much thought, i have decided..
i would like to introduce a special someone to you guys..
you see how nice of me? =P

he's quite a nice guy..
but he should know Chun still tops my list..
p/s: if you ever read this, work harder la.. ok? *hugs*

meet Kenny..=)

ain't he photogenic?
plus i am such a good photographer.. hehe *whacked*

if any of you have heard me mentioning him before..
*SHHHHH* silence is a virtue, you see..
and i would really appreciate it.. *blinks blinks eyes*
he doesn't know that i am blogging about him..
but i don't think he'll mind.. XD

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

rejection and acceptance..

after few days of not going online,
feels like something weird is going on.. hmm..

i was rejected big time by the 3 dental schools in UK..
those i applied la.. so feeling kinda sad now.. =(((((
sigh.. i wonder whether i can qualify for the rest?
if i really can't then pharmacy is an option..
at least i have 2 offers already..

i guess i have to work harder as luck is not by my side..
which reminds me of Chemistry!
i cannot screw up this paper.. *cross fingers*

anyway, totally unrelated to the above..
my aunt has been staying at my place for the past week..
and every day she cooks a dish for us..
basically those which my mum don't usually cook..
like [insert a name] pork or [insert another name] soup..
so we are kinda her guinea pigs la.. *shhhh alright*

another thing is that..
i have been eating bird nest like nearly everyday this week!
my mum cooked it before my aunt came..
cos my whole family was unwell.. till now..
it really sucks when you have not been getting sick in years,
and all of sudden you get sick!

but my aunt started boiling bird nest again..
which according to her is much better and more expensive..
she puts like a lot of it.. chunks and chunks..
so there goes few thousand ringgit..

and they are making me eat bowl after bowl..
exam wor, so must eat more.. muahaha..
but of cos i like to eat them! who doesn't? =P

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

it's just me..

whoever who have sat my car..
thinks i drive really slow but unfortunately not steadily..
which i would admit.. T.T

that's why i decided to practice more..
my car is ready for days..
erm, technically it belongs to my uncle..
but he gave the permission for me to use it.. hehe..

so yeah, what i like about this car is that..
it is higher than other cars, eg: Kancil or Civic..
which makes it easier for me to see the cars in front..
and thank god the side mirrors are big enough..
*to Xin: it's definitely bigger than yours.. hehe*
and the air-cond quite cold la.. i like..=)

what i don't like about this car is that..
it can be really bumpy if i speed a little..
and the colour is nice but a bit too striking..
it's bright orange in colour!

means if i do something wrong on the road..
other drivers would curse me like this:
"the stupid girl in her stupid orange car !@#$%^&!"
and they might consider chasing me from behind..
if i ponteng classes, people will notice too! T.T

let me tell you a very sad driving experience..
i drove my brother to TTDI this afternoon..
my dad was in the car with me la..
*please note that this is my first time driving that car*

i asked my bro to leave the house 30 minutes earlier..
but he just kept complaining about how early it was..
and so he took his own sweet time..
only when it started to rain heavily that he decided to leave..

and my parking skills suck big time man!
my side parking and front parking still ok..
my reverse parking is.. erm.. horrible!
i don't know how much should i turn my steering wheel..
so my dad was like practically screaming at me..
he was like: "turn! turn! turn!some more!"
and i was like "turn where? enough or not?" T.T

ok, then all the way to TTDI traffic jam..
good for me cos i can go like really really slow..
maximum speed possible was 20 km/hr.. hehe..

at this particular junction, i wanted to turn left..
i thought i was in the correct lane..
cos the arrow showed "left and go straight"..
but according to my dad, i was in the wrong 1 la..
then this black Myvi which i gave way earlier..
and was on my right suddenly start squeezing near me..

i thought he wanted to go straight on his lane
cos he did not show any signal..
but apparently not, he's going the same direction as i am..
i slowed down, but it seems not slow enough..
so my dad just kept shouting "slow! slow!"

and i was sandwiched between 2 cars..
one whose head exceeded the white line at the junction..
and the other is the Myvi 5cm away from me..
so obviously the Myvi hooted at me la.. for like 5 seconds!
i did not stop right in the middle to give way..
i just went forward because as a stubborn-headed,
i want to get away from the Myvi as far as possible.. =P
which earned me more scolding.. sigh..

next was on the way back..
this time is another junction which i have to cross..
i get kinda freak out when i see cars zooming fast..
so like a blur case trying to cross the road..=.="

sigh.. my driving have lots more to improve!
fighting!! fighting!! i can do it!! =)

going to visit my grandparents tomorrow..
probably my last Ching Ming for the next 5 years..
and i kinda miss my grandpa..
he probably has been reincarnated in another dimension!
hope that they are all well.. =)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kia Kee Concept Car

guess what? guess what?

i just have to blog about this! hee~

believe it or not is up to you..
because some unknown e-mailed me
all the way from MANCHESTER, i tell you..
about this freaking good news..
the results of KIA Motors E-mail Lottery Promotion
which was held on 14th March 2008!

my e-mail was attached to this ticket number
and some draw number which made me
the winner of 2nd category prize!
and i am among one of the 45 lucky winners.. OMG!!

i have just WON a brand new Kia Kee Concept Car..
and the cash prize is better still..
a whopping GBP 750,000!!
means if converted to RM, i am a MILLIONAIRE!!
and i have one week to claim my prize..
OMG!!! i can't believe that i am this LUCKY!!!

so now, i can pay up all my future university fees..
and upon completion of my course,
i can open a dental clinic and ask Wu Chun to marry me! =))))

have a look at the car i will be driving on the road..
but please do not make me your driver..
just because you want to sit my Kia Kee car.. k?

*drooling session officially starts now*

Kia Kee Concept Car..

front view..

rear view..

sneak peek inside the car..

the driver's seat.. on the left? *gulps*

out of curiousity, i went to Kia Motors UK website..
i saw this on the screen:

"Important notice:
It has come to our attention that there is currently
an email hoax being sent round on behalf of Kia Motors
informing participants that they have won
a cash prize of £550,000. (i have won more than that..=P)
This email has not been sent by Kia Motors and
we would recommend anybody that has received this email
to delete it from their systems."

sigh.. and my dreams came crashing down.. =(((

*so long, farewell, it's time to say goodbye~*
*goodbye~ goodbye~ good~ bye~~~*

just for your information,
if i were to accumulate all the cash prizes i have won..
as in from the stupid spam e-mails..
i would be richer than the richest person in the world!
i heard Bill Gates no longer hold that post..
so i can't name him/her.. *paiseh*

lessons to be learnt:
1. be hyper only after you have confirm something..
2. only stupid people will believe these spam mails..
3. who the hell offer GBP 750,000 for nothing?
4. figure out how this smartass got my e-mail..
5. delete stupid e-mails or don't bother opening them..
6. day dreaming will not turn into reality..
7. Wu Chun will never marry me..
8. whack yourself if you actually believed what i typed..
9. this post is a WARNING to all!!

but really, would you buy this car for me? *blink blink eyes*

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

from melbourne with love

my brother Shyang is back from Melbourne!

some of you might know about this..
it's his reward for getting 5A's in his PMR..
from my Uncle Pyng of cos..
i got 8A's also get nothing from him.. haiz..

anyway, they went there for a week..
but their main purpose was the Australian Grand Prix..
the first stop for Formula One 2008..

Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes won the race!

the next stop is in the Sepang Circuit this weekend..
which i unfortunately can't go.. my trials next week la!

so according to my brother..
what he did there for the rest of the time was..
eat, eat and eat then go to car showrooms..
eat again then go online or buy stuff..
eat again then sleep and play..
that is why he actually gained more weight! haha..

and the best part of the trip is - what he bought back..=)

Easter eggs! *sorry, i had to ganti one cos he ate it!* XD

lots of nougats + Pods wafer + Kitkat!

more Cadbury chocolates and Skittles.. *yum yum*

Macadamia nuts..

koala bear and some eye-popping key chains..

boomerangs! for me to hit him..^^V

but i don't think you guys will get any of them..
cos these don't belong to me..
he only let me choose 2 items from the above! =.=
well, except for the chocolates.. hehe..
that's why i posted the pictures..
for your viewing pleasure.. hehe.. *whacked*

tomorrow's a public holiday rite..
guess who we (Yun Xin and I) met outside her car?
some weirdo wishing us "Happy Holidays!"
he was smiling and he continued..
"they should make the holiday tomorrow, so that
we can have a longer weekend!"
both of us were like "err.. ok." and smiled back..
and he went like "ok, see you then!" and he waved!

if he was a young hottie like the Koreans *ahem* but taller..
or Wu Chun *day dreaming* i wouldn't mind la..
but he's an uncle with greying hair and a backpack!
totally unexpected! @.@

anyway, trials~ trials~ trials~ is coming!
i should be buried in my books and not be here..
correct! correct! correct! XD

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

UCC interview

i had my interview for UCC, Ireland this morning..
left the house 20 minutes later than planned..
so i pestered my dad to drive faster.. hehe

so by the time i reached Concorde Hotel, KL..
i was 15 minutes early.. thank god!!
you don't give people a good first impression being late..
i went to register myself.. and you know what?
i was the first in line for UCC!!

since there are other Irish universities' interviews too,
i have a feeling i got rejected for Trinity..
but "choi! tai ka lai si!" *touch wood*
hopefully, they'll e-mail me soon..=)

anyway, my interviewers were really nice..
they just can't stop smiling.. like every second!
which calmed me at first but kinda freak me out..
cos i wasn't sure whether i said the right or wrong thing!
basically the questions where more about
getting to know me rather than about dentistry
and to test whether i can speak English fluently..

the questions:
1. tell me about yourself.
2. tell me about your parents.
3. why do you want to study dentistry?
4. do you know anything about Ireland?
5. do you know anybody famous from Ireland? (no.. T.T)
6. have you been outside this country before? (duh~)
7. do you read books?
8. whose books do you read? (authors)
9. what do you learn by reading those books?
10. how well do you use your fingers?
11. what are the examples of your manual dexterity?
12. how do your friends describe you?
13. so is dentistry your wild or detailed dream?
14. what are your favourite subjects?
15. how did you fare for your O Levels?
16. do you have any questions?

i have used like hours preparing potential questions..
and they only asked 3 out of 30 of them!
i was more prepared compared to the last one..
i felt so "zhao dou" la..

and i think i screwed questions 4, 5 and 11..
which made me really sad..
i was practically crapping at question 4..
at question 5, they know i am stupid..
which is a fact, cos my general knowledge sucks! sigh..

at question 11, i stammered.. T____T
i made a total fool out of myself, i tell you..
i was like practically cracking my head into half!
and i can't believe i forgot to mention that
a friend once said i was motherly!
that might help cos patients like motherly dentists?
they must be thinking what are weird gal this is.. *cries*

*cross my fingers*
i really hope it all went well.. really..
the questions were extremely random, you know..
but thank god they didn't ask about my subjects..
as in what i learnt in class.. i'll go blank!
cos i heard the medicine interview for Trinity..
they asked about AS biology for god's sake.. *phew*

anyway, met Melissa after i came out..
my interview took less than 15 minutes!
but the girl after me took less than 10 minutes..
Melissa's is also around my time.. it's her first interview!
so i don't know whether i should worry or not.. hehe..

i just realised there's a lot more for me to revise!
Chemistry halfway through, Maths done once,
Biology only started 3 chapters.. oh my god!

here's something else unrelated..
cutting onions really can make you tear..
i was cutting some just now and my eyes hurt a lot!
last time i did, nothing happened wor.. weird..

ok, time for me to go.. tata~

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

more to say..

i don't know why..
but i suddenly felt like blogging again..
3 days in a row.. alamak! mana boleh?

first up is about the class picture we took..
everyone was to wear blue yesterday..
Jia Le's idea supported by Yizhen.. hehe..
and that was when i realised i don't have blue tops!
i wear jeans most of the time so i don't buy blue tops..
so yeah.. i wore purplish blue instead! XD

in the blues~

by the stairs.. *blocking people's way some more*

i love this picture so much! XD

next is about immobilised enzyme experiment..
it's for this week's Biology practical..
i actually thought it was super chun and fun lor!

Support Meng Yean, Support Malaysia! *claps claps*

by the way, those are the immobilised enzymes..
many thanks to Shi Wen who came up with
that fantastic idea to arrange them nicely..^^
and thank you for the creative slogan too!
*mianhae for the forgetfulness!*

steps to produce the white immobilised enzymes:

1. to beaker A,add 5cm cube of well-stirred yeast.
2. add same amount of distilled water and stir well.
3. extract 3cm cube of that mixture into a test tube.
4. add 3cm cube of alginate (very sticky) to the mixture.
5. make sure you stir the contents well!
6. in beaker B, place 3cm depth of calcium chloride.
7. use a glass rod, by holding it level with the rim of beaker,
to drop some yeast-alginate mixture into beaker B.
8. a bead about 0.5mm in diameter should be produced.
9. repeat the process to get more beads. remember to stir
the yeast-alginate solution continuously!
10. the beads can be picked up using a pair of forceps.

to produce yellow immobilised enzymes, do this:
1. add bromothymol blue solution into a test tube.
2. place the beads made just now into it.
3. pour off the liquid after 20 minutes.

as easy as ABC huh?
oh my god, i feel like a teacher..
according to my career test which is based on my interest,
i can be a long list of teachers.. which i don't intend to! T.T

thank you for taking your time
to read my nonsensical blog.. hee~

to my books, here i come! =)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

of needles and more needles!

a blood donation drive was organized in Taylor's..
by Rotaract Club for yesterday and today, i think..
so Pusat Darah Negara nurses were there..

last night, Shi Wen suggested that we donate together..
at first, i refuse la.. scared i pengsan or something..
i used to have this phobia towards needles..
and somehow, i managed to overcome my fear..
which is essential cos a dentist need to use needles too! =P

so i asked my mum whether i should donate or not..
she straight away agreed, saying that a big buffalo like me..
should have enough blood to donate.. =.=

parents say ok means ok la..
i made my decision.. donate blood after class!

when in college, we persuaded Melissa to join us as well..
she refused repeatedly but at the end, she agreed!
after getting permission from her mum of cos..
precious daughter ma~ hehe
i asked Yun Xin to join, but she don't want..
phobia towards needles too!

we went to the teachers' lounge after class..
oh my, plenty of people!
don't know whether they are donating their blood..
or just standing around waiting for free stuff..
yes, they do give free stuff to donors..
a cup of Milo, bread, biscuit, a packet of soya bean,
iron pills and phosphic acid (some vitamin, i think)..

so we fill in the form and answered the questionnaire..
and then lined up to get our blood tested..

us three filling the forms

what the lady did to the potential donors was:
cleaned then pricked their finger, wiped off the blood,
pressed the finger to extract the blood..
placed a drop of blood into two boxes on the A4 paper,
add a blue and yellow solution on to the blood,
blend them well to get the correct colour..
and tadaa~ this is when you know your blood type! =)

Shi Wen said she did this experiment for Bio in Form 5..
but i didn't.. so sad.. the colours were really pretty!

then it was my turn..
i sat down and gave the lady my form, waiting patiently..
but i didn't even go through this stage! T___T
the moment she saw my IC number.. i was rejected!
i was not of age.. and i needed my parents' permission letter..
SWT.. SWT.. SWT.. *cries*

anyway, i still went to see the next stages..
they had to clarify whether the donors are suitable or not..
so have to check the blood pressure, glucose level etc..
Shi Wen was turned down at this stage..
she had a vaccination less than 3 weeks ago..
so only Melissa was able to donate..
she was grumbling quite a bit la..
cos we persuaded her but we can't join her..
at least Pearly is the other PM10 that participated..=)

next was the recording information part..
have to give IC and they gave a record-card-sort-of..
then, Melissa was seated on THE CHAIR..
*jeng jeng jeng*

we stayed back to teman Melissa..
just in case she freak out or something.. lol..

the nurse placed a white cloth on Melissa's legs..
(only applicable for gals but i don't know why)
the nurse cleaned and injected her hand to numb it..
and out came the needles!
she professionally inserted the needle..
which was around 0.5cm thick, i guess?
followed by the tube linking to the blood packet..

the moment the tube was inserted,
Melissa's blood flowed out very fast.. very good lor!
means her blood is not thick unlike the guy next to us..

Melissa donating blood..

so in less than 10 minutes, everything was done..
they sealed the packet, get some blood samples
and removed the tube in a split second!

her 450ml of blood.. warm blood! XD

after that, Melissa was both excited and relieved!
she said it wasn't pain at all..
glad that you have made the right choice..
get to help people and get a certificate! =)

anyway, since i didn't donate blood..
i went for Hepatitis vaccination instead..
when the doctor placed the needle into my flesh,
i didn't look.. just in case ma.. *gulps*
i was imagining the familiar scene from They Kissed Again!
but it was like an ant-bite..
though it hurt a little after the injection..
my hand got like numb for an hour.. hehe

anyway, enough already about needles.. see ya! =)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pink day..

i was the first to arrive for Maths class today..
slept a while while waiting for the rest..
then Shi Wen entered and followed by the Psycho gang..
oops, i mean my classmates who take Psychology..=)

Sun Mei was like: "eh, you also wearing pink!"
then i only took notice..
basically half the girls were wearing pink..
and none of us planned to wear together..
cool leh?

all in pink.. *sorry, Yik Sheng isn't the best photographer!*

seems like the Breast Cancer Awareness Day..
minus the pink ribbon, of cos.. hehe..

anyway, if any of you have been online..
you probably have seen my personal message..

not the one "CHUN is sooooo H.O.T.!!"
cos it has been and will be there for quite a while.. XD

i was talking about Question Of The Day:
if you were a lesbian/gay,
who would you choose as a partner?

Sangeeta asked the class about this just now..
tough question huh?
everyone gave an answer except Yizhen..
she was recently attached and insisted on not participating..
but it really kept my rusty mind thinking..
cos that have never crossed my mind!

what kind of appearance and personality?
it's much more difficult than thinking of an ideal boyfriend!
at that time, the options were only limited to my class..
so i chose the safe choices: either Melissa or Shi Wen!

why? why? why?
they both have different personalities but we clicked well..
it has to depend on my mood at that moment..

Melissa is the outgoing kind of gal..
she's easy to get along with..
emphasizes how H.O.T. guys are very frequently..
sometimes even about herself.. haha..
although she can't really stay put at 1 place and 1 option..
she's enthusiastic if she really want something..=)

Shi Wen is the a little bit more reserved kind of gal..
but if get to know her better, she can actually talk..
as in more than you have expected before..
she's very focused on her goals and her love..
like medicine, Yunho of DBSK and other Korean waves..
she meticulously planned her future..
which have influenced me quite a bit.. hehe..

and guess what?
Sangeeta chose me of all people..
she said i was motherly (ya meh?) , easy to talk to,
stable (??) and level headed.. aww.. i am so touched!
i thank you but i hope it will never happen.. XD

i prefer to be an attached-to-a-straight-tall-male female..
or stay as straight-and-single female for the rest of my life..
than to have a sengeted relationship with another female!
seriously, i would mind a lot..

but what if, i mean IF (which i hope will not happen)
YOU suddenly became lesbian/gay? who would YOU choose?
just give it a thought will ya?

p/s: today was a funny, funny day!
p/p/s: can't believe XXX still managed to tag along today!
p/p/p/s: i am missing the oh-so-chunted-CHUN!!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

hectic day!

today is the most hectic college day this year!

left for college as usual..
reached there so much earlier today, like 7.15am..
election tomorrow, so everybody ponteng = NO JAM!!

went to IDP to settle my universities' applications..
2 hours of standing with heavy bags in my hands..
hot, stuffy and crowded place.. T.T
but at least i get the application fees waived! hehe..

after class, settled more universities' application..
have to spend more money again, in Aussie dollars.. sigh..
thank god my HKU documents couriered there were received!
Su Ann's got lost during the process, poor gal..

went to the library for the 3rd time this year..
i wonder why i even pay library fees for.. *slaps self*
did some homework and finally.. 4pm arrived!

you must be wondering why 4pm?
because that was when we (Yun Xin and i) left for 1 Utama..

we ate while studying at McDonalds.. just to pass time.. XD
i was eating my burger while reading on sperms and ova!
gross, i know.. but at least it wasn't in-vitro fertilisation!
i still can remember the test-tube story.. EEWWW!!
went for shopping after that and we got a little "high"..
for different reasons that is.. and..

*jeng jeng jeng.. the clock struck 6.30pm*

yeah.. you are right..
i persuade Xin to start waiting at Central Park, 1 Utama..
for Romantic Princess Malaysia Promotion, of course!
we were not sure whether it starts at 7pm or 8pm..
people there were from different age groups and gender..
kids, as young as 1plus to 7-12years.. aunties and uncles..
mostly girls around my age were there.. but shorter la..=P
surprisingly guys around 15-20 years were present..
if teman girlfriend i understand la.. hehe..

anyway, if you do not know what is Romantic Princess..
(which is highly unlikely cos i blogged about it before)
i shall introduced the cast of this Taiwanese series

Romantic Princess

L-R: Eric Lee, Calvin Chen, Wu Chun and George Hu

the stage and VIP seats

Xin got bored of waiting, so she painted her nails

camwhored a while.. but got people stared, so we stopped!

the emcee was Phoebe from
they played this game where 15 people were chosen..
they broke into 3 groups.. lucky people!
using the Cannon camera provided,
they were to take 3 shots and come up with a story..
with the ending "and their dreams came true!"
the winning group get to take group pic withe the stars!

finally after 2 hours of waiting..
which involved sitting, squatting and trying-to-stand..
the "event guys" were so big, loud and fierce..
kept asking us to sit or else get out.. so funny lor..
the 4 hunks arrived in a tinted bus..
they took freaking long to get out the bus..
and the fans were crazy.. all swarm towards their direction..

but i, slightly wiser and smarter than most of them..
quickly grabbed Xin's hand and ran to the front..
i didn't think of crossing to the VIP section during the chaos!
people screamed like crazy (me too ^^)
and kinda blocked my view with their posters..
at that time, i was really glad, i mean really really glad..
that i was taller than people around me!

1st pic of the boys.. blurred cos a lot of pushing going on..

a better pic.. they posed for us..=)

L-R: Eric, George, Calvin, Chun and Phoebe

where's my Chun?

all the way through the event,
the "event guys" kept pestering us to sit, so we did..
cos we were blocking people at the back..
but the VIPs were blocking us as well..
so here goes shouting: "前面的, 坐下来!"

when i was happily clicking pictures away..
while squatting, mind you..
some idiot threw a tiny stone at my camera..
and there's a big fat deep scratch on it..
if it wasn't for me being still happy..
i would have screamed "WHO THE HELL DID THAT?"
when i turned around withe that evil stare..
idiots.. i wasn't even standing for god's sake..
even if i did block you, you can a least tell me! ish..

then it rained but i still continued clicking..
when Phoebe was saying something,
Chun cut her off then looked straight, put his hand forward..
and said: "正在下雨吗?盖着你们的头。。不要淋湿哦!"
but i didn't la.. nothing to put also.. then he continued..

aww.. you see why i like him?
he's hot and caring.. how hard is it to find a guy like that?

since they can't choose the winner from the 3 groups..
they played another round of game..
this time a scene from the series was played..
where Jin (Chun) asked Cai (Calvin)
about what kind of date girls usually like..
Lin (George), Ying (Eric) and Cai started teasing Jin..
and then they gave all sorts of suggestions..
the imagination parts of the different dates also happened..

yup, that's the part..
then the 4 hunks acted their respective characters..
Phoebe acted as the fatter Xiao Mai as Angela was absent..
after that it was the groups turn to act..
they came up with creative ideas though.. very funny!
eventually group 2 won.. lucky lucky people!!

Chun's actions were really cute..
the line:"WHY? WHY NOT?" which he said enthusiastically!
and during the fireworks part, he gestured his hand high up..
moved his fingers and went like "BOOM! PUFF! BOOM! BAM!"
he really is the joker of the 4.. lol..

after that Xin and i went to the side of the stage separately..
she say can see clearer ma.. which is true! =)

over there, the fans suddenly screamed high-pitched..
all 4 looked at our direction in smiles and waving hands..
Eric actually looked into my eyes while smiling..
i was flattered.. i never knew he looked that good..=)

Chun also faced us.. but my camera super slow..
so didn't get that picture.. but never mind la..

the best close up picture i took today! with winners

Chun.. H.O.T.ness!

camwhore at the side of the stage

last picture of the day before autograph session.. aww..

it rained heavily so suddenly..
so we were kinda soaked.. but..
i had sooooo much fun!
i don't know whether i still can sleep tonight.. hehe

and i wanna say:
for making my day so special..
for being such a good and kind friend..
temaning me although you don't fancy Chun..
*hugs and kisses for that*

the wait, sweat, rain, squeezes, pushing, shouting,
hunger.. and basically everything was really worth it!
I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! =))))))))

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

driving test #2

after more than 3 months of hard work..
i finally passed my driving!!
wee~ woo hoo~ oh yeah~

this time my tester is a Malay guy..
at least he didn't call me "dangerous driver"..
i told you Malay guys are more cincai.. haha..
as long as they get kopi money.. everything is possible!

this tester of mine seemed to be like my instructor..
he didn't just sit there quitely..
but instead told me what and when to do..
"ok, 1st gear/ depan lagi/ cepat sikit/ 2nd gear/
kiri, kiri/ sekarang kanan" etc..
i didn't even need to stop at the straight white line..
or free gear- then- hand brake at the "Berhenti" sign..
cos he said "pergi, pergi tak ada kereta".. @.@

but the point is.. at least he passed me.. hehe..
my mother still don't allow me to drive her car..
she don't trust my driving just yet
and also cos i haven't get hold of my P-licence..
oh well.. i will need to drive people around next time..
so no point rushing.. =P

and.. Jazz is so much easier to drive compared to Myvi!

i am still feeling happy.. =)

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