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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

from melbourne with love

my brother Shyang is back from Melbourne!

some of you might know about this..
it's his reward for getting 5A's in his PMR..
from my Uncle Pyng of cos..
i got 8A's also get nothing from him.. haiz..

anyway, they went there for a week..
but their main purpose was the Australian Grand Prix..
the first stop for Formula One 2008..

Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes won the race!

the next stop is in the Sepang Circuit this weekend..
which i unfortunately can't go.. my trials next week la!

so according to my brother..
what he did there for the rest of the time was..
eat, eat and eat then go to car showrooms..
eat again then go online or buy stuff..
eat again then sleep and play..
that is why he actually gained more weight! haha..

and the best part of the trip is - what he bought back..=)

Easter eggs! *sorry, i had to ganti one cos he ate it!* XD

lots of nougats + Pods wafer + Kitkat!

more Cadbury chocolates and Skittles.. *yum yum*

Macadamia nuts..

koala bear and some eye-popping key chains..

boomerangs! for me to hit him..^^V

but i don't think you guys will get any of them..
cos these don't belong to me..
he only let me choose 2 items from the above! =.=
well, except for the chocolates.. hehe..
that's why i posted the pictures..
for your viewing pleasure.. hehe.. *whacked*

tomorrow's a public holiday rite..
guess who we (Yun Xin and I) met outside her car?
some weirdo wishing us "Happy Holidays!"
he was smiling and he continued..
"they should make the holiday tomorrow, so that
we can have a longer weekend!"
both of us were like "err.. ok." and smiled back..
and he went like "ok, see you then!" and he waved!

if he was a young hottie like the Koreans *ahem* but taller..
or Wu Chun *day dreaming* i wouldn't mind la..
but he's an uncle with greying hair and a backpack!
totally unexpected! @.@

anyway, trials~ trials~ trials~ is coming!
i should be buried in my books and not be here..
correct! correct! correct! XD

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