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Friday, March 7, 2008

hectic day!

today is the most hectic college day this year!

left for college as usual..
reached there so much earlier today, like 7.15am..
election tomorrow, so everybody ponteng = NO JAM!!

went to IDP to settle my universities' applications..
2 hours of standing with heavy bags in my hands..
hot, stuffy and crowded place.. T.T
but at least i get the application fees waived! hehe..

after class, settled more universities' application..
have to spend more money again, in Aussie dollars.. sigh..
thank god my HKU documents couriered there were received!
Su Ann's got lost during the process, poor gal..

went to the library for the 3rd time this year..
i wonder why i even pay library fees for.. *slaps self*
did some homework and finally.. 4pm arrived!

you must be wondering why 4pm?
because that was when we (Yun Xin and i) left for 1 Utama..

we ate while studying at McDonalds.. just to pass time.. XD
i was eating my burger while reading on sperms and ova!
gross, i know.. but at least it wasn't in-vitro fertilisation!
i still can remember the test-tube story.. EEWWW!!
went for shopping after that and we got a little "high"..
for different reasons that is.. and..

*jeng jeng jeng.. the clock struck 6.30pm*

yeah.. you are right..
i persuade Xin to start waiting at Central Park, 1 Utama..
for Romantic Princess Malaysia Promotion, of course!
we were not sure whether it starts at 7pm or 8pm..
people there were from different age groups and gender..
kids, as young as 1plus to 7-12years.. aunties and uncles..
mostly girls around my age were there.. but shorter la..=P
surprisingly guys around 15-20 years were present..
if teman girlfriend i understand la.. hehe..

anyway, if you do not know what is Romantic Princess..
(which is highly unlikely cos i blogged about it before)
i shall introduced the cast of this Taiwanese series

Romantic Princess

L-R: Eric Lee, Calvin Chen, Wu Chun and George Hu

the stage and VIP seats

Xin got bored of waiting, so she painted her nails

camwhored a while.. but got people stared, so we stopped!

the emcee was Phoebe from
they played this game where 15 people were chosen..
they broke into 3 groups.. lucky people!
using the Cannon camera provided,
they were to take 3 shots and come up with a story..
with the ending "and their dreams came true!"
the winning group get to take group pic withe the stars!

finally after 2 hours of waiting..
which involved sitting, squatting and trying-to-stand..
the "event guys" were so big, loud and fierce..
kept asking us to sit or else get out.. so funny lor..
the 4 hunks arrived in a tinted bus..
they took freaking long to get out the bus..
and the fans were crazy.. all swarm towards their direction..

but i, slightly wiser and smarter than most of them..
quickly grabbed Xin's hand and ran to the front..
i didn't think of crossing to the VIP section during the chaos!
people screamed like crazy (me too ^^)
and kinda blocked my view with their posters..
at that time, i was really glad, i mean really really glad..
that i was taller than people around me!

1st pic of the boys.. blurred cos a lot of pushing going on..

a better pic.. they posed for us..=)

L-R: Eric, George, Calvin, Chun and Phoebe

where's my Chun?

all the way through the event,
the "event guys" kept pestering us to sit, so we did..
cos we were blocking people at the back..
but the VIPs were blocking us as well..
so here goes shouting: "前面的, 坐下来!"

when i was happily clicking pictures away..
while squatting, mind you..
some idiot threw a tiny stone at my camera..
and there's a big fat deep scratch on it..
if it wasn't for me being still happy..
i would have screamed "WHO THE HELL DID THAT?"
when i turned around withe that evil stare..
idiots.. i wasn't even standing for god's sake..
even if i did block you, you can a least tell me! ish..

then it rained but i still continued clicking..
when Phoebe was saying something,
Chun cut her off then looked straight, put his hand forward..
and said: "正在下雨吗?盖着你们的头。。不要淋湿哦!"
but i didn't la.. nothing to put also.. then he continued..

aww.. you see why i like him?
he's hot and caring.. how hard is it to find a guy like that?

since they can't choose the winner from the 3 groups..
they played another round of game..
this time a scene from the series was played..
where Jin (Chun) asked Cai (Calvin)
about what kind of date girls usually like..
Lin (George), Ying (Eric) and Cai started teasing Jin..
and then they gave all sorts of suggestions..
the imagination parts of the different dates also happened..

yup, that's the part..
then the 4 hunks acted their respective characters..
Phoebe acted as the fatter Xiao Mai as Angela was absent..
after that it was the groups turn to act..
they came up with creative ideas though.. very funny!
eventually group 2 won.. lucky lucky people!!

Chun's actions were really cute..
the line:"WHY? WHY NOT?" which he said enthusiastically!
and during the fireworks part, he gestured his hand high up..
moved his fingers and went like "BOOM! PUFF! BOOM! BAM!"
he really is the joker of the 4.. lol..

after that Xin and i went to the side of the stage separately..
she say can see clearer ma.. which is true! =)

over there, the fans suddenly screamed high-pitched..
all 4 looked at our direction in smiles and waving hands..
Eric actually looked into my eyes while smiling..
i was flattered.. i never knew he looked that good..=)

Chun also faced us.. but my camera super slow..
so didn't get that picture.. but never mind la..

the best close up picture i took today! with winners

Chun.. H.O.T.ness!

camwhore at the side of the stage

last picture of the day before autograph session.. aww..

it rained heavily so suddenly..
so we were kinda soaked.. but..
i had sooooo much fun!
i don't know whether i still can sleep tonight.. hehe

and i wanna say:
for making my day so special..
for being such a good and kind friend..
temaning me although you don't fancy Chun..
*hugs and kisses for that*

the wait, sweat, rain, squeezes, pushing, shouting,
hunger.. and basically everything was really worth it!
I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! =))))))))

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